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8 Things You Should Not Do In Bodybuilding

What good is it for you to get to bed early, have a good night's sleep, wake up well, have a nice breakfast pre-workout, with proper amounts of protein, high-quality carbohydrates and healthy fats, and arrive at the super gym to do the exercises, you commit a series of slips that will take your focus and training?

Everything will have been in vain, will not it? Well, to help you make sure this will not happen on your next day at the gym, check out these eight things you should not do during your workout and bodybuilding.

1. Use the cellphone

Nowadays it is rare to find someone who does not spend much of the day hanging on the cell phone, whether to make calls, respond to messages or use social networks. However, if it is not a case of urgency regarding work or a health problem of some family, there is not much use in using the smartphone at the same time as doing a series of bodybuilding.

Breaking the attention of the workout with a Facebook post, sending a message or a link causes the person to not be able to concentrate completely on what he is doing. This causes that the technique of an exercise can not be executed in a correct way, being able to cause not only a worse use of the series but also some type of injury.

And even if the person decides to be careful and pauses the training while using the device, this will not delay in the use of an appliance - it is worth considering that other people also need to use it - and the exercise.

2. Chat

Of course there is nothing wrong with making friends in the gym, this may even be a good way to share experiences and motivations about training. However, finding a friend while performing an exercise can not be an excuse to interrupt what you are doing and chat for half an hour, talking about yesterday's chapter of the novel or the last game of your heart team.

In doing so, in addition to wasting valuable time in the gym, you disrupt your friend's series and focus and focus can also go away.

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So the next time you see your friend while working out, greet him with a wave and leave the conversation longer after the two have finished their series.

3. Waiting for the release of equipment


In order not to lose time, especially those who live a busy life, the ideal is always to plan the advance, and preferably choose a time when the gym is not full.

Of course this does not give full assurance that you will not find all the handsets on the premises, but it lessens the chances of that happening. And in cases where this happens, it's not worth waiting for the device to be idle: minutes will stop your body from getting cold and you lose focus and even motivation.

So when that happens, ask (politely, of course) to the person occupying the equipment if you can not use it or make sure there is no other device on which you can exercise.

4. Not having someone to help

As much as you are already super beast in the various modalities of weightlifting, having a partner to stay there and help if any problem happens is still a necessary precaution.

This is because if you become distracted or distracted and end up not bearing some weight or make some wrong move, there will be a person on the side to help you and you will not get hurt. You can ask for a friend to accompany you during your series and when he is training, to be his companion.

5. Get lost during training


A physical exercise should not be done only with the body, the mind also plays an important role in its execution. To maintain focus and concentration, you need to keep your head and body connected, paying attention to what you are doing.

Even in the break between a series and the other, it is advisable not to take the mind elsewhere and remain focused, thinking about the next muscle that will be worked.

6. Doing the technique incorrectly

For those who are starting to do bodybuilding it may be more complicated to understand the right way to move the muscles and how to use the muscles. and it is precisely for this reason that it is important to have the help of a personal trainer to understand correctly how each technique should be performed. This will prevent the training from being used and some type of injury.

For the more experienced, the advice is to never think you know everything and do things on automatic. If any questions arise, ask the physical instructor and be sure to pay attention and focus on the movements he performs, not to err and also end up hurting or disrupting the series.

7. Exceed your limit


To gain muscle you do not have to go beyond your own limits and spend hours and hours lifting weight in the gym. Also because in addition to training, food and rest, at which time muscle recovery occurs, they also play important roles in this regard.

In this way, it does not help to spend more than 75 to 90 minutes exercising in the gym, even for high-level athletes and bodybuilders. Exceeding this limit will cause testosterone-hormone levels linked to muscle mass gain and body fat decrease - to fall increase the rate of cortisol - the so-called stress hormone, which when found on a large scale can cause loss of muscle mass, weight gain and testosterone.

8. Eat

A complete pre-workout meal with protein, carbohydrates and fats is important, but it is not recommended to consume protein bars or some protein supplement in the course of training. When this is done, the digestion promoted by the body will cause the blood to be carried to your stomach and not to the muscles, thus disrupting your performance. Not to mention that eating while exercising can cause stomach cramps and bloating.

You can even ingest important substances like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) while you mesh, but consume them individually rather than with whole foods.


Have you ever committed or habitually made any of these mistakes in the gym? Do you think it really hinders your evolution? Comment below!

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