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How She Lost 63 Kg with Strength Training and Diet Changes

Ashley Javar, 38, tells how she managed to lose 63 kg by making simple dietary changes from her 24 years, after an embarrassing situation she passed in the hospital.

The resident of Las Vegas came to weigh 130 kg in his, 2 m high, and today, 63 kg leaner, tells how his happiness returned when he was able to walk and play with his son, which was impossible before:

How I got fat

Since new I have always used food as comfort. Each day, I slipped into one or two huge fried meals.

In that, I gained weight quickly until 2013. I was 24 and a mother, but otherwise, nothing had changed much. I was still overweight. It hurt my knees to climb the stairs of my house, I was often tired, and I could barely play with my daughter. Until one day, I caught my spine while I set up the house. When I got to the hospital, it took several nurses to help me sit in an extra-large wheelchair. I was very ashamed.

Excluding Bad Habits

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As soon as I recovered and returned home, I climbed the scale. I was surprised to see that I weighed 130 kg! That's when I decided to change my diet.

I began to prepare three meals and two snacks daily, filling my plate with lean chicken breast, salads and quinoa. I also abandoned all fried foods and soda (I got to drink four cans a day for years and years).

With these simple adjustments, I easily lost about 3 kg per month. Constant loss made me feel fulfilled. In January 2015, I happily settled on my new weight of 68 kg.

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Family time

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My goal now is to get even stronger. I already practice a lot of strength training, along with Zumba classes from time to time.

But my favorite way to keep myself active is to play with my 6-year-old daughter. Before, I could barely walk through our condo with her. Now, my husband and I walk with her daily, or we ride a bike to my cousin's house to swim in her pool. As my daughter grows older (and even more energetic), I remember why I resolved to be healthy above all else: I could no longer lose my childhood. And now I know I will not.

3 Ashley Tips to Lose Weight

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1. Lose fat with tea.I started drinking green tea because it contained my cravings for caffeine, but I continued with it when I learned about all its antioxidants and benefits to metabolism.

2. Find your favorite exercise.Shopping has always been my favorite pastime, so when I started to become active, shopping at the mall became my main form of exercise. I even wore a heart monitor to help make sure I burned a certain amount of calories while walking through the stores.

3. Healthy substitutions.I love to recreate the foods I desire with a healthy touch. Instead of potato chips, I try to make potatoes with olive oil, fresh garlic and Himalayan salt and leave them roasting until golden. They are less greasy and still very tasty!


Do you know someone who has lost weight with inspiration not to lose their children's childhood, as it did to Ahsley, to play with them? Comment below!

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