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24 Foods Rich in Vitamin A

We will see below why vitamin A is as important to the body as we need it by day and a list with foods rich in vitamin A.

Assist the immune system in its function to protect the body against infections, collaborate with vision whenthe light is weak and participate in the development and maintenance of epithelial tissue are some of the responsibilities that vitamin A has in the human body.

The nutrient, which is also known as retinol, is still involved in cellular reproduction and communication processes. It is part of the composition of a protein called rhodopsin, which absorbs light through retinal receptors and helps the differentiation and proper functioning of corneas and conjunctiva membranes of the eyes.

Another task of vitamin A is that it contributes to cell growth and differentiation, which is critical to the formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

The absence of the substance can cause health problems such as night blindness, increased chances of developing infectious diseases, goiter - enlarged thyroid gland -, follicular hyperkeratosis - a type of skin structure that leaves it dry, flakyand rough, due to the excessive production of keratin in the hair follicles.

Having nutrient deficiency can also affect the mobilization of iron, impair the production of hemoglobin - the red blood cell protein, which carries oxygen from the lung to the rest of the body - and stimulate the onset of iron deficiency anemia, which is caused bylow levels of iron in the body. Premature infants, children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women living in developing countries, and people with cystic fibrosis are the most at risk of suffering from vitamin A deficiency.

Amount of vitamin A that a person should consume daily

Inan adult requires 5000 IU( international units) of vitamin A per day. It is worth remembering that UI is the unit by which the substance is measured.

Vitamin A Rich Foods

Now that we know a little aboutthe importance of vitamin A and figured out the amount that we should consume per day, finally it's time to know what foods are rich in vitamin A as you check in the following list:

1 - Broccoli

One serving of 100 g broccoli provides623 IU of vitamin A.

2 - Sweet potato

Already 100 g of sweet potato contains 19218 IU of nutrient.

3 - Carrot

Carrot is also a food rich in vitamin A: 17033 IU are found in each 100 g portion.

4 - Cabbage

Still in the vegetable class, we have cooked cabbage, which in 100 g contains 13612 IU of the substance.

5- Pumpkin-girl

This pumpkin shed brings 11155 IU of compound to every 100 g.

6 - Romaine lettuce

Roman lettuce offers 8710 IU of vitamin to each 100 g portion.

7 - Dry apricot

One serving of a cup of dried apricots( about 120 g) is 15076 IU of vitamin A.

8 - Cantaloupe melon

Cantaloupe melon, which originates in India andAfrica contains 3382 IU of the substance per 100 g.

9 - Bluefin tuna

100 g of cooked bluefin tuna are composed of 2520 IU of the nutrient.

10 - Sleeve

Tropical fruit provides 1082 IU of vitamin A per 100 g serving.

11 - Red Bell Pepper

One serving of one tablespoon of red bell pepper contains 2081 IU of the substance.

12 - Paprika

One tablespoon of this common pepper in the Spanish, Indian and South American cuisines offers 3448 IU of vitamin A.

13 - Integral milk

In addition to being a good source of calcium, a glass of whole milk still offers395 IU of the nutrient.

14 - Dry Basil

100 g dried basil contains 744 IU of vitamin A.

15 -

Peas The peas contain 1628 IU of the nutrient at each serving equivalent to ½ cup.

16 -

Nabiwa A one-cup equivalent of finely chopped turnip greens provides 6373 IU of vitamin A.

17 - Tomato

One medium-sized tomato unit contains 1025 IU of the substance.

18 -

Spinach This nutritious vegetable is composed of 2464 IU of vitamin A.

19 - Peach

A medium-sized peach contains 489 IU of the nutrient.

20 - Papaya

In turn, papaya brings 1444 IU of substance to each small-sized fruit unit.

21 - Liver steak

Only 100 g of liver steak provide 16898 of vitamin A. It is a highlight of foods rich in vitamin A.

22 - Egg

A large unit of egg brings 870 IU of the substance.

23 - Butter

One tablespoon of butter brings 355 IU of nutrient.

24 - Pumpkin

One half-cup serving of canned pumpkin contains approximately 19 IU of vitamin A.

Excess vitamin A

Consuming very high doses of vitamin A, especially if accompanied by vitamin D deficiency, can harmthe bones, making them more likely to suffer fractures over the years.

So, anyone who is already at risk of developing osteoporosis or suffering from other types of problems that affect bones, should keep an eye on the diet to avoid ingesting too much vitamin A and vitamin B less.

Keeping food nutrients while cooking

To take advantage of vitamin A as well as the other nutrients available in the foods you consume, it is important to pay attention to how they are prepared as this can cause these nutrients to be lost.

And the tactics to prevent this from happening are: steam cooking, do not slice too much, cook with the peel, do not cook for long, use little water, prepare everything on high heat, do not store food for long in the refrigerator andreuse the water used in the cooking to prepare another food, as this water can retain nutrients, which instead of being lost, will be reused in another dish.


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