How Enzymes Apply to Localized Fat

Maintaining discipline and dedication with diets and physical exercises is indispensable to achieve a good form, but there are times when we want to give an extra gas in the elimination of localized fat, and it is exactly in this respect that the application of enzymes has stood out. Submitting to an aesthetic procedure requires attention and analysis of possible positive and negative reactions, so it is fundamental to know a little more how the application of enzymes works and its contribution to weight loss.

What is the application of enzymes to localized fat?

This procedure can also be called Mesotherapy( if applied intradermally), and consists of the application of enzymes. They are applied through injections with very fine needles, which consist of the combination of 4 to 6 different elements, which contribute positively to the elimination of localized fat.

The junction of these substances induces the breakdown of fat molecules, and thus eliminated through sweat, feces or even urine.

How it works?

The application of enzymes can be done in two ways: the first is intramuscular route, which aims at the elimination of total body weight, applied in the gluteal region. The second option is that the application is subcutaneous, being applied directly in the region where you want to eliminate localized fat.

The application of enzymes is the application of drugs with enzymes in the layer of fat that is located under the skin, where it is possible to identify the highest concentration of adipose tissue.

It is necessary to start the process with a medical examination, so that the personal needs and goals are recognized. Tests are performed with combinations with 3 enzymes, which have the term of 2 to 7 days to prove efficiency over metabolism. Only after recognition of the efficiency of localized fat burning can the procedure be given.

The combinations of enzymes may vary according to the establishments, and the results do not count with the definition of time limits to be noticed, that is, they vary according to the personal characteristics, like age, diet, physical exercises, but it is affirmedthat you can notice differences from the first week after the first session.

A 70% alcohol cleansing is required in the region where the enzymes will be applied, then some intradermal punctures are made. If you are one of those people who are intimidated by pains, experts say that they vary according to the sensitivity of each individual. Mild burns are common during the application, but professionals indicate that women avoid having to undergo the procedure on menstruation days as they are more likely to be more sensitive.


Do not think that applying enzymes helps to eliminate only localized fat. Like collagen, the other components used in the procedure may also offer good support for sagging, a very common discomfort in women who have lost a lot of weight but who deal with excess skin.

Melange( combination of substances) aims to repair the breakage of elastic fibers, acting then to strengthen the skin. The most used substances are vitamin C, trisilinol and DMAE, which are combined, favor the metabolic system and fibers important for good health and beauty of the skin.

Main substances

The enzymes are customized and adapted according to the needs of each patient. One of the first substances to be used in similar procedures was phosphatidylcholine, popularly known as Lipostabil, but this can no longer be found because its sale was banned in our country.

Among the substances, the most common are hyaluronidase, streptokinase, xanthine, caffeine, spinach and artichoke derivatives, tiratricol, silicon and green tea. They enable reactions that induce vasodilation, thus optimizing circulation and contributing to metabolic functioning, favoring the action of collagen, offering lipolytic action and regulating cellular metabolism.

Pros and cons of the application of

enzymes Among the positives of the application of enzymes, the main highlight is that it can offer quick results and be practically painless. That is, if you think that submitting to the application of enzymes will require rest and withdrawal from activities, you are mistaken.

One must take responsibility and also pay attention to the possible negative effects that the aesthetic procedure can offer the body, therefore, recognizing the use of substances, it is fundamental that you clarify if you have hypersensitization, because the possibility of allergies and reactions ofvarying degrees can not be ruled out.

Results and Sessions

As already mentioned, there is no time frame for you to notice the results of your treatment. It is said that from the fifth session it is already possible to notice significant differences. It is possible to eliminate up to 5 centimeters with the first 5 sessions, but there are surprising results, such as 2 centimeters per session. Clinics and institutions that specialize in this procedure recommend packages that include numbers of minimum sessions to get you the desired effects.

It is recommended that at least 10 to 15 sessions be performed at intervals between the patient and the caregiver. If the case requires intradermal application, the interval of 5 to 7 days is recommended, since the intramuscular option, the interval may be shorter, 3 days.

In most applications, collagen and elastin react to provide a better elasticity and firmness to the skin. Therefore, if you maintain the high concentration of these, you can ensure that localized fat is eliminated, and thus, it is stated that 2 sessions per week are sufficient to contribute to weight loss.

Pre and post procedure

One of the key strengths of enzyme application is that there is no pre-and post-procedure concern, which allows you to maintain your routine normally only by avoiding exposing the region to the sun.

The only factor that should receive attention is its menu, because it is said that patients should not consume seafood and foods derived from pork, as there is incompatibility between these foods and the components used. This restriction should be made only the day before and following the procedure.

Side effects

After the procedure may appear bumps and some purple spots, especially in the case of people who have many vessels, the used needle can reach one of them. Dermatologists recommend that there is no exposure of the region to the sun, as it may contribute to the spots becoming more evident.


There is no great restriction to the submission to the procedure, but for their safety, it is recommended that breastfeeding women, pregnant women, obese children and people with allergies to components seek another option for the elimination of extra kilos, since someenzymes rely on shrimp, meat and pork proteins in their composition.

Healthy habits

Do not think that the application of enzymes will eliminate all localized fat miraculously, quite the opposite. You must recognize it as an ally, which will help you to be closer to your goals.

So, adopt healthy habits, change your menu, add nutrient-rich, natural foods that contribute to weight loss. The physical exercises should not be left aside as they will aid in metabolic functioning, which results in the burning of calories.

Where to do it?

You can search for the application of enzymes in cosmetic clinics, but be careful, make an assessment of the location and analyze the training and support offered for the procedure. Ask about the substances and needles used.

How much does it cost?

The individual value of the sessions can range from $ 120 to $ 380, but there are places that offer a promotional value if you want to guarantee higher numbers of sessions, which can be a great advantage, since youyou will only get results from some sessions.

Do you know anyone who has used the application of enzymes to lose localized fat from any region? If it were to do, what part of the body would the treatment be? Comment below!

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