Does Rivotril Fat or Lose Weight?

Rivotril, popular name for Clonazepam, is a medicine whose main function is to inhibit certain functions of the central nervous system, acting as a preventive to convulsions, sedative, muscle relaxant and tranquillizer. It belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, is one of the best tranquilizers present in the market and used to control various diseases, such as: social phobia, bipolar disorder, depression, insomnia, panic disorder, different levels of anxiety etc. The good result is almost always gained, but many people who consume it are faced with the same concern: taking Rivotril becomes fat or slimming?

To clarify this doubt of several users of Rivotril, it is worth explaining how it acts in the body and if it has any connection with the loss or gain of weight.

Rivotril Fat or lose weight?

The main effect of Rivotril is to block anxiety, and this is felt early in the day, and your active time in the body is 18 hours. Because it is a strong medicine sold only under a doctor's prescription, people often wonder if Rivotril is fat or fat.

The fact is that it will depend on the organism and the pathological picture of each patient. Rivotril can both gain weight and weight loss, there is no rule and there is no warning on the subject in the package leaflet. By not having any action on the appetite, Rivotril thin or fatten only when the patient's condition is susceptible to it. It does not seem to have any direct connection of its use to one of these reactions. The mechanism seems to be indirect.

If a person suffers from anxiety and ends up consuming a greater number of calories( which is extremely common), the medicine will act on it and may cause the person to return to normal food, in which case Rivotril will lose weight. This is an example of how the medicine can affect the balance of who consumes it, but the possibilities are numerous and it is best to consult a doctor because he will diagnose these changes in weight.

Some patients feel that their appetite decreases while taking Rivotril. In that case, Rivotril is thinner and if its use is not controlled, it may harm the nutritional health of the consumer. However, other people feel that the medication lowers their energy / metabolic levels( since it is a tranquilizer) while encouraging them to eat while the remedy does not go away. In this situation, one can say Rivotril is fattening and is equally dangerous. Therefore always consult a specialist.

In addition, Rivotril can lead to serious levels of addiction, which can lead the patient to gain weight due to lack of physical practices. Weight is linked to depression and anxiety, which can be affected according to appetite.

Side Effects

Some of the major side effects of Rivotril are irritability, depression, excessive salivation, palpitations, chest pain, hair loss, skin problems, changes in motor functions, depression, severe anxiety, memory loss, panic attacks,delayed metabolism, urinary tract infection, urinary retention and, most importantly, dependence. Ideally, it should be used only in severe seizures and should not be used for more than 6 weeks.


Rivotril should not be consumed by patients with hypersensitivity to the benzodiazepine drugs, such as itself. It should not be consumed by pregnant women in the beginning of gestation, since it can generate serious problems to the fetus.


The daily dose of Rivotril will vary from case to case, however, it normally consumes 0.5 and 6mg, and can reach 20mg. This medicine can be found in the main pharmacies in the country and its price varies according to the amount of pills that are in the box.

A box of 30 tablets of 2mg is between 3.00 and 5.00 reais, making it an easily accessible medicine.

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Do you know someone who uses this medication? For that person's body, does Rivotril get fat or lose weight? If you now need to take it, why? Comment below!

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