Neovlar Contraceptive Fattening?

Contraceptive methods are very important for women, not only for the prevention of pregnancy, but also for sexually transmitted diseases. The point is that many of these medicines directly interfere with the levels of certain hormones, which can result in changes in measurements.

Among them, many users complain that contraceptive Neovlar gets fat, but is this reaction common to all women? So, if you have your questions, be aware of the information and possible clarifications that can help you to preserve your good form without leaving the prevention aside.

Possible reactions

It is biased to state that contraceptive medicines are fattening, so it is worth analyzing about the components of Neovlar, to find out if there is anything to justify that the contraceptive Neovlar fattening

Neovlar can interfere with cardiovascular activities, and also with the nervous system, if recklessly administered; attention to symptoms such as dizziness and headaches, as contraceptives can cause increased nervousness, especially in the pre-menstrual period, migraines and even depression.

The mood swings can induce you to feel more hungry, and result in possible exaggerations, which contributes to weight gain, but not directly by the action of the drug. Therefore, we can not say that the contraceptive Neovlar fattens, since it is not he who provides more calories to his body, but the sensation of hunger and consumption of more calories.

Mechanism of action

Contraceptives act to reduce female ovulation, which also reduces the chance of a pregnancy. Each tablet contains 5 mg of Levonorgestrel and 5 mg of Ethinylestradiol, but do these substances justify saying that the contraceptive Neovlar is fattening? Levonorgestrel is also present in the famous pills the next day, and it is nothing more than a concentrated hormone that can act in the contraceptive process.

It is stated that Levonorgestrel, identified as a type of progesterone, has its efficacy compromised in cases of women weighing more than 75 kilos, and this result was obtained from research done by the FDA in the year of 2013. If its efficiency can be reduced for overweight women, we can conclude that the effects of these hormones may be insignificant for these, both for contraception and for Weight. In such cases, it is recommended that these women seek other measures to protect themselves in sexual intercourse.

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It is further stated that excessive consumption of Ethinylestradiol may compromise weight, but that danger is directed to portions of, on average, 100 that this medicinal product has only 5 mg, it is inconsistent to state that the contraceptive Neovlar is fattening because of this substance. Ethinyl estradiol is nothing more than a type of synthetic estrogen, and this is pointed out as important for controlling cholesterol levels, and still in preventing heart disease.

Personal characteristics

That each organism behaves in a unique way, this we all know. This statement also involves the action of the hormones in the body, so it becomes extremely biased to say that in all cases the contraceptive Neovlar grows fat, since for some women, its action can be committed.

As each organism acts in a way, it was not possible to say if it is possible to gain weight or not with this medicine, therefore, the ideal is the search for medical follow-up, as this your profile will be drawn, and then the most appropriate contraceptive will be recommended to better react in your body, without consequences to your good form and your body in a way general. The ideal is to seek medical clarification before starting any treatment.


Do you know anyone who uses and claims that contraceptive Neovlar gets fat? Are you afraid of this possible side effect when using the medicine? Comment below.

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