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8 Bizarre Records of the Fitness World

Just give one in the Guiness Book to find some rather bizarre records: there is the most hairy teenager, the woman with the the world's smallest waist, the man with the largest mouth, the most tattooed bodies, the longest hair and the longest nails ...

Thus, the world of fitness and gymnastics are not unrelated to these oddities and also have some rather bizarre records. Let's meet some of them?

1. Zumba class with the largest number of participants

India Zumba

From time to time the zumba, a Latin dance that burns up to , 00 calories per hour, improves the system cardiovascular system and works the thigh, gluteal and calf muscles, has become popular throughout the world. So much so that in 2012, in Hyderabad in India, a class was held that broke the record for student attendance and had the participation of 2012 students.

2. Biggest biceps in the world

The man who won the title of the world's largest bicep was the Egyptian bodybuilder, who currently lives in Massachusetts in the United States, Moustafa Ismail. He reached the mark in 2012 when he reached 6 cm on the right and left biceps.

However, it is worth noting here that although he repeated the feat in 2013, when this size increased to more than 78 cm, there is indications that Moustafa has injected Synthol, an oil that gives the appearance of increased muscles, according to the site

In the featured photo of the article, you can see how the arm muscles of the bodybuilder have a strange appearance.

The problem with using Synthol is that it brings serious side effects such as the risk of loss of movement of the muscles, upon reaching a nerve, and cardiac or respiratory arrest, by injecting the substance into a vein or artery.

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3. Person who has lasted longer in a yoga ball


Can you imagine staying in the same position for exactly 5 hours, 7 minutes and 6 seconds? Well, it was during all this time that Ashrita Furman stayed on a yoga ball and won the title of the person who could stand the longest in the object in the year 2010.

4. Fastest woman to run while pushing stroller


Participating and finalizing a marathon is already a feat for many people. Now, imagine doing this while pushing your daughter's stroller and still be able to become the fastest in the world in the sport?

That was the title achieved by Nancy Shubring, completing the 21 km half marathon "Mike May Races Half Marathon"In 1 hour, 30 minutes and 51 seconds in 2001 in the city of Vassar, United States.

5. Airplane loading

Kevin Fast

If you're one of those who's impressed with weightlifting competitions, you'd probably be stunned by what the American Kevin Fast can do. In the year 2009, he dragged an airplane of more than 188 kilos by a distance of more than 8 meters.

And this is not the only feat that can be highlighted in the Fast curriculum. He has already dragged a loaded tractor-trailer and raised a platform with 20 women using only his strength.

6. More than 70 hours on the hula hoop


The hula hoop is a fun joke, but also a bit tiring. After all, you have to be physically fit to spin for several minutes without letting the toy fall.

If it is already difficult to stay for less than an hour with the hula hoop, do you imagine spinning with it for 74 hours and 54 minutes? That's what Aaron Hibbs did in 2009.

As much as he's done five-minute breaks every hour with the hula hoop to rest, he can not help but think it's impressive.

7. Oldest gymnast in the world

Johanna Quaas

Retirement? This is certainly a word that is not present in the dictionary of gymnast Johanna Quaas. At 86 years old, she was the oldest to participate in an amateur gymnastics competition held in the state of Saxony, Germany.

8. Longer time on the abdominal board


Exercise on the abdominal board is not the easiest. The practitioner needs to stay with his body flexed, leaning on his elbows, forearms and toes for a while.

While some people find it difficult to keep for a few minutes in position, George Hood manages to do the abdominal board for hours. At age 53, he endured 1 hour, 20 minutes and 5 minutes in the exercise and two years later improved his own time by reaching the mark of 3 hours, 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

If you have already found this time well enough, know that it did not stop there. In September of last year he managed to be even better and remain 4 hours and 26 minutes on the abdominal board.


Which of these records seems to be the most bizarre to you? Did not any of them sound very fair and true? Comment below!

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