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New Fitness Trend: Meet Broga, Yoga For Men

This is for you, a man reader, who has never been a fan of yoga classes that his mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter or friends attend because they do not have much flexibility in the body to perform the movements of the activity.

Now there is a new fitness trend, which comes from the United States, broga, a kind of yoga for men, which takes into account especially the anatomy, limitations and physical goals of men. The modality was designed in such a way as to value the physical rather than the spiritual rather than the strength rather than the flexibility.

In addition, the brogue allows the man not to go through embarrassing situations that would happen if he did yoga, such as not being able to touch his feet with his fingertips without bending his knees, while the other students of the class - especially women -and are able to bend their own body in half.

It also functions as a true training, which even without being focused on the area, helps to precisely improve flexibility and offers more protection against injuries.

The creator of the sport, Robert Sidoti, explained a little about how the activity works: "We rarely do poses that require very deep push ups and turns. It's not as close to feeling the center of your heart as it is to feeling the stretch in your chest. "He also said that in brocade classes there is a High Intensity Interval Training( HIIT) sequence.

The cool thing about the brogue is that boys who feel ashamed do not even have to join a gym to do the lessons, since it is possible to perform the movements taught from videos displayed over the internet.

This is the case of financial analyst Eric Wright, 22, of San Jose, in the United States. He says that despite being considered an athletic guy, he was never flexible and did not like the idea of ​​embarrassment in front of a group of women.

However, after discovering the activity, he meets with a group of friends and practices the broga with the aid of a site that offers videos with classes of the sport."On Wednesdays we have a commitment to the broga and five to eight friends join me," he said.

Eric also revealed how this type of training improved the flexibility of his muscles: "Four months ago I could not touch my toes and now I can almost reach the ground with my palms."

Does this fashion catch on in Brazil? We separated a video that shows some movements of the modality, executed by its own idealizer, Robert Sidoti. Check it out:

And you? Would you dare to try the broga? Do you think your friends would join you in this activity? What did you think of the movements? Comment below!

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