Most Popular Cellulite Treatments in Clinics

Cellulite is one of the biggest annoyances women have to deal with. Fingers can reduce self-esteem, make women more inhibited and insecure enough in the face of the world. The technology can significantly help with cellulite treatments that reduce up to 97% of the discomfort. With the emergence of new methods and access facilities, cellulite treatments have been adopted by several women, which makes them safer and more confident with their bodies.

What is cellulite

It is a disease of skin without gravity, the discomfort provided to the women is limited to the disformed appearance in the tissues. They are evident from the accumulation of body fat in regions such as glutes, legs, abdomen and breasts. The appearance of cellulites begins at the stage of puberty, when the female hormones require special attention.

Most women have cellulites, surveys indicate that 95% of them should live with these unwanted holes. Cellulites are not only consequences of fats accumulated in the body, because factors such as genetics, sedentary lifestyle, irregular diet, problems in the circulatory system and even dehydration aggravate the appearance of these expressions.

Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite is not exterminated or avoided only with the adoption of treatments. Its onset is a result of the behavior of the hormones and not-so-healthy habits that you possess. The habits to be indicated not only provide better treatment results, but they can prevent cellulites from appearing when you least expect it. The procedures are effective, but it is vital that you seek balance in your diet, make healthy food choices, and reconcile physical exercise with your daily routine, as these will be essential for toning muscles, reducing sagging, and the effects of cellulite.

Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment aims to improve the efficiency of the circulatory system through relaxing massages that provide the acceleration of the transport of fluids in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most sought after treatments for cellulite among women, as well as reducing the discomfort in the skin, the session still serves as a relaxing. The massage movements vary according to the desired region, and state which appliances can be used, but the manual method is more efficient. Lymphatic drainage aids in fluid retention and reduces swelling, as well as offering benefits in case of reduction of some localized fat.

It is contraindicated for people who have circulatory diseases, thrombosis, heart failure and decompensated hypertension. People who are in the process of chemotherapy medication should postpone plans for this treatment. Lymphatic drainage can be adopted by pregnant women who fear the corporal modifications of this phase. You should communicate the doctor responsible to ensure the permission, this will aid in the prevention of stretch marks and cellulites, as well as reduce the discomforts of the stage, such as swelling and fluid retention. The results can be noticed from the first session.

The cost of lymphatic drainage ranges from $ 40 to $ 160, but there are establishments that offer packages with promotional prices. The average session time is 30 minutes.

Modeling Massage

Modeling massage is made with creams suitable for the treatment of skin elasticity. Its efficiency is guaranteed because this method reaches the layers of tissues with higher concentration of fats, such as the legs, glutes, arms and belly. This treatment acts positively on the sagging and effects caused by the elasticity of the skin. It can be used to improve the circulatory system, aid in weakening of the skin and muscles, and if coupled with healthy habits, still help in the process of losing weight and localized fat loss.

This method is one of the most sought after treatments for cellulite because it activates the metabolism of the submitted region and the sessions offer a relaxing sensation. The movements made by the modeling massage are firmer than those performed in lymphatic drainage.

Should be avoided by people with hypertension, heart disease or who have osteoporosis. The procedure raises the body temperature, so it is not recommended for people who have a fever. Pregnant women should also avoid submitting to the process, as the intensity can offer discomfort and harm the fetus.

The results can be noted as early as the first session, the decrease in swelling becomes evident, identified by the reduction of fluid retention.

The cost of modeling massage can range from $ 30 to $ 90 per session, but aesthetic clinics offer promotional packages, so you can guarantee a return to subsequent sessions with reduced values.


Treatment can also be called vacuotherapy and is characterized by deep massages with the aid of electronic equipment similar to a pump, which provides the bearing, and thus the local treatment, which assists in the elimination of toxins. The process can be done throughout the body and requires specific movements for each region. Endermology is efficient because, unlike the other treatments for cellulite, exfoliation is one of its phases, which ensures the elimination of dead cells.

Endermology assists not only in reducing cellulites, but can help in the process of localized fat loss, reduces apparent scars, wrinkles and blackheads and offers benefits to the skin before and after plastic surgery.

People with thrombosis, infections, cancer, heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes and pregnant women should not undergo the procedure.

The session lasts around 35 minutes and the average cost is $ 800.00 for a 10 session pack.


The procedure ensures efficiency by applying heat to the skin, which results in the production of new collagen fibers, a key substance for the safety and health of tissues. Radiofrequency offers several benefits, among them we can highlight the reduction of sagging, scars, acnes, stretch marks and wrinkles on the skin. The reduction of the effects of cellulite and the heat that activates the fat metabolism of the submitted region are highlighted. The device reaches the inflammations caused by cellulite, which ensures effectiveness in reducing measures.

There are several modalities of the procedure, it is important to seek guidance to the most appropriate to your case. Consult a trusted health professional. Vaseline is used for the application of the transducer on the skin, it is essential that you recognize if you do not have allergies to the substances applied. The procedure is painless, what can generate are small discomforts in the regions with cellulites.

The reddish appearance on the skin is common after the procedure, so it is advisable to apply sun protection after at least one hour after treatment.

The method is not recommended for people with electronic implants, tumors, bruises, excessive bleeding, diabetes, HIV, thyroid diseases, thrombosis, individuals who use corticoids or anticoagulants and pregnant women. It is valid to analyze whether it is heat tolerant or not.

The results are evident from the third session. The amount can vary from R $ 200,00 to R $ 900,00, it is applied according to the region to be submitted.


The procedure is performed from gas applications under the skin. This is one of the most sought after cellulite treatments. Carboxytherapy is indicated for the elimination of cellulites, stretch marks, reduces flaccidity and helps in the reduction of localized fats. Its effect is permanent on the stretch marks, in addition, it acts positively for hair growth.

The application of carbon dioxide( CO²) improves the circulation of cells and the oxygenation of tissues. The results obtained with the Carboxitherapy vary according to the submitted region. Carboxytherapy is adopted to stimulate the production of collagen, a substance essential for a hydrated and firm skin. The application of the gas generates discomforts and pains, it is important to start the sessions with low dosage, so that you recognize its tolerance and can adapt gradually to the effects.

Carboxitherapy provides discomforts during and after sessions, it is important that care is maintained. Sensation of numbness and bruising are not discarded.

It is contraindicated for people with skin diseases, infections in regions, allergies and pregnant women. Individuals with epilepsy, herpes and acne in the desired region with heart, lung and psychiatric disorders should also disregard the adoption of treatment.

The average price per session is from R $ 70,00 to R $ 135,00.You can opt for promotional packages, since the treatment is gradual.

Which of these cellulite treatments have you ever used? Which would you like to use, and do you find it more feasible? Comment below!

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