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New Insoles Helping Men to Lose 127 kg

When it comes to fighting the scales, the decision to exercise and improve nutrition needs to come from somewhere, right? This kick-start can be the desire to become a more active person, the willingness to be willing to play with the children, due to health problems or even due to the intention to improve the appearance. In the case of English retail manager David Sameiro, 31, the starting point was the use of a new pair of insoles.

It started when, because of the weight of over 209 kg, Sameiro felt pain in his ankle, knees and lower back, and irritations that would not allow him to walk without feeling exhausted.

Decided to change the situation, he then bought and began to wear a pair of copper insoles, which in his own words to the Daily Mail "saved his life."

"After only 10 days I realized a huge decrease in pain and this meant that I could walk more. So after three weeks, I found myself walking halfway to work and another half way home, and my weight began to decrease, "he said.

The pair of insoles used by David Sameiro

It was the motivation he needed to devote more in the battle against being overweight. Sameiro went hiking after work and on weekends, instead of staying at home watching television and eating.

As it was getting thinner, the retail manager, who had started to get fat when he was approaching 30, also tried to change his diet. In the past, the Englishman had his diet consisting of cereals, sandwiches, snack foods, chocolate bars, pizzas, and fries ordered, often extremely depressed, had virtually no social life, and developed symptoms of arthritis.

Weighing in at over 209 kg, the Englishman felt very depressed and had almost no social life.

With the move to a healthier lifestyle, he stopped eating nonsense at night and switched to snacking for a soup or other mealLight."Every now and then, I still order food from the outside, but not the way I used to," he explained.

127 kg slimmer, Sameiro has plans to find love and form a family

In one year and six months, he managed to lose 127 kg and already makes plans for his new life: "I do not want to come back( to put on weight).My life has completely transformed, I am looking for a new relationship and I want to form a family, something that I thought I would never be able to achieve. "

Did you believe that such a detailed change in one's life can make such an incredible transformation? Do you know another story like this, or have you ever had anything like it? Comment below!

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