Does Gratitic Anticonceptive Fatten or Lose Weight?

When properly ingested with daily oral pills or monthly or quarterly injections, oral contraceptives prevent pregnancy. However, like any other medicine, it is necessary to follow the dosage correctly. One of the biggest concerns for women who start using contraceptives or who switch brands is whether contraceptives can influence weight gain or loss. This is one of the most recurring questions in gynecological offices, and many women may choose to use a contraceptive for this reason.

Constantly used by women and indicated by gynecologists, does the Gracial contraceptive fatten? Or could it be that he slim? Check the analysis below:

Gracial Contraceptive Details

It is a biphasic oral medication containing, as active substances, the estrogen ethinylestradiol and the progestogen desogestrel. Clinical studies have shown that oral contraceptives containing ethinylestradiol and desogestrel do not metabolic parameters attributed to the androgenic activity of some progestogens used in contraceptives oral.

When administered according to the recommended dosage, Gracial suppresses pituitary gonadal function and therefore prevents ovulation. In addition, the contraceptive induces a regular uterine bleeding with quantity and duration similar to normal menstruation. This bleeding is painless and usually begins 2 or 3 days after ingestion of the last tablet in the cartouche. Some clinical trials with Gracial revealed good cycle control, low incidence of side effects and, as a result, reduced discontinuity, as well as pregnancy.

User reports

Many users say that Gracial contraceptive pills thin, especially those women who suffer of polycystic ovarian syndrome and other uterine problems that prevent the woman from menstruating normally. Therefore, when taking the medication may be that the woman can menstruate normally in their cycles gradually swelling, perhaps for this reason the apparent loss of weight. These same women who say they have stopped use report that they gained their weight quickly in a few months and reinforce the idea that using the Gracial contraceptive really slims. However, some other users who tended to gain weight said they had gained weight by using contraception. So who's right?

Does Gracial contraceptive fatten?

The Gracial can gain weight or it can not gain weight, since nothing indicates in the package insert that the medicine helps to lose weight or gain weight. However, weight changes, whether for more or less, can happen. This is because birth control pills are loaded with hormones and they react differently in each organism.

For example, women who are genetically predisposed to gain weight may gain even more weight with the consumption of the medicine, already the lean ones can lose even more weight or maintain the weight normal. This varies in each organism and depends a great deal not only on the genetic condition and low or accelerated metabolism, but also on eating habits and physical activity practices. In fact, the contraceptive usually does not cause any reaction within the adaptation period, which is usually the first three months when the body is still adapting to the drug.

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Choosing the Right Contraceptive

Even though the contraceptive does not have calories to gain weight and no components that help you lose weight, many people insist on these beliefs because they perceive a visible modification of the body. What happens is that some women lose the swelling during menstruation, which is one of the most troublesome symptoms, and this can give a leaner appearance. Likewise, some contraceptives can increase a woman's anxiety, causing her to consume more caloric foods and then gain weight.

Therefore, it is best to make an appointment with a reputable gynecologist who can perform tests or indicate a specific contraceptive for you, since each medicine comes with different components and hormones, some of which may have more or less satisfactory effects for you. The biggest concern when choosing a contraceptive should be with pregnancy prevention and not with loss or gain and weight, but if the changes the body are very clear and interfere with your routine, life and self-esteem, seek your gynecologist for a possible exchange of contraceptive.

Benefits of Birth Control

The main use of contraception, as everyone knows, is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but many other girls can use it for other unique reasons or by adding such as acne treatment, reduction of PMS symptoms (pain, cramps, swelling, tenderness) and to regulate the menstrual cycle without delays or anticipations. bleeding.

Side Effects of Gracepal Contraceptive

With gracial ingestion as well as any other medication, it is normal to experience some changes in the body and adverse reactions. Some women may have constant or morning sickness, bleeding during the cycle or absence of bleeding during rest, increased blood pressure, mood changes, mild or severe migraine, dark spots on the face with prolonged use in case of more than two years without interruptions, difficulties in using contact lenses because of the sensitivity of the eyes and fluid retention, which is exactly what leads many to believe that the contraceptive Gracial fattening

How to take the Gracial?

The first tablet in the first carton should be started on the first day of the menstrual cycle. This is also applicable when there is a change in the brand of oral contraceptives. One tablet should be ingested daily, preferably at the same time, without interruption, for 22 days until the end of the cartouche, followed by a 6-day break.

Each subsequent card will begin after the end of this 6-day break. Postpartum administration should be started on the 1st day of the first spontaneous menstruation. If it is necessary to start before, for example, immediately after delivery, additional contraceptive measures will be required during the first 14 days of tablet use. Administration after abortion should be started immediately. In that case, no further contraceptive measures will be required.

Contraindications of Gracial contraceptive

There are some restrictions on the use of contraceptives, that is, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems who have arterial or venous thromboembolic / thromboembolic processes, who have had or have had liver disorders, with a history of jaundice in pregnancy or during the use of steroids or with a history of severe itching or herpes gestation during pregnancy should avoid contraception.

Gracial in the treatment of acne

Hormonal treatment with oral contraceptives is an important option for women with acne and seborrhea. Acne and excessive oiliness are indicators of hormone imbalance. Hence, contraceptive is very indicated by dermatologists for the treatment of acne and even dandruff.

Among the products on the market, the Gracial contraceptive from the Organon laboratory has been effective in cases of excessive oil and inflammatory acne and is the only contraceptive also approved for the treatment of acne. The pill works on reducing skin oils and treats cases of mild to moderate acne.

The ingestion of a single daily pill may replace the use of creams or excessive washing in an attempt to keep the skin clean. Gracial also has a lower hormone dosage than other products that are intended to treat acne and prevent pregnancy, which implies fewer side effects such as nausea and head.


Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Gracial contraceptive is fattening? Have you been advised to use this contraceptive by your doctor? Comment below!

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