Corset Sharpens the Waist?

All women like to be sexy and wear clothes that highlight the most attractive parts of their body, do not they? There are several clothes that can be considered the most used by women, but we can note that regardless of the times, or occasions, the corset will be present, regardless of combinations chosen.

We know that the garment may assign a different feature to the combination of clothing, but it is not only for this reason that it can become the favorite in many wardrobes. It is said that the corset tunes the waist, but is this a reality or just a visual effect?

This is exactly what we will understand better; like the tips and information presented here, you can run to buy the one that suits you best and go out there with the highest self-esteem and the most slim.

What is a corset?

The accessory can be used on blouses and garments. It gives prominence to the abdominal region and may even highlight other regions of the body. The trowel honors the waist because it is adequate according to its measurements through the method known as

tight lacing, which can be translated from the English language as tight tie, meaning the tighter you tie the ties, the more outlined your waist can be.

It is stated that the piece not only offers the benefit of reducing the circumference, but can have consequences for its posture, ribs and even blood circulation. You can find the corset known astight comfort, which is comfortable and ideal for daily use, and the most elaborate models for special events.

Waist training

It is important to emphasize that there is a difference between waist training and tight lacing, the divergences can be diverse and thus offer different benefits and losses. A number of corset manufacturers use the terms as synonyms, which can become confusing and even result in health risks for consumers.

The person can acquire with the intention of modeling the waist, but there are several models that are not designed for this purpose, and it is important to analyze and choose a more suitable model.

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There is a book written by Ann Grogan, called by Corset Magic and it can be purchased here in Brazil. This book provides information on waist formation. People really find it difficult to differentiatetight lacingand waist training.

What is tight lacing?

There are claims that this method is nothing more than a 4-inch reduction in waist circumference. There are other indications that this method reduces about 20%, but there are as yet no in-depth studies for purposes of proving the effects offered. The fact is that we can not make unanswerable assertions that every corset honors the waist, since each one has different attributes.

People with the same measures can also get different benefits and losses, as there may be a variety of corset models. People have different body patterns and the bonds can still be made privately. Otight lacingis recommended to be done eventually, as to give better appearance in presentations and special occasions.

What is waist training?

Waist training can be suitable for bodybuilding, and this should be a long-term procedure, requires dedication and continuous work towards a final goal.

People who are in the initial stages of this waist training should not expect significant reductions. It is stated that a person wearing corset every day can reduce 2 to 3 inches from the measurements. It is stated that the corset taps the waist, but there is no achievement of significant results. There are people who claim to have achieved results after the first 6 months of corset use every day, so we can not claim that the garment can offer miracles.

Why have a thin waist?

We wonder why there are people who devote themselves to conquering a thinner waistline through unsubstantiated devices like the corset. These women wish to highlight other regions of the body by reducing measurements in the abdominal region.

It is normal to note that the breasts or the gluteal region and hips can detach by reducing waist, and that is exactly why most women seek to match the corset with other pieces of clothing common.

Is it possible to reduce the waist naturally?

The use of a corset for medical purposes can reduce the waistline naturally in the long run. There are many people who are looking to wear ever smaller corsets to get a waist even more thin, but what they do not know is that this can have serious consequences for well being of these.

The permanent use of the modeler can lead to a resizing, but we can consider that this reduction is almost accidental, mainly because it offers this result only in the long term.

Reduces measures, but can

Visually speaking, when tightening the ties, the corset tunes the waist, but that benefit can be limited only to the moment of use. What you may not know is that incorrect use of the part can result in serious consequences to your health.

By tightening the loops intensely, you can reduce blood circulation, hinder digestion and still hinder breathing. More serious consequences can occur due to excessive use of corset, such as deformation of the thoracic region and still result in muscular atrophy in the abdominal and lumbar region. We can conclude that they are too severe consequences just to reduce a few measures of body circumference.


There are several women who choose to use this piece. It is nothing more than the corset, but made of a sturdier material and with more adjustments. It is recommended that women use this garment for up to six hours a day, as it may offer the same consequences of wear and tear on women's health.

It is stated that after the first month of use, the differences may already be noticed, but it is important to note that these statements have no evidence, and if you If you want to risk a thinner waistline, it is essential that you adopt a healthy diet, since these pieces can not miraculous


The desire to have a thinner waist is so common among women that several of them choose to extract lower ribs, which may also be known as floating. They are removed through a surgical procedure and this can pose a great risk to those who undergo the extraction. This method is not recommended, since it is performed only for aesthetic purposes.


The use of the corset for the purpose of reducing waist measurements may be accompanied by an orthopedist. Medical assessment can be a differential so that you become aware of the risks that you can expose yourself when adopting parts for bodily modifications.

Natural Methods

In the face of all the contradictions and few foundations about the affirmations that the corset It is advisable and safer for you to choose natural procedures to reduce your measures. Look for a balanced and nutritious diet with the assistance of a health professional who recognizes the your metabolism, so that you can devote yourself to the achievement of your goals. together.

Physical exercises are also allies with which you can always count on eliminating fats from your body. Obviously, you want to narrow your waist because you have localized fats, so be aware that there are a variety of physical activities that can contribute in a significant way so that your waistline fits in a natural way and still favoring your health and balance of your body.


Have you tried wearing a corset to sharpen your waist sometime? Got any satisfactory results? Comment below.

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