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She Challenged Self to Reach 50 Healthy Years, and Got It

Lynn Kata decided to change her habits and her life for the better by realizing that she was completing a 50 year old unhealthy. To get her birthday fit, she dumped foods that were not good for her health, and started exercising regularly. And she did it!

Check the history of overcoming the American below, in the letter written by herself telling her journey:

Why did I decide to change?

In 2008, I decided to change my life. I was about to turn 50 in 2009, and decided that I wanted to stay healthy until then.

How I Lost

I started by cutting out all sugary drinks and fast food from my diet. I was thrilled and flattered to see that my weight began to fall slowly, day after day. And I also started walking every morning. Each day I went a little further and walked faster, until I got to walk about 3 miles each time.

It was a good feeling to be outdoors and my mental health was also benefiting. I started to practice and I also inserted a DVD with 30 minutes of exercises to my weekly training, three times a week. These exercises included yoga positions, strength exercises, toning and flexibility. I really started to see my body change.

I got to my 50th birthday over 18 kg more lean. I was so thrilled that I had achieved my goal!

My life nowadays

I am currently a certified personal trainer and health consultant. I give Zumba classes 3 to 5 times a week. I even have the opportunity to give my classes to the clients of a cruise line to Europe and the Caribbean!

I would never have imagined before a whole new world would open up for me by making this decision to stay healthy there in 2008. I hope now that my journey in the right way can inspire othersto resume their good form and mainly health.

Do you believe you would have the same willpower from Lynn to lose so much weight already about to turn 50 years old? Do you know anyone who loses weight by now? Comment below! 3 ( 3 votes, average: 5.00 of 5)
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