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The image is that of an elderly athlete sitting before the cameras to tell the reason for having become a bodybuilding legend, from the 50's. The name of the film: "REG PARK: The Legend".A documentary with rare images of the routines of astro English bodybuilder Reg Park.

He was a young man who emerged from the desolation of World War II to create, with his unique dedication and talent, the body's building model for decades. Unfortunately, bodybuilding was never considered as a sport, but Reg, training as hard, if not more than any athlete, could prove the contrary. Reg Park pushed the boundaries that inspired world-famous personalities of bodybuilding like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, Joe Weider and many others.

When one thinks of Reg Park, one tends to immediately think of him as a bodybuilder, and while it is fundamentally correct, there was much more to him. As a bodybuilder, his competitive career lasted 27 years. This takes some thinking when you consider that he won a world title( Mr Universe) every seven years. .. How many athletes, in any field, can you remember that they achieved this?

It is also necessary to consider that all this has been achieved without the use of anabolic steroids, which unfortunately are so prevalent in sports today. Reg Park was a man of principle and had the courage to stand up for his beliefs, to put his reputation at stake, and to compete with the younger and chemically enhanced younger generation. He still placed himself respectfully among the top three including his( almost twenty years younger) acceptance of his student Arnold Schwarzenegger in the face of a challenge to compete against him. Arnold won by a mere half a point. The rest, as they say, is history.

The trajectory of Reg Park

Born in England in 1928, the athlete devoted his adolescence to prominence in football, having no interest in bodybuilding. After suffering an injury at age 16, during his rehabilitation, Reg Park came across a muscular man named David Cohen. Knowing that Cohen had lifted weights at a friend's house, Reg joined him out of curiosity.

With the discharge of military service, in 1948, he saw his first category competition. This was the inaugural Mr. Universe NABBA contest, in which John Grimek overcame Steve Reeves in a controversial way. It was this competition that inspired Reg Park to compete for itself.

After a year of hard training, he won the title of Mr. Great Britain in 1949. This was the determination of the icon, who often trained in his father's garden, in sub-zero temperatures, with nothing but a pair ofheavy dumbbells and layers of thermal clothing. Reg wore three coats, three pairs of thick socks, and military boots to keep himself a little protected from the cold, rain, and snow. He then set up a garage with irons, no electricity or mirrors, where rain and snow would still leak through the roof.

Reg Park later spent six months in the United States as a gift fromyour parents. There, he met with the famous publisher Joe Weider, who began presenting English prominently in his bodybuilding magazines. The following year, Park was runner-up to Steve Reeves in the 1950 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe in London.

After a second full year of training, Reg broke what had been an American monopoly on bodybuilding titles by winning, in 1951, the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association( NABBA).He consolidated his status as superstar by winning in 1958 and 1965 the NABBA Mr. Universe. Park

was known for its muscle mass, while being the forerunner of modern bodybuilding as well as for its strength, which has often demonstrated in contests and exhibitions. Famous for its mass and strength, Reg Park was an early influence and mentor throughout the life of champion Arnold Schwarzenegger, and reference to other more like Samir Bannout, Anthony Catanzaro, Boyer Coe and Marvin Eder.

Reg was one of the first "great" bodybuilders and his sheer size, in addition to acting talent, did not go unnoticed by action movie producers, who hired him to appear in several films from 1963 until 1965.

Until the time of his illness, in 2007, despite being in his 70s, Park continued to train his clients at the Active Morningside Virgin Gym in Sandton, South Africa. He is always featured in many fitness and fitness magazines. Reg was introduced to the International Federation of Bodybuilders( IFBB) Hall of Fame in 1999.

The idol died on November 22, 2007, at his home in South Africa, after an eight-month battle with metastatic melanoma, aform of skin cancer.

The Legacy of Myth

List the men who have truly achieved success in bodybuilding through their achievements as athletes of physical development, revolutionary bodybuilding and as men of character, integrity and will, is a relatively easy task.

Many believe that Reg Park deserves a legendary status for its contributions to bodybuilding. Charisma, charm, determination, character, humility, consistency, mental strength and sincerity are words that are often used to describe the kind of person who was Reg Park. Many of the big names in bodybuilding, including Arnold, have said openly that Reg, as a bodybuilder and as a human being, has helped inspire him to reach the highest level.

"I devoured every article about it that I could find in German. If they were in English, a friend translated them to me. I pasted his pictures all onto the wall of my room. I watched your movies over and over again. I learned his training regime and tried to copy everything he did. "

Another aspect is that Reg never saw color or race as a problem. He always allowed people of color to train in his gym. He still took the first black bodybuilder from South Africa to compete in Mr. Universe long before apartheid was abolished. He judged people by their ability and not by their appearance.

Since the 1960s, Reg Park lived with his wife Marion in South Africa where he continued to inspire bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts through his expert training orientation. He started the gyms industry in South Africa, which today is a very popular and fast growing business.

Reg Park shared their wealth of knowledge freely, long before personal training was in vogue. Many doctors sent their patients and trainers their athletes to Park for rehab.
Reg, along with his wife, a former dancer, set up a new style of posing incorporating the kind of art his craft required. Nowadays it is common. But he was also the first man to combine strength with ability to act, good looks and charisma.

