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What Are Food Supplements?

Sometimes we dedicate ourselves to high-intensity, nutrient-rich diets, but we still do not achieve the goals we expect. Food supplements are becoming popular and consumption has been mostly adopted by high intensity sports.

They can replenish various essential nutrients to the proper functioning of your body, thus aiding in possible imbalances. The space for clarification on what food supplements are, for what and how they work is very important as they are being increasingly incorporated into diets.

Nowadays we can find a lot of contradictory information and even unwarranted affirmations, which involve prohibition of sale and questioning regarding specific manufacturers. From now on you will know a little more about what are dietary supplements, in this way, you can evaluate the functionalities and conclude whether the consumption is valid or not.

What are dietary supplements?

Food supplements are consumed to contribute to better athletic performance. They can contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and even herbs. They can be considered as dietary supplements and have varying concentrations. Your purchase can be made without the prescription, for the most part.

Food supplements may contain varying amounts of ingredients, or even ingredients label, which leads enforcement agencies to prohibit the sale of manufacturers.

Some US dietary supplements may include substances that are considered doping, although this happens most in the US with certain types of supplements such as thermogenic and pre-hormones. In Brazil this is not allowed. Supplements with advanced and questionable substances are widely used by athletes and people who seek to improve performance in high intensity physical activities. But most of the sports supplement industry does not recognize these products as reliable supplements.

It is worth remembering that, although they are not considered supplements, the consumption of drugs that have human growth hormones and are consumed by athletes adolescents without the medical prescription can cause damages to the quality of life of the same, thus increasing the probability of occurrence of side effects of several seriousness.

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The sale of steroids, ephedrine and androstenedione has been banned, but there are several contradictions that did not guarantee the elimination commercial distribution even though some of these have proven medical conditions.

Ideally, the consumption of dietary supplements should be indicated by a health professional and it is important that a physician makes an assessment of their actual needs. That way you can track the effects that supplements can bring to your body.

How can dietary supplements react in your body?

It is critical that you watch out for all the information and recommendations that involve a supplement that you want to consume. You should understand that substances can offer positive effects but also side effects.

These side effects may arise due to inappropriate and improper consumption of your body. Currently, the most popular supplements for physical activity practitioners are those who help build muscle mass and thermogenics, which increase calorie burn.

Function of food supplements

Nowadays there are food supplements for health and also for good form. There are many different types that can contain only one ingredient or a combination of ingredients. We'll talk about some of the very popular types of supplements below but you can go deeper into what they are the most varied food supplements and their functions see our section with various types of supplement to feed.

1. Fat Burners or Thermogenics

Initially, they were produced with a substance called ephedrine. It acts as a stimulant and can intensify the functioning of metabolism. Thermogenics are used by people who want to reduce fat percentage and increase energy to be used in training.

Studies have realized that thermogenics with ephedrine can cause heart problems and even stroke, and so have led to the elimination of ephedrine supplements on the market. The sale of ephedrine has been banned almost everywhere, since this substance can cause arterial hypertension, heart attack and even convulsions.

Currently thermogenics contain caffeine, bitter orange, green tea, yerba mate, chrome, guarana and other natural ingredients taken as accelerators of metabolism. In some people more sensitive, especially to caffeine, these supplements can cause agitation, anxiety, including increase in the frequency of heartbeats.

2. Creatine

The substance can be naturally produced by the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Some natural sources of Creatine are meats and fish. This supplement can easily be purchased as no prescription is required.

Creatine supplementation can provide an improvement in strength, which can be achieved in the short and long term. Consumption is indicated for athletes who practice high intensity activity such as bodybuilding or extensive workouts and with short intervals of recovery. Creatine does not guarantee benefits for resistance and for cardiovascular exercises.

3. Glutamine

It is the most common amino acid contained in your muscles. They are made up of more than 61% Glutamine, which in turn is composed of almost 20% nitrogen, which makes it the main carrier of nitrogen to the muscle cells.

During high intensity workouts, glutamine rates fall and your body loses strength and endurance. Often, your body may require about 5 to 7 days to return to regular levels of glutamine. This is why we can recognize the importance of glutamine supplementation, mainly because it can contribute significantly to protein synthesis. This supplement can also reduce catabolic effects, which reduces the possibility of muscle breakdown.


