Adductor Muscle - Exercises and Anatomy

The adductor muscles are located in the inner thigh. They are located next to the posterior muscles of the thigh and are responsible for moving the pelvis, as well as working on stabilizing the hips during the movement of the run.

According to the coach Paulo Ayres, the adductor muscle also acts as a secondary in the amplitude of the past.

Exercises for adductor muscle

According to coach Paulo Ayres, adductor muscles should be strengthened two to three times a week in practices that have the help of a physical educator.

He recommends exercises on specific adductor muscle devices, activities with weight and elastic shin guards, functional training and running drills. Let us now know some exercises that work the adductor thigh muscle.

1. Pilot Ring Adductor Compression

This pilates exercise strengthens not only the inner parts of the thighs but also the glutes, which are weakened when the person spends a lot of time sitting.

How to do: lie on your side, put a pilates ring between your ankles, extend one arm while the other is folded, with your fingers flat on the floor and your head relaxed. The next step is to exhale and press down on the leg that is on top and inhale the air when releasing the pressure. The movement must be slow and controlled.

To make exercise difficult, you can extend the arm that is bent upward toward the ceiling.

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  • 2. Adductor Muscle Dumbbell Squats

    How to do: with your back straight, position yourself standing with your feet apart a greater than the width of your hips and hold a dumbbell in the middle, with your arms locked. Then, lower the body in a squatting, leaving the thighs parallel to the ground. Hold the position for a moment and then return to the starting position.

    3. Leg Lift

    How to do: stand upright, next to a chair. Lift one leg and lean only on the other leg, with one hand on the waist and the other holding the chair, as a way to have support.

    The next step is to lift the leg laterally as high as you can, keeping it straight. After, make a swinging swing of the leg, bringing it down, crossing the leg that remained still, as the first photo shows. This exercise works both the adductor muscle and the abductor muscle( external part).The inner part of the thigh is worked after it crosses with the other leg and rises the leg in movement.

    Repeat the movement five to 10 times, increasing the range of motion as the repetitions pass. Change the position of the legs and redo the exercise with the leg that served as support.

    4. Exercise on the

    Adductor Machine How to: sit on the machine and select the desired weight, which should be one with which you are comfortable to exercise, avoiding going beyond your limits and injuring yourself. Then, position the legs in the equipment's own leg pads. Grasp each of the handles with your hands.

    Keep all upper body( waist up) still. Slowly move your legs toward each other, pressing against the machine while exhaling the air. Hold the contraction for a moment and return to the initial position, while inhaling the air.

    It is important to avoid rapid jerking or pushing movements because this increases the risk of injury.

    5. Stretching groiners

    How to do: start in the arm flex position as shown in the picture. Then using both legs, leap forward, landing the feet close to the hands. Keep your head up all the way.

    Return to original positioning and immediately redo the exercise. Repeat the sequence the number of times determined in your training.


    Before you begin to follow your series of exercises for the adductor muscle, check with your doctor if you are fit to practice the workout. It is also important to have the assistance and follow-up of a physical education professional who can advise you on the correct techniques and help if any problem occurs.

    If you choose to work out alone with the help of internet videos, be careful to pay close attention to the explanations of the videos and watch several times until you are sure how the movements should be done.

    In addition, when feeling an injury or getting hurt, do not delay to seek the care of a physician.

    Adductor muscle anatomy

    The adductor muscles are located in the posteromedial region of the thigh and are divided into: long adductor, short adductor and adductor magnus.

    Long adductor muscle

    Its proximal insertion is the anterior surface of the pubis and the pubic symphysis - joint that joins the bones of the pelvis. Its distal insertion, that is, the furthest from the trunk, is the rough line. Its innervation, which is the conduction, transmission or supply of nerve stimuli, fundamental for the functioning of muscles, occurs in the obturator nerve( L2 - L4).

    Short adductor muscle

    The proximal insertion of the short adductor muscle is the lower branch of the pubis. In turn, the distal insertion is the rough line, while its innervation occurs in the obturator nerve( L2 - L4), as it occurs with the long adductor muscle.

    Adductor muscle magnum

    As regards the adductor magnus muscle, its proximal insertion occurs in the ischial tuberosity - palpable bony salience that is located behind the thigh - and in the pubis and ischial branch. The distal insertion occurs in the rough line and in the adductor tubercle. And its innervation occurs in the obturator nerve( L2 - L4) and in the ischial nerve( L4 - S1).

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