His legacy also continues with his son, Jon Jon Park, a personal trainer and former Olympic swimmer. Reg Park has created and trained Jon Jon in South Africa. Today, the heir is the owner of the Legacy Academy, popular in Los Angeles, California. Reg's daughter, Jeunesse, runs the Reg Park Legacy Foundation, which helps disadvantaged people gain access to the sport.

"Training is like life, it has its ups and downs, but if you think of your problems with sufficient intensity and logic, you will either resolve them or come to a compromise." Reg Park.

  • 1950 - Best American Athlete Developed - IFBB, High, 1st
  • 1950 - Best Athlete Developed in America - IFBB, Overall Winner Sr. Europe
  • 1950- Overall Winner Mr Universe - NABBA, High, 2
  • 1951 - Mr Universe - NABBA, High, 1
  • 1951 - Mr Universe - Overall Winner
  • 1958 - Mr Universe - Pro - NABBA, High, 1
  • 1958 - Mr Universe- Pro - NABBA, Overall Winner
  • 1965 - Mr Universe - Pro - NABBA, High, 1
  • 1965 - Mr Universe - Pro - NABBA, Overall Winner
  • 1970 - Mr Universe - Pro - NABBA,- Pro - NABBA, High, 3
  • 1973 - Mr Universe - Pro - NABBA, High, 2
  • Know the measurements of the star:

  • Height: 1,85m
  • Weight in Competition: 102-114kg
  • Off Season: 102kg
  • Arms: 51cm
    • Hercules vs. the Vampire / Ercole at the Center of the Earth( 1961)
    • Hercules on the Conquest of Atlantis / Ercolealla conquista di Atlantide( 1961)
    • Hercules, The Liberator of Syracuse / La sfida dei giganti( 1965)
    • Maciste in the Mines of King Solomon / Maciste nelle miniere di re salomone( 1964)
    • Ursus, Prisoner of Satan / Ursus, il terroreThe diet of an

      icon Reg Park did not hide that she liked to eat like a king, but only foods that would benefit her body. He ate prodigious amounts of food during the day. But over time, he adhered to a very balanced diet with everything in proper proportions.

      His favorite food was steak, which he sometimes ingested twice a day. But he was also adept at salads, orange juice and wine. He also came to use protein supplements and vitamin and mineral tablets. Its menu was simple ingredients, as far as an athlete is concerned, as you can see below:

      • Breakfast: A glass of fresh orange, papaya papaya, banana, a plate of oatmeal cooked with cream, whole milk and sour creamfresh, a plate of bacon, eggs, tomato and toast, two cups of tea;
      • Lunch: A large bowl of tomato soup, peas, minestrone with rye bread, boiled vegetables and steak;
      • Dessert: A couple of cups of tea with a bit of chocolate and wine.
      • Supper: Same as lunch.

      Reg Park Training Principles

      Reg Park's favorite strategy to develop strength and muscle mass in his workout was based on five sets of five reps( 5 × 5).In the 5 × 5 program of Reg, the first two series are heating, the last three series are the primary series of work.

      For example, if you choose to use 90 kg for the primary series on the military press, the workout will look something like this: 72 x 5, 82 x 5, 90 x 5 the last 3 times. When you can use 90 kg in the last three series of five, increase the weight by two pounds in all five series to climb to 74 x 5, 84 x 5, 92 x 5 in the last three. Reg referred to these three primary seriesas stabilizing series.

      The champ has set 7 rules to achieve maximum efficiency:

      • Rule # 1: If you want to get bigger, you have to get stronger. Many people today do the hypertrophy training separate from that of strength. They think that when concentrating on getting bigger, one should focus on the muscle, not the weight it is using.
      • Rule # 2: Focus on compound movements. Reg believed in spending time with exercises that produce the maximum return. The cornerstone of his workout was a combination of squatting, ground lifting and bench press, which drew the primary strength of the exercises.
      • Rule # 3: Do not let your lower back hold it. To avoid back pain and build a strong and powerful physique, Reg believed that any training should include hyperextensions prone to keeping the lower back strong and healthy.
      • Rule # 4: Trust is key to increasing size and strength. According to Reg Park, an effective training program focuses on increasing confidence. You should feel strong, empowered, and ready to face the world after each workout. If you feel weak and defeated then you are doing something wrong.
      • Rule # 5: You must know yourself to get the most out of the training. Reg was a great believer in self-analysis. You should take the time to find out who you are, and what you are capable of doing. He stated that if you care too much, then you will find a great benefit of training, as it will help eliminate stress, and help you gain better control over your life.
      • Rule # 6: Stationary time and restoration are critical. Reg believes that a period of rest in workout is important to accumulate energy, and to allow the body to rest.
      • Rule # 7: Start reaping the benefits of the 5 × 5 program. Reg Park's favorite strategy to pack in strength and size. Just choose one weight and use it for five sets. The first two sets are for heating, and the last three sets are the primary sets of work.


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