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6 Tips to Maintain Hygiene at the Academy

When we think about hygiene, we know that gym may not be the cleanest place in the world. During a single day, several students pass by, use the same devices that have been used by other regulars, stay in rooms and share the bathroom and dressing room with other people.

While some may even try to maintain proper hygiene on the spot, taking their own bottle of water and towels, wiping sweat from gym equipment before and after using and even wiping their hands on gel alcohol, a British poll done by aThe health care company has shown that most of the students in the academies do not have such clean habits.

According to the survey, 74% of the interviewees said that they noticed that a gym colleague stopped wiping a piece of equipment that was sweaty, 49% said he already used a bottle of water, a towel and some hygiene item that did not belong to18% admitted that they had gone to work even though they were ill and 16% stated that they did not wash their gym clothes between training sessions.

Although there is no scientific evidence that this can cause serious damage to health, maintaining good hygiene in the gym can prevent exposure to germs that cause diseases such as colds, flu, norovirus, athlete's foot, and staphylococcal infections( skin infection).

To maintain hygiene and a greater distance of the germs that also usually attend the academies you must take care. Check out the following list of habits you can incorporate into your day-to-day workout to improve that:

1. Have a proper water bottle

If you have the custom of bringing your own water bottle to the gym and do notyou usually drink from your next colleague, know that this is already a good point for your hygiene. However, the model you choose to store water also has an important role in relation to the amount of germs to which you expose your body.

Plastic bottles are not recommended because they usually retain bacteria. The most suitable and safe model is metal. To clean it, simply use hot water and liquid detergent. It is also important not to share the bottle with anyone and take care that no colleague gets it without you noticing.

Academy 2. Cleanyour hands and the


To be sure that you will stay away from the germs, besides wiping and wiping sweat from the gym before and after you exercise on it, be sure to sanitizeyour hands too. To do so, you can use a special washcloth and a gel alcohol. If your gym does not offer these materials, bring them home and keep them in the gym bag.

3. Keep your gym bag clean

If you have the habit of playing the clothes and sneakers used during a day of training directly on the gym bag and do not have the habit of cleaning it often, know that it canbe a real home for fungi.

One tip to keep you more sanitized is to put your clothes and sneakers inside a plastic bag before storing them in the bag and when you get home take them out of the bag and send them straight to the laundry room.

Another important tip is to try to create the habit of cleaning the pouch at least once a week and thus prevent the buildup of fungi, germs and bacteria in it.

4. Wear slippers while showering in the locker room

When bathing in the gym, do not place your feet directly on the boxing floor. As it is used by many people, one can imagine the number of germs present on the site. To minimize these risks of contamination, use a slipper at the time you enter the shower.

But not only that, you should also take care to keep the slippers used in the bath always clean, since when they get wet they can also contaminate and transmit the bacteria. Something you can do to lessen this problem is to prepare a solution with bleach and soak the shoes inside from time to time.

5. Take a day off when you get sick

If you have the flu or a cold, take a day off and do not go to the gym, even if you think you can handle a day's work. Thus, you avoid getting contaminated with other germs and worsen the state of your health and also do not pass the problem to your colleagues.

Similarly, if you have an open wound on your skin, wait until it sars to return to the gym. If you do not do this, you also run the risk of becoming infected or infecting any device on which you will train.

6. Avoid Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are another device shared by a large number of people, and can be used by more than one guest at a time, depending on the gym. So if you have some open wound in the body or some skin infection, do your best to stay away from them.

So you avoid the risk of transmitting bacteria to other members of the academy and getting contaminated with other germs that may be present in the bath.

Do you always seek to maintain hygiene in the gym? What other people's acts upset you more about it? Comment below!

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