Does Topiramate Really Slim? Side Effects and Full Analysis

Discovered in the United States in 1979, Topiramate is a drug that can be consumed either alone or with other medicines and is responsible for treating epilepsy. It is also used by people who have seizures and / or those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (a disease that causes seizures and developmental problems). In addition, Topiramate is used to treat headaches / migraines and even alcoholic patients.

Many patients report that Topiramate has helped them to lose weight and end up misinforming other people. Does Topiramate lose weight? Who can consume it and what are its side effects? Let's find out all this below, I understand better what are the main impacts of this medicine on the human body.


Topiramate comes as tablets or capsules that can be sprinkled with food. It can be consumed with or without food, twice a day, morning and evening. Respecting these doses is essential for the effectiveness of the product.

Patients should be careful not to confuse Topiramate with other medicines, as this is easy to do. Doctors usually indicate a lower dose at the beginning of treatment, then increase it over time.

Does Topiramate Slim?

Topiramate is not indicated for the treatment of obesity. Its main function is to prevent seizures and migraines in people who suffer from it frequently.

However, according to analyzes, the doses and duration of consumption may have an influence on the patient's weight, thus indicating that Topiramate is thinner. Doses around 96 to 200 mg per day, consumed for 28 weeks (more or less), are the main trends observed in patients who lost weight when taking Topiramate. Patients in these circumstances (11% to 26% of patients taking Topiramate) lost up to 10% of their body fat.

However, when slimming with Topiramate, patients also experienced a number of severe side effects to health.

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The mechanism that makes this reputation for weight loss exist is unknown. However, there are some theories about how Topiramate works in the body and that generates weight loss.


Loss of taste sensitivity:one of the side effects of Topiramate is the change in taste sensation due to reduced saliva. In some patients, this severe change may lead to decreased pleasure with regard to eating, leading to weight loss.

Reduction of cortisol production:the American Diabetes Association proposes other theories regarding this subject. One of them is that Topiramate can reduce the leptin present in cortisol (stress hormone that generates the increase of the insulin production), and it can have a significant impact on the weight gain. Because it is reduced in patients who use Topiramate, these people do not run the risk of eating under pressure from stress.

Other theories:Another theory proposed by the American Diabetes Association is that Topiramate may act on blood glucose and insulin secretion. insulin, generating weight loss through the metabolic phase where most of the body's energy comes from other compounds present in the blood. This process is similar to how protein diets help you lose weight when your body burns your body fat stores as the first source of fuel. In addition, patients report that Topiramate loses weight by dramatically decreasing appetite, especially at night.

Side effects

In young and adult patients, some common adverse reactions, such as drowsiness, dizziness, nervousness, ataxia, fatigue, of speech / vision disorders (acute myopia and acute glaucoma), difficulty in memorization, mental confusion, anorexia, nausea, loss of weight, language disorders, concentration disorders, depression, abdominal pains, mood changes, taste disturbance etc.

Another problem associated with Topiramate is renal calculus. The elimination of this drug by the body occurs through the renal route, so there are many incidents of this side effect. The package leaflet advises the patient to drink plenty of water during treatment.


Topiramate only thinners if the patient follows a healthy diet and exercise. This medicine does not burn fat and does not contribute to end the water retention of the body, since it is not diuretic (quite the contrary). The fact is that Topiramato slims because it decreases the appetite, but also collaborates with a series of side effects. The tip is to invest in a reeducation diet and have a healthy life.

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Do you know anyone or have you ever had Topiramate? What was the reason, and what were the apparent effects on weight? Comment below.

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