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Woman Loses 44 kg After Pregnancy and Needs to Deal with Malicious Comments on the Internet

When you reach an important goal, you can expect everyone to be supportive and to congratulate you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may also have to deal with enemies who try to bring us down.

A resident mother in the UK witnessed exactly this when so-called haters on the internet alleged that she would have falsified her weight loss.

Tanya Derbyshire, a mother of two, moved from a size 52 clothing to a size 38 in a year and a half by promoting food re-education and begin swimming. She even created a Facebook page to document her weight loss journey.

Tanya said that her weight went up a lot with both pregnancies. According to her, this was because she would have to "eat for two," using this argument as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted. Tanya ate on average 4,000 calories a day.

After she gave birth to her first child, she said she would join Slimming World UK, a UK-based weight-loss community. However, Tanya returned to her old habits, but swore to herself that she would resume walking after having her second child.

This time, Derbyshire was true to his word. She replaced the fattening meals with healthier options, and began attending her local pool. So she started posting her progress on the internet as a way to stay motivated and inspire other people as well.

"When I started losing weight, I felt so happy, I wanted to share it with other people, hoping to help them feel incredible too," she said.