Does Tess get fat or lose weight?

Tess is a traditional medicine with 21 pills and one of the most popular drugs sought by women. The question that remains is about its efficacy, indication and whether the contraceptive Tess becomes fat or thin. So if you are in doubt about switching contraceptives or start using it, read the information below first.

This contraceptive is ingested in the form of a pill and therefore must be taken every day, unlike other methods such as patch or injection, applied once a month. For those who usually forget to take the contraceptive, this is not the most indicated method, but those who are already accustomed can think about getting the oral pill.

Like other contraceptives, the benefit of Tess is related to pregnancy prevention, reduced PMS symptoms, and decreased menstrual flow. So if you have one of these goals, you can use it.

Does Tess Birth Control Fatten?

Some women report that they have been taking them for many years and nothing has happened, ie they have not verified whether the contraceptive Tess is thinning or fattening. No report of a woman who has gained weight on this medication has been found online, but that is not the rule.

As it is always remembered by the experts, the reactions of a medicine can vary from woman to woman. For those who do not know, this is because, although the contraceptive formula is the same, each woman is unique and has a metabolic response to the hormones, which can often generate fluid retention and swelling, while others may experience the inverse effect and lose weight.

However, the most common is to cause no modification. Learn that the more hormones in the formula, the more chances of causing bloating, and so some women mistakenly are afraid that the contraceptive Tess gets fat. Talk to your gynecologist to choose the best alternative for you according to your goals.

Side effects

It is possible that bleeding occurs outside the menstrual period, called low or medium intensity leakage bleeding. In addition, swelling or increased breast tenderness is normal. Other common side effects are headache and tiredness and other less common are depression, insomnia, change in libido( increase or decrease), contact lens intolerance and changes in cervical secretion.

How to take it?

The contraceptive comes in a pack of 21 tablets that should be swallowed the first on the first day of menstruation and then follow the carton until finalized. The ideal is to eat at the same time. Set an easier time to remember, usually when you wake up or at bedtime( check the alarm clock).

At the end of the chart, take a seven-day break( menstrual period) and retake a new chart on the eighth day after menstruation. If you want to avoid menstruation, change one card in the other, and do not perform the seven-day break.


Contraindications for Tess contraceptives are the same as for other contraceptives. Some medical conditions are not intended for use. When in doubt, check with your doctor.

Generally the contraindicated conditions are allergy to some component of the formula, pregnancy, thromboembolic disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, liver tumor( historical or current), severe liver diseases, idiopathic jaundice, Dubin-Johnson syndrome and Rotor, persistent pruritus, confirmed neoplasia orsuspected breasts or genitalia, unexplained genital hemorrhage, sickle cell anemia, diabetes with vascular alteration or lipid disorders.

Do you know anyone who uses and claims that the contraceptive Tess grows fat? Are you afraid to use this medicine and suffer this side effect? Comment below!

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