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8 Facts You Need to Know About Couples Who Lose Weight Together

Going on a weight loss journey alone is one thing, already trying to lose weight by joining forces with another especially if you are a boyfriend, boyfriend or spouse, the situation already changes a bit. figure. If, on the one hand, the effort becomes greater, since it is necessary to consider the needs and feelings of the companion during the trajectory, on the other, embarking on this story with the loving partner also brings some benefits.

And before deciding to join the loved one in the weight loss process, you need to consider these points and know a little about the reality of couples who lose weight together. Therefore, we present here eight facts that happen in the lives of the people who enter this journey, as well as reports of those who have already experienced this experience.

1. You will have a support network in-house

Scientific research has shown that having support from other people is important during weight loss. Imagine then how can this be advantageous when one can receive this support all the time inside the house itself? For it is precisely this one of the nice parts of losing weight together with the husband or the wife: to be almost the time together with someone you know will help you and stimulate you during the journey, which is not the most easy.

An example of this is Jen Aiello, a 34-year-old American who has lost weight with 40-year-old fiancé Joe Wilson. While she lost around 45 kg, he eliminated 34 kg. "When one of us does not feel like working out, we always push the other to try harder and we remember that we will regret it if we do not. Whenever we go out for dinner, we help each other make the right and healthy choices, "he said.

2. You will be closer

The habit of working out and following new eating habits alongside the person you love is a way to strengthen the bonds with her, since the two will be working together for the same goal. So the couple can spend more time together than they were accustomed to and get closer and closer.

That is exactly what happened to the American couple Leann and Joe Carter. When she was pregnant, the woman encouraged her husband to lose weight so he could be healthy when the baby arrived. One month after the child's birth, Leann joined her husband in his endeavor.

And besides having done well for the good form of the two - she lost about 20 kg and he about 40 kg - the joint effort in the war against the scales also did very well for the relationship of the two. "With four children, we were not focusing on being a couple. Now we cook together, eat together, work together. It definitely got us closer. We also argue less and we become a happier couple, "he said.

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3. You will create a healthy routine together

It is much easier to follow a healthy routine by being with someone who accompanies you and encourages you to stay steady in it than when with a person who leaves candy in sight in the cupboard and refrigerator while you try to keep your diet balanced, it is not same? And when the couple embarks together on this healthy journey, what could become a good individual habit becomes a new and better habit for the house in general.

In the case of the Carters, what has changed is that they now set aside Sunday for shopping at the market and preparing meals, something that was important to the success of the couple. In addition, they never stopped eating breakfast and took turns preparing the meal.

Another American couple who lost a lot of weight together were the Uglietta, who eliminated a total of 136 kg together. "When Chuck was heavy, he was always tired and never wanted to get out of bed except to go to work. Now he can not sit still and we always go out or take turns giving each other some free time to exercise, "said his wife.

4. Someone will lose weight faster

Before joining the guy half to try to lose weight it is important to keep in mind that one of the two will lose weight way and that person will probably be the man, since they tend to lose weight more fast.

When this happens, the danger is that the other party will be frustrated and disappointed by the difference in evolution. There is also the risk of comments coming from outsiders, who even if they are not intentionally evil, can hurt.

"Before I joined my husband in weight-loss efforts, people would ask him if he was worried he would change. I took it as meanness, as if he would leave me because he would be this young, thin person and would think he could get (someone) better, "revealed his wife Uglietta.

To prevent this kind of feeling from arising, it is advisable to have a conversation before entering the weight loss process and clarify with the beloved that the fact of having less pounds does not mean that one of the two will want to look for someone else.

5. One will encourage the other on the harder days

In those days when the will is to drop everything and stay calm all day, knowing that there is another person who counts on your company to exercise will certainly leave you more excited to leave the place.

"On those hard days when I know Jen is working out, it makes me take my ass off the place. I feel bad if she's struggling and I'm not, "said Joe Wilson, Jen's fiance from the first topic.

6. It will be easier than you think

Striving to keep the line in the diet or completing the series in the gym really is not the easiest task, but you can surprising how having the person you love next to and being even more attached to it during this joint effort can leave things more easy.

"What surprised me the most during this journey is how we really worked together. I thought it was going to be difficult, but from the beginning, we could really count on each other. The connection between us has also grown, there is something good in a husband and wife going through a test every day. I would not trade a second of that time, "said Joe Carter, about his trajectory with his wife Leann.

7. You will be positive influences

Once family and friends begin to realize the positive results not only in your life, but your partner, they can be positively influenced and resolve to follow the same you.

"Everyone is so proud of us and always asked about our tips and tricks. Most of our friends and family are now on the same journey to becoming healthier and seeing how we feel so much better and knowing that you can do this and still live a realistic life, "Jen Aiello.

8. This can change your life forever.

What happened to the Uglietta family was not simply an improvement in health and fitness - would be very good, obviously - but also a way to deal with the fertility problems that the couple had.

When they went to see a fertility specialist to resolve the issue, the doctor said the wife would need to lose about 1 kg before she started helping them.

Then, after having lost weight with her husband, she went through the treatment and became pregnant with Dominic, who is now with an old age.


Have you ever tried to lose weight with your partner or partner? Did you realize that it really is a lot easier than facing it all yourself? Comment below!

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