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How Homeopathy Works to Lose Weight

Many people have already sought follow-up from nutritionists, endocrinologists, but still failed to achieve the good shape they desire. Often the difficulty of losing weight is not linked directly to excessive consumption of food, but to imbalances in the body itself.

We know that physiological factors can contribute to cases of obesity, and it is precisely for this reason that several people seek to undergo treatments with homeopathy remedies to lose weight.

We can highlight homeopathy to lose weight by offering fewer consequences to the body, if compared with other medicines with little foundation, but there are also signs that contradict this affirmative

It is precisely to answer these questions that we will better understand how homeopathy works for the process of weight loss and health.

Lose weight

Homeopathic remedies are produced with natural substances and contribute to the correct functioning of the body. Homeopathy has been emphasizing to help weight loss, as it may contribute to the correction of thyroid dysfunction, which is responsible for several cases of obesity. Homeopathic remedies do not act directly for weight loss, they stimulate the body to react naturally, correcting imbalances and deficiencies.

As with various medications, treatment with homeopathy remedies for weight loss does not necessarily guarantee the resolution of the problem of obesity because weight loss requires you to adopt healthy habits not only for the recovery period, but for maintenance and permanence of the weight conquered It is important to evaluate the case in a particular way, so that individual needs are recognized.

People seek homeopathy not only to correct metabolic deficiencies but also to adjust the body to a more harmonic operation, thus benefiting mainly a positive relationship between body and mind. Studies indicate that consequences related to the functioning of the body are reflections of a unbalanced, and that harmony between body and mind should be maintained in order to avoid Weight.

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Homeopathy stands out exactly why, the obese is not seen just as someone who eats compulsively. A study is made on the particular cases, as well as analyzes to identify the causes of overweight, thus making it possible to correct.

The Top Homeopathy Remedies to Lose Weight

- Fucus Vesicelosus

Marine algae that can be adopted for treatment of thyroid deficiencies, which directly affects weight loss. Fucus in its natural form is rich in Iodine, but after the homeopathic process, this Iodine content becomes insignificant.

This medicine can stimulate the production of thyroid hormones, which interferes with the functioning of metabolism, leading to weight loss. Dosage variations may also induce a reduction in the production of the thyroid hormone, ie the reactions may be diverse and conquered according to the personal administration of the drug.

- Iodum

This homeopathic remedy can also aid in weight control for people dealing with thyroid hormone imbalances, especially hyperthyroidism. Iodine can help control appetite, one of the main factors responsible for cases of obesity. This remedy is recommended for people who are restless, nervous and deal with anxiety and binge eating. Treatment with this remedy must be accompanied by a homeopathic physician.

- Antimonium crudum

This remedy aids in metabolic functioning, thus speeding up the digestion and elimination of toxins. It can be adopted by people suffering with slow metabolism. Treatment with this medicine can cause indigestion, flatulence, and cause white color on the tongue. The dosages should be indicated by homeopathic physicians.

- Calcarea Carbonica

This remedy is indicated for people who deal with binge eating and overeating. Obese people can deal with slow and poor digestion of food in addition to imbalances of acids contained in the stomach. Treatment with this medicine can cause bloating, flatulence, reflux and indigestion.

- Kali Carbonicum

It is indicated for obese people and who have low body temperature, causing chronic pains in the back. This remedy is very suitable for obese people who deal with slow metabolism. Treating homeopathy for weight loss with this medicine can result in flatulence, indigestion, bitter taste in the mouth and even constipation. Consumption of cold drinks can cause vomiting and nausea. Chronic infections such as sinusitis and bronchitis are common for people who require the use of the substances contained in this compound.

Medical monitoring

Do not undergo a homeopathy treatment to lose weight without the follow-up of a doctor. Many people are looking for homeopathy to lose weight, but it is essential that the remedies are recommended by a trained professional and recognize the deficiencies of particular cases.

Homeopathy enables the production of medicines according to the particularities of obese people, it is essential that the dosages indicated by the doctor are compatible with their characteristics metabolic diseases. Do not use homeopathic remedies by referring friends or family members, as it can result in serious consequences to your body.


It is critical to recognize that treatment with homeopathy remedies to lose weight may not be the sole responsible for weight loss. Healthy habits are key to keeping your body in shape. Adopting a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that contributes to the balance and proper functioning of your metabolism can optimize weight loss.

Look for guidance and avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, sweets, fats, soft drinks, and especially salt, sugar and preservatives that contribute to the imbalance of your body.


  1. Do not skip meals in your eating plan, try to make meals with small portions, so you will reduce the likelihood of overeating at certain times;
  2. Do not eat foods that will impair the functioning of your metabolism. Some slips can make it difficult to achieve established goals, thus reducing treatment efficiency;
  3. Eat a little in the evening meals, since the homeopathic remedy also requires that you have a quiet night's sleep, so that it always dawns well conditioned for the activities of the day Following.

Physical exercises

They are key to helping your metabolism stay active, which provides efficient fat burning. The physical exercises intensify the effect of the medicines and still contribute to their well-being.

The adoption of homeopathy for weight loss may aid in weight reduction, but the practice of healthy habits is safer, effects, since many current choices can lead to future.


Have you thought about joining homeopathy to lose weight? Do you know someone who has used this treatment and obtained good results? Comment below!

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