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Training and Diet of Rafaela Ravena

The fitness muse Rafaela Ravena, 23, declared a controversy in a recent interview: according to her, 95% of the fitness muses their bodies healed not only with regimented eating and the routine of physical activities, but also with the use of anabolic.

She herself revealed that she used two hormones when she was 19 years old, which stimulate the production of testosterone, by indication of her former personal trainer. The result is a drier, cellulite-free body. However, aware of the losses that the intake of these substances can bring, Rafaela assured that resorting to them is "pure illusion".

The girl revealed that as she began to consume the hormones, she noticed in three months the appearance of acnes and hairs on her body. According to her, these substances bring male characteristics to women and prolonged use can in the future bring serious problems such as cancer, diabetes and liver damage.

Anabolic steroids can still cause problems such as increased bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreased good cholesterol (HDL), liver overload, changes in behavior, hair loss and decreased sperm production in men and menstrual changes and discontinuation of ovulation in women.

To prove that she is really free of anabolic steroids, Rafaela went on to take a test and post the result on social networks to prove the fact to her followers. According to her, this was a way to encourage your audience to have a healthy body and not use inappropriate substances.

So, let's get to know how the muse does to build your body that has only 10% body fat, without the use of anabolic steroids? Check below some details about the training and diet of Rafaela Ravena.

Diet of Rafaela Ravena


The fitness muse has lost 15 kg over the course of a year. She guaranteed that her weight loss process was slow and natural, without the use of anabolics or drugs this time.

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Rafaela Ravena's diet includes foods such as eggs, tapioca, vegetables, vegetables and fruits. In addition, it reduces your carbohydrate intake to the fullest and uses the whey protein supplement. Despite this, she said that she is not completely radical and when she feels like enjoying a treat like an ice cream, for example, she does it without guilt, but only once a week.

Rafaela Ravena's usual diet contemplates , 00 calories, however, when she needs to dry her body, she uses a method a somewhat restrictive diet: the so-called pineapple diet, which consists of consuming only pineapple and a single source of protein in all meals.

Before joining a diet, especially as it is a restrictive method like pineapple with protein, be sure to request follow-up and guidance from a nutrition professional. This will give you the assurance that you are following a food program that is not only right for your goals, but will not harm your body.

Training by Rafaela Ravena


Rafaela Ravena's training includes the execution of five hours of daily physical exercises.

Here's a video that shows a gluteus and leg training by Rafaela Ravena:

Do not copy Rafaela Ravena's workout, or anyone else's, without first consulting a good physical education professional, such as a personal trainer or a coach. The help of this professional is important so that your exercise program is assembled in the best possible way, according to their objectives, their physical condition, and so that there is no risk of harm to their Cheers.



Rafaela Ravena was born in Brasília - DF, meanwhile, she lives in. She has already paraded in a samba school at the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, at GRES Academicians of the Great River.

His inspirations are other fitness muses like Paige Hathaway and the Colombian Angelita Hera and Sonia Isaza.

Brasiliense was cover of the magazine Sexy in May of the year 2016. She has 115 cm of butt. Rafaela Ravena was missumbumb Distrito Federal and was a candidate in the 2012 contest of the national competition for the title of miss butt.


What did you think of Rafaela Ravena's training and diet tips? Did you already know and admire the work and measurements of the muse? Comment below!

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