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How To Be Invited to Be a Bridesmaid Made This Woman Lose 70 kg

Jayme Hunsinger, 30, received her sister's invitation to be a bridesmaid for her wedding, and did not feel well in her own image for the special day. After X days, she managed to lose 70 kg and counts down her weight loss history:

How I gained weight

I was always a growing child heavy but this never really became a problem until I reached the end of high schooland I went to university. I had the food as a way to comfort myself. I hid food in my clothes and ate late at night. I went through a bad relationship ending, which was when I really started gaining weight. The food comforted me in every way. I liked foods full of carbohydrates like pizza, bread, fried foods, sweets, chocolate and so on.

I got a job where I worked from 3:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., and after work, I went out with my co-workers to have pizza with beer. I reached up to 136 kg. I tried doing various weight loss programs, but none was successful. The weight always came back.

The turning point

I was invited to be a maid of honor for a wedding. Although honored to be invited to play a big role on this special day, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to myself how disgusting I looked and how I had let go of myself.

How I Lost My Weight

I was introduced to Weight Watchers by one of my family members, and when I started this program, it looked much different than the others I had tried. Until my sister's wedding, I could lose about 35 kg. However, that was not my goal. My goal was to lose 70 kg.

Throughout this journey, I have discovered a new world of food and a whole new way of living. When I started running, I did not like that. I was always a girl who preferred to go home after school and watch TV eating some snacks to be active and play some sport. But I was being motivated by a friend of mine to start running, but gradually, slowly. I tried and took my time. I fought the pains and it was very hard for my body. However, I have evolved. Today, racing is my best friend, a stress reliever and reliever.

In May 2013, I climbed the scale, which indicated that I had lost 70 kg. The sense of accomplishment is one that words are unable to describe. I started wearing size 54 and now seen 38. Shopping is fun now.

Practicing the race was the key to helping me lose the last stubborn pounds, and I started training for a 5K half-marathon. I completed my first 5K on October 5, 2013 in 28 minutes! I plan to complete another 5Ks in the coming months with the goal of improving my time, and I signed up for my first 10K.I also became a vegetarian and I continue to embrace this new me in every way I can!

My husband was also motivated by my battle and lost 43 kg with the goal of losing another 10. I am so proud of us not only because of weight loss but because of the wonderful examples we are giving to our daughter. She will now choose fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy foods more than ever, which is a wonderful feeling! Having their support was a great tool. I say to myself, "It was worth it!"

Do you believe that a special invitation like that would make you lose as much weight as it did with Jayme? Do you know a similar story? Comment below!

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