The Best Hair Vitamins

Hair is one of the parts of the body that women most care about. We know there are several aesthetic innovations to maintain the brightness and health of the wires, but it is important that the best way to have beautiful hair is from a healthy and nutrients. With an eye on complete nutrition, it is interesting to know which are the best vitamins for hair, because through recognition of these in some foods, a convenient menu can be set up to prevent the wires from becoming brittle, opaque Knowing where and how to find these vitamins may be the opportunity for you to keep them hydrates and growing steadily.

Myths and Realities

Who ever hear talk about cutting hair at a particular stage of the moon, or even appeals to some sympathies that help in the growth and strengthening of the wires? Myths aside, become aware of which vitamins are suitable for hair health, and help you to leave them as you wish. Vitamins can be consumed orally, or even in creams and products applied on the hair. Cosmetic manufacturers also provide some ampoules with concentrated vitamins that can act directly, delivering faster and more significant results.

Wire features

It is crucial to recognize that, just as each organism acts in a particular way, the yarns have individual characteristics and may require different vitamins to stay the way they want. Some women complain that their yarns are dry, others claim they need products to deal with Therefore, a person assessment is fundamental, so there will be identification of Vitamin.

Let's get to know the best vitamins for hair, who knows you do not get benefits from any of the following options.

1- Vitamin A

It can be found in several foods, and can act as a functional antioxidant for cell renewal. Vitamin A is among the best vitamins for hair as it can contribute to the growth of hair. The deficiency of this can still have consequences on the health of the eyes and skin. This nutrient can be found in products to make massages, or even in a multivitamin. If you have already identified the presence of dandruff, it is important to be alert as this may be a symptom of vitamin A deficiency. As we know, getting the vitamins from natural means is much more effective, so we seek out such rich foods, such as liver, eggs, carrots, papaya, mango, cabbage, watercress, spinach, tomato, peppers, pumpkin, apricot, sweet potatoes, and much more.

2- Vitamin B

B vitamins are those that demonstrate great representativeness for the general health of the body, so Vitamin B can be recognized as one of the best vitamins for hair healthy. This vitamin can help in the treatment of oiliness, prevents the aging of the threads, and even reduces the dreaded double ends. Niacin is very convenient for yarn nutrition, in addition to supporting the growth of these. Vitamin B deficiency can be identified from symptoms such as hair loss, brittle and opaque wires. To maintain the presence of this nutrient, it is important that you add some foods that such as chicken, oats, Pará nuts, salmon, banana, spinach, okra, yogurt, and many others. Biotin is also a vitamin belonging to group B, and can enhance nourishment of the scalp.

3-Vitamin C

This vitamin is recognized as fundamental to benefit the strengthening of the body in general, so it could not be excluded from the best vitamins for hair. It has excellent antioxidant action, and supports cell renewal, which can help you gain benefits for wires. Vitamin C is used by many women in interventions to lighten the color of the yarn. Just as we need a strengthened immune system so as not to suffer from external Vitamin C supplementation, the possibility of its wires suffering from solar rays and several other influences is reduced. It still supports the production of collagen, an important contributor to hair health. This vitamin can contribute to the hair's brilliance, as well as being convenient for the treatment of irritations in the scalp. Among the food suppliers of this, we can highlight orange, strawberry, kiwi, yellow pepper, papaya, red guava, tomato, broccoli, mango, melon, and many others.

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4- Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important to protect the wires during sun exposure. It is very convenient for people suffering with falling wires. The most natural way to get this vitamin is from sun exposure though, keep yourself in the sun over long periods can lead to undesirable consequences, such as burns to the scalp. If you want to get healthy portions of this, stay short periods under the sun, and consume some foods which contains this nutrient such as eggs, orange juice, tuna, mushrooms, salmon, liver, milk, and among others.

5- Vitamin E

It is one of the vitamins that promote hair health. It is timely for yarn growth. Vitamin E ampoules are used as tip repair. This vitamin is indicated to prevent damage caused by free radicals, and these benefits can be enjoyed from the consumption of some foods such as: Cabbage, avocado, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pistachio, papaya, chard, many others.


An analysis is needed on the means from which these vitamins will be obtained. They can be found in foods, but as the cosmetics industry seeks to satisfy and offer more options, manufacturers also offer vitamins in creams and products that can be applied directly on the wires, in small procedures, which can be done both at home and only with the instruction of professionals. The famous nutritional ampoules can be found in values ​​ranging from R $ 9 to R $ 3. There is a wide range of vitamins for hair loss, which also have a presence in several products, so it is interesting to look for that option that best react on your hair. They guarantee short-term effects, which leads many women to feel convinced of their action. There are shampoos, conditioners and moisturizing creams that also favor the nutrition of the wires. These products are easily found with vitamin A, the vitamin for hair loss.

The multivitamins can supplement the body's nutrition, so they can also be considered functional for the health of the scalp. The ideal is always to seek the vitamins and nutrients in natural foods, but dog there is the need for a complementation, submit to a medical evaluation, so that their personal characteristics are then used as a parameter for the ideal supplementation for their needs. It is important to remember that by adopting hyper-restrictive diets, one can have consequences for hair, and these multivitamins are very timely to support the achievement of adequate levels of nutrient.


They should not be coadjuvant in yarn nutrition, and can be very important in optimizing the effects of the best vitamins for hair. Iron, a functional mineral for the immune system, can support the best yarn growth. Magnesium can also contribute to the health of the scalp as it is touted as functional for the prevention of baldness and hair loss. Zinc should be kept on the menu to ensure the brightness and faster growth of hair. These minerals are very important for the health of the wires, since the Iron contributes with the best transport of oxygen, thus favoring the hair follicles.


They are not only suitable for muscles, quite the contrary. Proteins can also benefit the health of hair, so combining them with the best vitamins for hair can help you ensure the luster and vitality of the hair. Proteins can be found in vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and grains such as quinoa, among others.


Do you usually use vitamin supplements for your hair? Which one have you tried and obtained the best results? Comment below!

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