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Woman Loses 38 Kg After Declining Climbing Altar Over Weight

Midwife Claire Crowthers, 31, started having weight problems when she was in college. Over time she was losing control and because of the work, which caused her to consume treats and crap in the interval between one shift and another, she came to weigh almost 90 kg.

Claire, who is from Wrexham, Wales, confessed that she ate to comfort and relieve stress and that she often went for pizzas and ice cream.

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At that time the Welsh barely fit into the uniform of her service and was unsatisfied with her own body, so that she could not bear to look at her own image in the mirror. She knew that she was not setting a good example for her daughter Molly and that she had put her health in danger because she was classified as a morbid obese.

On top of that, the midwife's excess pounds began to affect her love affair with her 30-year-old boyfriend Stephen. Because of her weight, she herself refused to marry the beloved.

3cboaformaClaire and her partner before slimming

"I could not stand the person looking back at me in the mirror, every picture of me was so bad that I deleted from the camera to avoid having to look, "Claire said about how she felt about that period.

It was then that after hearing a comment that the husband of one of his patients did in relation to his weight she decided to take action: "I was mortified and although I knew he was right, the fact that a complete stranger made me that comment left me bothered. But also determined to change, "he explained.

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So she and her partner signed up for a local weight-loss club and in ten months she had eliminated more than 25 kg.

However, even with all this weight loss, feeling great and having reworked her eating habits, Claire are still were completely satisfied with the results. There came a time when her weight loss was slower and she still had not gotten into shape.

There was no way for her: she was afraid, especially because she had never been a fan of education classes and spent much of her adult life sitting on the couch, she Academy.

"I hated the idea of ​​jumping and sweating. I was terrified the first time I stepped on the gym floor, I had no idea what to do or where to start, but my sister was a member (of the place) and introduced me to the group, "he said.

Over time, the woman's opinion about exercise changed, she made new friends and thanks to the classes managed to lose another 13 kg in August 2012. "The academy has not only become a place to get in shape and help me achieve my goals, as also became a social environment and I found myself spending more and more time participating in different classes said.

Confident, she said yes when she was asked to marry her boyfriend. "I could finally go out and buy a wedding dress, knowing I was not going to look like a 'fat bride Claire said.

3d shapeClaire and her husband currently

They were married in October last year and the fitness world continues to be a part of Welsh life, which fits their training sessions between work and caring for their daughter.

Also last year, the woman started doing resistance training and revealed that she had come to see her body in a way that she had never seen before.

In both exercise and diet, Claire relies on the company and support of now husband Stephen. "My husband's support was integral to the success of my weight loss and working for a goal along with it was great. We are in the last week of a 17-week challenge and we can not believe the change in our bodies, "he said.

She further emphasized that she has not only turned her body from obese to healthy, but also from healthy to athletic and now is a good example for her daughter, Molly.

"I feel incredible, my health has improved, I do not hate the person who looks back at me in the mirror and I have confidence to go out and live my life to the fullest he celebrated.


Do you know anyone who has lost a great deal of weight and has a similar history? Have you ever gone through something like that? Comment below!

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