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Forten - What It Serves, Indications, Benefits, How to Take and Effects

Anyone who cares about body weight often comes across as to whether certain supplements and medications cause weight gain. Today we will see if the medicine Forten fattens and a little more about its properties.

For those who suffer from overweight, the recipe to solve the problem is already well known: dietary reeducation to follow a balanced and healthy diet, which may include the reduction of calories usually consumed, and a series of physical training.

But when is the problem just the opposite? And when the person is underweight and can not get fat? It is not enough simply to send such a person to eat anything in large quantity, since as happens in the process of slimming, the weight gain also needs to be healthy. In this case, adherence to a balanced and healthy diet may also be part of the solution, since one of the reasons the problem may occur is a poor diet, which does not include the nutrients the body needs, with a lower number of caloriesthan adequate.

Many people are looking for a supplement to have more energy and mood in their daily lives. But we can not confuse increased energy with weight gain. In today's article we are going to talk about one of these remedies, the Forten. What is this medicine for? Does Forten get fat? What are their indications for use? It is what you discover in the sequence:

Forten's composition:

Each 10 ml of the preparation after mixing contains:

  • arginine hydrochloride: 100 mg
  • dexhosphosserin( phosphoserine): 40 mg
  • levotreonine phosphate( phosphotreonine): 10 mg
  • glutamine: 60 mg
  • tryptophan: 40 mg
  • hydroxocobalamin hydrochloride: 500 mcg
  • Flavored vehicle qsp: 10 mL
  • Excipients: sorbitol, sodium benzoate, orange essence, mannitol and purified water.

Fortin's benefits and benefits

Forten is an energizing polyamino acid. Composed of amino acids, Forten aims at normalization of metabolism, mainly the central nervous system and the muscular system. The drug has detoxifying, energizing and restorative action. Generally, the effect of the drug is observed after continuous use of the product for 15 to 20 days.

Forten fattening?

According to its ingredients and the information on the package insert, it would not be correct to state that Forten is fattening. Its purpose is not this and this is not described as side effect. Users who claim that they are fattening are probably feeling this because they are eating more, possibly due to increased physical and / or intellectual activity. It is also worth noting that Forten has no calories and is not intended to increase appetite. It is worth evaluating what has changed in the routine of the person before the weight gain begins to happen and look for other possible causes for it.

Among the benefits promoted by Forten we can mention the improvement of physical performance, improved clarity of reasoning, memory and transmission of nerve impulses, aided performance in learning, mitigation of insomnia and decreased agitation.

Indications - How to take Forten

For children, a dose of Forten is daily taken orally, preferably fasted, for two to three weeks. It is essential not to exceed one dose per day for small children, since overdosage can lead to problems.

For adult consumers, it is recommended that one to two doses of the medicine be used daily, preferably also fasted, for the same period of two to three weeks.

Side Effects of Forten

To date, no known side effects and adverse drug reactions have been reported. However, in case some type of problem happens when you use it, be sure to tell the doctor you trust and follow the recommendations passed by it.

The substance should not be consumed by people who have experienced any type of allergic reaction to any of the compounds present in its formula.


When storing the product, it is important to leave it in a cool place, protected from light and moisture. After you make the mixture in the bottle, it is best not to take too long to take and make use of it in as much as 24 hours.

It is also essential to be aware of the shelf life of the product: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

This medication should not be used by pregnant women without medical advice.

If you have a history of heart attack, cirrhosis of the liver, increased urea in the blood( uremia), or liver and kidney failure, you should tell your doctor.

Where to buy and price

Forten is sold in pharmacies and drugstores, in its physical stores or on websites and its packaging contains 10 ml bottles, to prepare the mixture of the medicine.

The sale price of the medicine ranges from $ 35 to $ 49 depending on the establishment where it is purchased.

From your experience, do you think Forten is fattening? Do you have any specific reason to believe this and to associate it with the medication? Comment below!

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