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English Lies 82 kg After Hearing of Doctors Who Could Be Left Without the Uterus

Lose the excess pounds or lose your uterus. It was the ultimatum that 30-year-old Englishwoman Laura McCullough heard from her doctors and prompted her to take action on her weight, which caused her to lose around 82 kg.

Laura had been diagnosed with endometriosis - a disease in which the endometrium( tissue inside the uterus) is found outside the uterine cavity - and polycystic ovaries - a disorder that interferes with the woman's ovulation process - at age 17, having suffered duringa year and a half with painful menstrual cycles.

Because of her condition and the lack of physical activity due to the pain she felt, she ended up gaining weight and reached the age of 25 weighing approximately 172 kg.

Laura, when she weighed about 172 kg

Even though she had already heard from doctors that her excess weight was making the symptoms worse, Laura found it difficult to lose weight: "Losing weight was not my priority -there were other problems with which I had been struggling and I knew that my personality was not defined by my size, "she said.

Until January 2009, the Englishwoman was reaching the limit: her health was so fragile and she felt so miserable because of the pain that she started to have suicidal thoughts."I told the doctors," you have to do something, I can not go on like this, "Laura said.

Then she had a choice to make: either undergoing weight loss surgery or an operation called a hysterectomy - a procedure in which partial or complete removal of the uterus is done.

There was no way and"I did not know what weight loss surgery meant, but I knew I did not want to give up the possibility of having children," Laura said.

Laura after weight loss surgery

Then she underwent surgery and three years later managed to lose the approximately 82 kg. In 2013 she married her partner, Chrissy McCullough, and intends to have a child.

Today, she also has a Facebook group, called EndometrioSisters, where women who suffer from the problem can share their experiences and receive support.

What would you choose if you were in Laura's shoes? Do you believe you would have the strength to lose that amount of weight? Comment below.

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