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13 Things You Should Never Do at the Academy

Whether you are a newcomer to the academy, who still does not know how things work right on the spot, or a long-time frequenter, who has become more relaxed about what should and should not be done during training, there is probably a little thing or other that you do wrong and do not know or care about, but that you should stop doing, for your sake and the colleagues that are around you... As one of these 13 items from the list of things you should never do in the gym:

1. Do not use a mattress or bench without cleaning it before

As much as you are in the rush or eager to start your workout soon, do not forget to clean the or the bench that will be used in the exercise you are about to do, before actually starting the execute it.

This is because in a gym, the equipment is for community use, and probably the colleagues who used before you left viruses, bacteria and fungi as remnants of your there. And you can not always guarantee that the person who used the material before has had the good will to sanitize it for you.

Without cleaning, your skin comes in contact with these organisms and you run the risk of contracting an infection.

Most academies provide their students with wipes, sprays, and antiseptics. But if the place you go to does not have it, the option is to bring these products from home and, of course, complain at the reception because they do not distribute these hygiene materials to the students.

2. Do not give advice without others asking

The intention may even be good, however, the result may not be the one you expect. No matter how hard you think you are to meddle in what your colleague is doing and say what or how he should do it exercise will help you, he may not like your criticism, get defensive and send you an answer crossed.

Even if this does not happen, and starting from the assumption that you are not a qualified coach, your advice may not be very good and you may end up more upsetting than helping the person.

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The academies have Physical Education professionals who are right there to teach the students. So if you think your colleague is doing something very wrong, let the personal trainer correct it. If it was your colleague who asked you something, advise him to call the coach. Even if you think you are sure of what needs to be done, what is good for you may not work for you.

3. Do not exercise in very busy areas

Working close to areas like the entrance and hallways of the gym is pretty much asking for an accident to happen. This is because you will probably be very focused on what you are doing and will not notice the passage of people into the environment, being able to bump into them, get hurt and hurt them.

4. Use the gym equipment correctly

Do not attempt to change the function for which a fitness equipment was manufactured. If the device has been made to work the shoulders, then you should not use it to work your buttocks.

In addition to preventing another attendant of the academy who wants to train properly use the device you need, you run the risk of injury or break the device.

5. Use a washer clamp

When lifting, be sure to fasten the dumbell washers. That way, you do not risk knocking them down while training, which can cause you to break something, hurt yourself, or end up hurting another person.

6. Do not walk close to a person exercising

It may not look like it, but weight lifting is not the simplest thing, and even without meaning to, the practitioner can lose his balance and overturn the equipment. If you are walking too close to it, you run the risk of being hit by one of these devices and getting hurt.

The same goes for other types of training, in which the person moves a lot. She may not notice your presence, bump into you and knock you over.

7. Do not squeal on the girls

This one goes to the men. Nothing prevents you from going through one exercise and another, you start talking to a nice girl, realize that the two have affinities in common and the relationship breaks into something more. However, you should not force the bar. Passing cockroaches, harassing, giving annoying looks and insisting on talking to a woman who is not in the mood to chat with you is stuck.

Besides you run the risk of becoming known as the "boring academy with whom no woman wants to talk, if the girls very angry you can complain about this with the local directors and you may still be asked to cancel your registration there.

8. Do not pick up equipment that is being used without asking

Crowded gym day really can be pretty boring. But this applies to you as well as to your colleagues. If you're tired of waiting to climb on the treadmill, they also had to go through it. If you've been waiting a long time for the appearance of a free halter, they too.

Do not let lack of patience become an excuse to be rude. When you see a person next to a free equipment, ask if they are using it and if you can use it. If you are unoccupied, it will certainly release you and some kind of embarrassment will be avoided.

9. Do not spit at the water cooler.

The drinking fountain is used by everyone and spitting on it after drinking water is not only disgusting but also unhygienic and no one should enjoy watching their saliva walking there. If you can not handle it, look for the toilet and spit it out in the toilet. If you do not give time, do this in the trash can, but walk well away from the water fountain.

We bet you do not want to get known as the little pig of the gym, do not you?

10. Do not use your cell phone while walking through the environment.

Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who does not live glued to your smartphone. Nothing prevents you from taking him to the gym, especially if you are listening to music while knitting. However, it is important that you exercise caution and do not use the device while walking through the environment.

This prevents you from bumping into people on a crowded day and hinders them in their workouts, interferes with someone's bodybuilding, or bumps and knocks over equipment. It does not cost anything to wait until you're standing still to take a look at the cell phone, right?

11. Do not want to copy someone's exercise

You are there doing your training, well, when you see a coach teaching an exercise to a student. At the time, you realize that it would be great for you. What do you do then? You try to copy, doing it your way.

Do you want an advice? Do not do it. It is unlikely that you will be able to do the exercise properly and you may get injured. Not to mention that this is not very respectful with the coach and the client, considering that the student has paid to learn a training that you are picking up curious and for free.

Wait until your classmate's training is over and talk to the personal trainer about the exercise. Say that you are interested and ask to know more about it. If it's really what you imagined, just hire his services and learn how to do it right.

12. Do not take off your shirt during training.

It may seem that there is nothing serious about this, but because it is a public place, it is necessary think that other site users may not feel so comfortable with muscles. So why not respect and keep the clothing on the body?

13. Do not bathe without flap

Really. If you need to bathe in the gym, never enter boxing without a little finger. As much as the cleaning of the place is done regularly, there are always bacteria and even worse things on the floor of the bathroom - as the remnants of physiological needs that colleagues with no concept have the courage to do there same.

Reserve a pair especially for this and always keep it in your backpack from the gym.


Do you commit any of these mistakes or inconveniences during your time in the gym? Has something annoying happened as a result? Comment below!

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