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Woman Loses Almost 70 Kg Cutting Carbohydrates and Walking

Five years ago, Emily Puglielli and her husband were at a wedding where the couple placed the cameras on the tables for guests to take pictures during the celebration. Then the newlyweds sent one of the photos to Puglielli - and she was shocked.

"Oh, my God, I was too fat she said. "That was my 'OK, I have to do something.

At the time, it weighed 136 kg. In its 0 m height, Puglielli gained weight during pregnancy and never lost it. She had also started a bad habit of eating emotionally.

"Food has always been a good friend. I used this as a crutch, "she said.

After seeing his photo, Puglielli knew he had to change. She researched diets to find something she felt she could do, and decided to join a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.

"I had a lot of problems with sugars and bread she said. "I cut it all off from my diet: sugar, bread, chips, most carbohydrates - and that worked for me."

In one year, she lost 4 pounds by simply eliminating carbohydrates from the diet and walking. She kept the loss and eliminated a few pounds the next year. Until 2014, Puglielli felt ready to step up her workout. She started a 5K program and experimented with spinning classes.

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Although she was well off, she began to have strange feelings in her legs, like tingling or the sensation of liquid dripping. She thought she had injured her legs, but it turned out to be much worse - she broke a vertebra in the back and it was affecting her nerves.

She had to undergo spinal fusion surgery, or possibly lose the ability to walk. She opted for surgery, but she fought quite a bit later.

"The recovery is really very bad she said. "It was the most painful thing I've ever done in my life - and I've had kids."

For six months, she could barely walk and her weight parked at 8, kg. Puglielli felt depressed and worried about a life full of pain. Although she did not want to be sedentary and dependent on medication for the rest of her life, she did not know what to do.

One day, she went to a gym in Meriden, Connecticut, USA, and explained her story to the team.

"I've never been to a gym she said. "It was not about losing weight... I wanted to walk, climb the stairs, tie my shoes and go back to work."

The team referred her to a coach who helped her build her strength. She trained with him six days a week, sometimes just balancing up or down the stairs. She needed to learn to move again before she could actually exercise.

But even in that process, she lost more weight. In July 2017, it reached the goal of 68 kg. Even better: she started to run.

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"When I was 136 kg, I used to have dreams that I could run. I still do not like to run so much, but now I can at least do it, "she said. "I never thought I could squat on 45 kg or run a 5K."

Despite being happy with her weight now, she is also happy with what she has learned about herself.

"I'm much stronger than I thought it was Puglielli, 38, said.

Here are some tips from Puglielli for others who also plan to lose weight:

1. You can

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Puglielli often thought that a task, such as lifting weights, was very difficult. She would convince herself that she could not do it. But then she remembered all that she had overcome.

"You'll get to a point in a workout thinking 'I can not but you can she said. "You're capable of so much more than you think you are."

2. Not every day is perfect.

In the past, if Puglielli had a bad day, she would want to quit, but she learned that if she continued, she could turn a bad day into a good day.

"A lot of people will lose weight and have a bad day and it will turn out to be a bad week... But consistency over time takes you wherever you want to be she said. "It's about not giving up."

3. Be consistent

Having a schedule to work out, set goals and adhere to meal preparation helped Puglielli lose weight. Although happy with her weight, she maintains these habits.

"It's consistency she said. "Preparing meals is very important. You have to go to the gym. Once you do, you will feel better. "


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