This supplement consists of amino acids that contribute to anabolic effects, which contributes to the synthesis of proteins, supporting their metabolism. This supplement can also support rest periods and muscle recovery.

BCAA can aid in muscle growth mainly due to the presence of Leucine, which can stimulate protein synthesis of muscles for a short time.

The effects are not limited to those already mentioned, BCAA can also reduce muscle fatigue and pain during exercise, as well as contribute to better transport of oxygen into the bloodstream. Amino acid supplementation is recommended along with protein supplementation.

5. Hyperproteins (whey protein, albumin, etc.)

They are the favorites as they are consumed by people who wish to reduce the percentage of fat and especially by those who want muscle growth. These supplements aim to provide extra proteins to your body, and are widely adopted by people who do not have time for all daily meals, or believe to consume few protein foods, if compared to the values ​​indicated as sufficient for the mass gain slim.

The options offered by the industry are diverse and you can choose one that best fits your goals. Consumption should be balanced, since excessive dosages may have consequences for liver function. In this category is the famous whey protein.

6. Energetic

Energy supplements, as the name itself says, are aimed at increasing the energy of the body. This can be due to a greater supply of carbohydrates such as maltodextina and dextrose or energy substances like caffeine, taurine, beta alanine, etc. The consumer has to be careful with some products called pre-workout since some brands high concentrations of energy that can cause shortness of breath, heartburn and seizures. anxiety.

7. Androstenedione and DHEA

These do not have the free sale in Brazil, but are very consumed as well. The first one can also be known as andro, and the second one has the following name: Dehydroepiandrosterone. They fit into pro-hormonal products. They have effects on testosterone. Studies have stated that they can contribute to optimizing strength, thus ensuring better performance in high-intensity workouts.

The side effects of these dietary supplements are not well known, but researchers say that in In cases of excessive dosages, the side effects may be similar to those caused by high anabolic powers.

What is disclosed is that supplementation with Andro and DHEA can cause hormonal imbalances. They can offer side effects similar to those caused by anabolic steroids, which can be dangerous, such as infertility, stroke, testicular cancer and even a higher probability of occurrence of diseases cardiac disorders.

One of the most common side effects is the influence on growth, hampering development, which prevents teenage users from reaching the height equivalent to adulthood.

Can Supplements Make Me A Better Athlete?

Now that we understand what are dietary supplements of every type present in the market, let us understand if they can really improve your athletic performance.

Several professionals believe that supplements may be the differential sought to ensure the achievement of bodily goals. Studies with adults have stirred controversy by saying that most supplements will not make you stronger, faster or faster. But there is also an enormous literature in favor of supplements, either for the practicality of certain substances, either by improving performance in fact with the aid of certain substances.

It is not only a correct supplementation that will guarantee improvement in your athletic skills, your dedication should be complete, and an assessment of genetic, physical, and even heredity.

There is no efficiency in supplementation with a completely irregular feeding. You should adopt healthy habits, and a balanced diet should be the starting point, since there will be no bodily changes if you remain consuming foods that are harmful to your health.

Children and adolescents

Food supplements should not be consumed by children and adolescents without medical supervision as they may compromise the correct development of the body. It is important that in case of doubt and search for supplements, seek alternatives with medical follow-up.

Sleep well

If you believe you are fully engaging in bodily change, but you can not achieve your goals, reflect on the time you spend for your rest. A developing body needs at least 8 hours of sleep, so that you gain hypertrophy, mass gain lean and even body definition, it is necessary for you to relax and let your body recover for the adversities of the day to day.

Feed properly and more often

The quest for bodily changes may be interfered with from where you least expect it. Before looking for what are dietary supplements and several other alternatives, stick to a diet balanced diet, a healthy diet is a key tool for your body to react according to your expectations.

Physical exercises

It is worth mentioning that dietary supplements are geared towards better performance until the conquest of your body desired, but it is important that before prioritizing a supplementation, you choose a healthier routine and habits healthy.

You should adjust a correct supplementation to a regular physical activity routine, as these can calories and assist in the growth of lean mass, that is, the exercises should be adopted by all, regardless of their goals body.


Have you understood correctly what are dietary supplements and the functions of each type? Which ones have you tried to use or are you curious about? Comment below!

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