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Widow Loses 57kg When Facing Your Fears and Taking Selfies in the Mirror Every Day

Justine McCabe, a 31-year-old Los Angeles resident of the United States, was crammed into fast food and was barely out of the house after her husband, John Paul, died last February.

After three months of mourning, she was persuaded by her family and friends to enter the gym and lose a part of her 140kg. Justine, mother of two, realized that she really needed to change her life and started taking selfies in the mirror every day to chart the path of her weight loss.

McCabe traded calorie snacks and giant meals to which she was accustomed to healthy eating and tuition at a gym where she began exercising six times a week.

At the same time, she decided to set goals based on things she was afraid of, such as skydiving, traveling alone, exercising, climbing, and more. Now, a year after her move, she is unrecognizable, after losing more than 57kg and shrinking her dummy from 24 to 10( US numbers).

McCabe confesses that her husband's death was indeed a very big and terrible blow to her, and something that worsened even more after her mother's death, which had occurred shortly before."Having a loved one commit suicide is the most terrible thing that can happen to you. The death of my husband gave me a shock of reality that I needed to change many things. "

"After a while to reevaluate my life, I came to the conclusion that I needed to pursue my dreams and face my fears - I really needed to live. I knew I could survive without my husband and my mother, but I needed a break to overcome my insecurities and live life in a way that made me proud of myself. "

" These 365 days of selfishness were one of the first things II started to do. The first photo I took was something terrible, I looked so lost and destroyed. "

Justine revealed that she began to grow bolder as she lost her weight. Despite being afraid of altitude and flying, she had now begun to practice adventure sports, such as cliff hop, para-comb flying, and a plane trip to Paris. She adds that before her move, she would not do any of these things or pay her, but that after her husband's death she had a goal to overcome these fears - and she succeeded.

"Every challenge I faced made me feel more alive and brought me back, which gave me the fuel to move on every day. Losing weight was part of this lifestyle change for me, I was overweight practically since I was 18 years old and always tried to use those fad diets and failed. "

" Whenever I needed to ride a plane, I had to usea kind of seat belt extender, which was kind of shameful. I was always the fat man in space for everyone. "The self was a motivating and encouraging factor for Justine, because whenever she did not want to go to the gym, she would look at past photos, see all the progress she had already madeand knew this would be a wrong decision.

"Looking at those pictures made me shiver, I could not believe that I had gone so far and fulfilled my goals that seemed impossible before. I now feel like I am a different person. My dreams have been reached and now I'm really living. "

Justine started gaining weight at age 18, when she gained almost 40kg during pregnancy. From there, her weight went out of control and she began to overeat industrialized snacks, surpassing 140kg after her husband's death."Before, I actually ate in large quantities, lots of fries and repeated 3 times at dinner. Besides, I was always eating calorie snacks between meals, lots of candy, cake, cookies and anything quick and convenient I could see. "

" This really messed up my self-confidence, I knew I was a giant because of my weight andof my height, and to feel comfortable I ended up eating more, it was a vicious cycle. "

7 months after his life changed, having lost 45kg, McCabe could finally fit into a pair of jeans he had kept since he was 18.Now weighing only 85kg, she says she is determined to always keep her challenges, which enrich her new lifestyle more and more.

A photo published by Justine -124lbs #ichoosetolive( @hairstargetsfit) on May 19, 2016 at 10:31 PDT

"Losing almost 90kg was spectacular, it was like saying goodbye to that fat one that I was before. Now people who have known me for years do not recognize me and are surprised when they see how much weight I lost. "

"The challenges did not stop here, this year I already drew 4 more, like climbing mountains, a little more skydiving, bungee jumping and traveling. .. Now I am living my life without limits!".

McCabe attributes his successful weight loss to his own determination and to his personal trainer online, Jonny Straws, who states: "From the beginning, Justine had a goal in mind and chose the most challenging way to achieve her success. We switch from a workout mentality based solely on aerobic exercises to implementing bodybuilding and a variety of HIIT workouts, and your diet is adjusted every month so it does not lose enthusiasm for healthy eating. I will not stop helping her while she is developing her body and new challenges for herself. "

You can follow Justine on instagram @hairstargetsfit.

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