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Woman Can Get Off of McDonald's Addiction and Loses Over 100kg

A woman who spent more than 60,000 pounds in eight years feeding her insatiable addiction to McDonald's has been able to abandon fast food to lose more than 100 kg and turn into someone else.

Elle Goodall, 28, of Queensland, Australia, was so addicted to her favorite fast food chain that she ordered at least three large meals each way, bringing her weight to 182 pounds. Her addiction was so strong that Goodall would be annoyed if she did not satisfy him, and sometimes she had a quarrel with her husband Aaron Wilkins, 28, if he brought her wrong request.

It was only when her doctor diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes at age 26 that Goodall decided to have gastric banding surgery in a last attempt to regain control over her weight and her own health.

Nine months after undergoing surgery, she then definitely traded fried foods for a raw diet and competed in three triathlon competitions, losing more than 76 kg. Incredibly, it now weighs about 69 kg.

She said the surgery was the starting point for the change but it would not have worked out so well if she did not really change her lifestyle and quit fast food.

Goodall states: "My McDonald's addiction was completely out of control. If I was not eating the fried foods, I was thinking of eating them. I easily ate three Big Mac offerings plus an extra portion of French fries at one time. I could not keep myself sated enough without it. "

Hospital "I knew I was a fat woman, but I had convinced myself it was not too bad and avoided the scales. It was when I got a flu and had to consult with my doctor, who convinced me to do a series of health exams.

"I could not believe when the scale showed 181kg and my blood results revealed that I had type 2 diabetes. I knew then something had to change."

It was after meeting her husband Aaron in 2007 that Goodall began to take the habitto pass on the drive thru , causing an addiction that turned a snowball out of control.

When she was not eating her favorite fast food, she often complimented her diet with KFC fried chicken as well.

The two were married two years later, and Goodall paraded down the hallway in a UK size 24 wedding gown."I remember feeling like a princess on my wedding day, but when I looked at the photos, I was horrified. I was so fat and knew it, but instead of taking the right measures, I leaned into the food. I got in my car and went straight to the nearest McDonald's to feel good, "recalled Goodall. Over the next six years, Goodall's appetite for fried foods grew more, and at the height of her addiction, she used to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.dinner eating hamburger.

She said, "I've never had a craving for candy. It was always salty foods. When I was not eating, I was always thinking about when and where I was going to make my next meal. .. It sounds crazy, but even when I was buying supersize clothes, I did not see much problem. "

" A few nights Aaron went out to buyour dinner and it would go crazy if he did not bring my whole order or wrong. I became a monster, always hungry for my next meal. "

After his gastric band operation that lasted about five hours, Goodall said his life has changed dramatically.

"In the first week, I lost 10 kg and felt so inspired for the first time in years. .. Aaron bought a treadmill and I started to work out at home. It was the first time in years that I exercised and I could not run for 30 seconds, but still I was very determined, "recalls Goodall.

Nine months after the surgery, she completely changed her lifestyle, switching from McDonald's addiction to a strict diet of raw foods to help her daily workout program to lose weight.

"I weigh 69 kg today and I'm fitting into a size 40. To be honest, I can not believe it but the truth is that I lost more weight than my entire body weighs today and I am very proud of what I have achieved. I'll be competing in my fourth triathlon competition in October and I can not wait! "

The Before and After Diet of Elle Goodall


  • Pulava breakfast.
  • Lunch: KFC with 6 pieces of chicken, chips and soda;
  • Dinner: 3 Big Mac specials + an extra portion of large chips + Sundae;
  • Snacks: McDonald's potato chips and large nuggets + hot chocolates during the day.


  • Breakfast: Green juice and a green corn;
  • Lunch: 1 egg cooked and raw vegetables;
  • Snack: Seaweed( seaweed salad);
  • Dinner: Smoked salmon and salad.

Do you believe you would get to the point that this woman arrived with the fast food addiction? Do you know anyone with a similar background? Comment below!

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