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Young Lose More Than 50 kg Without Surgery Changing Your Habits

Laura Micetich, 25, believed she could not get lean without surgery until she discovered a new routine that totally transformed her body. Check out the letter written by the American telling her efforts and all her way to the body she currently has.

How the problem started

I grew up eating healthily during my childhood. My father was a doctor, and he gave us nutritious meals, such as roasted and salted chicken. But when I went to college and started feeding on my own, all that changed. The delivery of Chinese food quickly replaced Daddy's green leafy salads;the portion sizes I ate were also exaggerated.

It was when in December of 2013, I hit 136 kg on the scale. But when my doctor warned me about the risk of developing diabetes, I finally felt motivated to do something about my weight.

Search for

solutions I started researching gastric banding surgery, but my BMI of 41.5 made the surgery very risky. To try to gradually reduce my weight, I downloaded Jillian Michaels' weight-tracking application and started watching her YouTube videos as well as some of Zumba that I had discovered online, and started practicing them.

At first, I could barely get through half a video, but as I was getting stronger and sturdier, I started getting more and more. I also noticed that I started to have less pain and discomfort.

In the spring of 2014, upon completing the second period of college, I began to take advantage of the campus academy. By May, I had not only stopped dreading the exercises, but had already lost about 10 kg. I decided to leave the surgery aside and continue working hard for my goal.

I also went back to my roots and returned to eating healthy. But instead of restricting myself to small meals, I made smarter, healthier choices like good amounts of tuna sashimi and broccoli. The result: I loved my new diet and how it made me feel my body.

Now I have a weight that is ideal for me: 86 kg. Best of all, I continue to find new activities, such as boxing recently, to help me become happier and healthier every day.

The 4 Tips and Lessons from Laura to Lose Enough Weight

  1. Instagram! After I lost my first 20 kg, I created an Instagram account to track and document my fitness. As my number of followers grew, my motivation grew together. Being part of a "community" kept me accountable.
  2. Please inquire. There are a lot of weight loss programs that cost a lot of money but there are also plenty of features and information that give you the same benefits for free.
  3. Buy an elastic band. When I can not or can not go to the gym, I use my resistance range;is an easy and portable way to practice moving force training.
  4. Beware of the menu. I love eating out, but restaurants offer many temptations. To stay without consuming calorie bombs away from home, quickly choose a healthy option from the menu before it's too late.

Do you believe that you have the willpower to change your habits and lose weight without having surgery, just like Laura? Comment below!

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