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20 Inspiring People Who Lose Weight With A Great Will

Many of us could probably be happy to lose a few pounds. But come on, exercising is hard work, especially when there are so many things to distract us( like eating, sleeping, and TV series marathons).

But as you can see from this list of photos before and after, there are some people who are not so easily distracted as well. Realizing that they needed to do something, they simply eliminated the unwanted pounds!

Check out the photos of these people's transformations and get inspired to follow behind your dreamlike perfect body.

1. The difference that 31 kg can make on your face.

2. This couple refused to climb on the altar overweight, and 5 years later they got married

You can check their history in detail here.

3. 50 kg in 1 year

4. 127 kg lost and a grin on the face( from 208 to 81 kg)

5. Goal more than achieved!59 kg lost.

6. From 250 kg to 99 kg. Incredible, is not it?

7. This couple lost 60 kg together to appear stunning on the day of ascending the altar.

8. Over 90 kg lost in the last year( 190 to 98 kg)

9. I am officially half of what I was 11 months ago! From 169 to 83 kg!

10. As of July 2010, 60kg lost to get into the dress on Christmas 2011!

11. Me and my mother!4 years of a lot of sweat for both of us.

12. Almost 30kg lost in a year and a half.

13. Me and my friend thought: "Let's stop being fat at once?" 50 kg lost and look new.

14. On the anniversary of 4 years of marriage, let's review the photos, I weigh 58 kg and she weighs 48 kg less

15. My journey from 140 kg to 77 kg in 17 months.

16. A year ago, I started the change. There went 45 kg.

17. Everything is possible.50 kg in almost 1 year.

18. From 2007 1 2013, from 191 kg to 111 kg

19. My 31 kg lost in 11 months

20. This cute kitten can be inspiring too, why not?

Which of these stories inspired you most and can motivate you to change? Do you also have one to share with us? Comment below!

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