12 Tips To Buying An Ideal Mat

Who does not want to become a physically active person? The biggest question of many people is wondering how to kick start to get the benefits that regular activities can offer their health. There are people who postpone physical exercise because they are introspective, do not feel comfortable in academies or public settings, and even fail to set aside time for this practice.

Buying a treadmill can be the solution to all these questions, you know? The use of the device is common and does not necessarily need to be practiced in gyms, because when buying a treadmill, you can exercise even inside your home.

From now on you can have some information clarified and possibly you will be tempted to end your sedentary lifestyle, and consequently adopt a new lifestyle thanks to this functional device for all people.

Home Exercises

How many people do you know who claim they do not have time to play sports, and do not know how to adjust physical activities to troubled routines? Well, when buying a treadmill, these people will be able to move their body and reduce the sedentariness of their lives without leaving home. Buying a treadmill to use at home can provide convenience and eliminate all the excuses that people used to dodge regular practices.

Benefits Purchased When Buying a Treadmill

Positive points are not lacking when you decide to buy a treadmill.

  • The practice of walking and cardiovascular exercises will improve your stamina and still provide a better balance of your heartbeat.
  • You can go from light walks to intense races without leaving your home.
  • The practice of exercises performed with the treadmill can intensify the functioning of your metabolism, keeping you active, and thus providing greater efficiency in burning fats in your body.
  • By exercising on your treadmill, you can control your cholesterol levels.
  • The formation of free radicals will also be reduced.

The whole family physically active

Having a treadmill at home can not only mobilize one person, quite the opposite. Regular exercise can be done by the whole family. All members can achieve a better quality of life and obtain various health benefits.

All age groups

Do not think that walks and races are only suitable for particular cases. Buying a treadmill provides individuals of all ages to exercise to improve their health, mood, and well being.

Fat Percentage Reduction

Those people who feel uncomfortable in exercising and looking to lose weight and reduce fat percentage can practice regular walking when buying a treadmill. Losing weight can become even more enjoyable when you feel comfortable, and that is the goal you want when buying a treadmill for you. That way, you'll lose weight and feel happy buying your device for your home.


Now knowing the benefits and functionalities that you will conquer when buying a treadmill, we will share some fundamental tips that can become the differential in choosing the best model according to its availability and use.

1. Be judicious

Evaluate all aspects of treadmill models. It is critical that you evaluate each characteristic and identify whether it is compatible with your exercise profile or not. Do not rely on values, especially if you choose to buy an already used treadmill. In this case, seek to know the causes of the relinquishment of use of the previous owner of the treadmill.

2. Evaluate the


Do not think that buying a treadmill is an easy task. You will need to evaluate whether it is mechanical or electrical. Try to escape from the purchase of a treadmill, as they require a lot more conditioning, as they needed more wear and tear to perform the exercises. Electric treadmills contain an engine that normally generates 1.5 to 3 hp continuous, seek to question the seller.

Electric treadmills will also offer better control as it provides better monitoring of calorie expenditure, distance traveled, time, and other interesting information for you to evaluate your performance. Run away from treadmills with motors with power below 1 hp as they have weak motors and they often produce excessive noise in case of high speed activities.


Heart Rate Control Yes, as said earlier, there are treadmill models that expose some useful information for you to monitor and compare the performance of your workouts. These models may have a higher cost, but can be very useful, especially in cases of practitioners with irregular heartbeat. The conference of your heart rate can be done through sensors attached to either one of your ears, or a band attached to your chest or even through your hands. This feature is varied according to the intensity of your activities and treadmill models.

There are more advanced and innovative models that give a speed compatible with your heart rate, and thus, does not require your body to work beyond recommended, reducing the possibility of fatigue and fatigue after exercise.

4. Emergency button

Do not think that it is just a garnish or of little use. There are treadmill models that hamper or have little efficiency in the emergency stop effect. Yes, you should try to buy a treadmill with an easy-to-access emergency stop button, so you can guarantee the power failure if a problem occurs or you do not fit properly at a previously established speed. This feature should be prioritized mainly in cases of use by children or elderly people, who are more likely to have accidents.


Incline There are treadmill models that offer automatic adjustment on the incline of the exercise platform, which is very comfortable. Differing from these newer manufacturing models, there are treadmills that require you to adjust this incline manually, which can often be demotivating if you need this adjustment done during the exercise series. These models are differentiated by prices, thus being lower than the prices attributed to the most modern treadmills.


noise Try to test the models when buying a treadmill. It is likely that you will not live alone, or that you have close neighbors, so it is imperative that you evaluate the sounds emitted by the mats to evaluate whether they will bother other people or not. Often the noise and the emission of continuous sounds can also become a nuisance for you that is there dedicating to practice that physical activity in the most pleasant way possible.

7. Impact Damping

What should be prioritized is your well-being, so seek to buy a treadmill that supports the health of your muscles and joints. Question and look for information on the platforms of the mats, it is indispensable a plank comfortable and that offers him safety during the use.

8. Platform Measurements

Do not prioritize low costs, try to purchase a treadmill with dimensions adequate for the safe performance of your physical exercises. It is recommended to buy a mat of tarps and blankets approximately 40 centimeters wide, so you will have a clever space for your legs and feet to move freely.

9. Evaluate

canvases and covers It is on this surface that you will perform your movements, so you will need quality and safety, correct? Then seek to recognize if the blankets and tarps used are non-slip or smooth, as these adverse conditions and inferior qualities of materials used can result in accidents or poor quality in the income of the activities.

10. Reserve a space for your


Do not go and buy a treadmill so that it is placed in a corner of the house and is rarely used. Buy the device and make frequent use of the benefits it can provide. It will not hurt to buy a treadmill that will not fit the space available in your home, so understand the availability of space and seek to choose a model that is ideal to be kept fixed in a region, without major modifications.

Do not isolate the treadmill from other environments, you should place it in an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease;otherwise, the environment will also serve as an argument for the interruption of exercise in the future.

11. Buy face-to-face

We know that the forms of acquisition are much more comfortable nowadays and you can buy a treadmill without having to lift your chair, but it is essential that you make this purchase in person. It is important that you study the conditions of the device and identify the characteristics that should be compatible with your goals.

The quality of the devices can only be recognized personally, so do not buy online or through exhibition catalogs, prioritize a thorough analysis of the product to be purchased.

12. Electrical System

You should look for information on the voltages used by electric mats, it is no use buying a treadmill with voltage different from the ones arranged in your home. If you purchase a treadmill that is not compatible with your home's electrical system, there may be a number of power outages that will make your power distribution unstable.


Prices can vary significantly according to the technology and service offered by the treadmills. You can buy a smaller treadmill with reduced functionality for the average of R $ 863.90, or even opt for an advanced technology with values ​​exceeded R $ 23,999.00.

Where to Buy

Find distributors and suppliers that make models available on websites, even if you do not make this purchase from a distance, it's the fastest way for you to meet reliable manufacturers, so you can bookmark visits to choose the right models for you.their use.

You can also buy treadmills at home appliance stores and multi field stores found at malls and shopping centers.

Some distributors offer exhibition kiosks for you to evaluate the quality of products. You can easily find also in malls or trade shows. Do a search on the most popular suppliers and choose the model that best suits your profile.

Do you already own any gym equipment at home? Why would you rather get one instead of going to the gym? Comment below!

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