21 Low Impact Exercises To Get In Shape

Sometimes you have to give your body a rest from all strokes (ie: run, muay thai and other contact sports). Fortunately, low-impact exercises are smoother for the body, especially joints, and can be a good way to do intense exercise while decreasing the risk of injury.

Most coaches define low-impact exercises as movement where one foot is on the ground all the time. But instead of doing one-leg lifts until we fall to our knees, we think it's better grouping 21 low impact (or none) exercises for you to get into shape in a varied and fun

1. Walk

It says the song "these boots are made for walking"(These boots are made to walk), then you should listen to it. Walking is a stress-free way to keep moving and getting fit. And by adjusting your walking routine, you can really make things better: climb hills, add ankle and / or wrist weights to really increase your heart rate.

2. Rowing Machine

Differentiate your cardio routine and bring water sports to the gym? Yes please. The rowing machine (no impact) is an intense and fun way to do low-impact exercises for the arms, legs, back and abdominal area. Great!

3. Kayak

Do you really want to get into the water? Save a kayak! Using the kayak works the arms and core area (without the need for crunches) and can burn up to 400 calories per hour as you pass through incredible landscapes.

4. Strength training

Most strength training is based on low-impact exercises and still makes you sweat. Make it clear that jumping using a weight vest does not qualify. Try squats, frontal thrust or supermen!

5. Swim

Stop paddling in the pool and start doing some laps. Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises with a tremendous amount of benefits, from strengthening the shoulders to improving lung function.

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6. Hydrogeology


If the laps in the pool become repetitive, bring your aerobics class to the water and start treading and poking. Some gyms even offer treadmills in the pool to make things very interesting.

7. Yoga

It's not football, but the NFL pros are doing it. So take a relaxed one and add some spinal twists and half moons to your workout routine. And try aero yoga to really get the stress out flying.

8. Elliptic

Forgive us treadmill, but the elliptical is who comes into action when it comes to less effort in the legs. Try to improve your routine with these low-impact exercises as well as being able to work your arms too.

9. Ladder Machine

Not all gyms have stairs, but probably have a stair machine, which is much more interesting than the treadmill. No gym nearby does it belong? No problem. Use the real stairs.

10. Cycling

Ride a bike

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping us get the wheels out of the bike. Cycling is a fun way to exercise and get fit, with a low probability of damaging the joints. Once the wheels start spinning, you will start talking like a pro.

11. Aerobics with step

For good cardiovascular exercise without much effort, researchers indicate using the step platform. Some say that an hour of aerobic with step is equivalent to a race of average distance.

12. Tai Chi

Try some moving meditation to make time for your bones. This gentle, fluid movement can help prevent headaches, helping to improve flexibility.

13. Hiking

Another way to make your walk more interesting is to add some terrain off the asphalt (choose flat areas however, to maintain minimal impact). Ready to put on the boots and tread the fields? Just make sure you know all the techniques for walking on trails.

14. Skiing - cross-country

This trip on flat terrain can keep things warm even in the snow. Then put on the skis and start beating the batons. You will keep the pressure as light as snow on the body.

15. Climbing


To stop stress, look for the nearest climbing wall. Climbing movements are typically slow and controlled, which works the muscles without overloading them.

16. Pilates

High-impact sports are not going to give us a tiny, magical abdomen. The potential solution? Just pick up your treadmill for a quick pilates session, strengthen the deep abdominal region and also increase flexibility.

17. Golf

Sure, golf is not just for professionals (and retirees). Take a trip to the field and start a few strokes. Bonus points for those who do not use the golf cart and walk the course.

18. TRX


Also known as "Total Body Strength Exercise TRX is a suspension system that is lighter in the joints but a challenge for the body. Go to the nearest gym to learn about the ropes.

19. Hiking in the snow

For a different kind of walk in the park, walking in the snow is what you should seek. Working against the resistance of snow will spend more energy than walking on dry land, even if it is light to the body.

20. Ballroom dance

Learn from the "Star Dance". Besides the dance being super sexy, it is usually light on the body and a guaranteed exercise. So get a partner or a partner and go whirl and pirouette.

21. Skateboarding

Let's go back to childhood and put on the skates. Sliding down the asphalt will surely burn calories while avoiding stress on limbs. Oh if it was easy to stop like this ...


Do you like to change your exercise routine a bit with some of these low impact exercises? Do you have a favorite on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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