Balloon In The Stomach To Lose Weight - How It Works, Risks And Tips

The devices to achieve good form only tend to multiply and win more followers. Innovations and creations of new methods seek to contribute to more people achieving a better quality of life. life away from the most common consequences and imbalances due to obesity and high body fat percentages.

We know that stomach reduction is one of the most sought after procedures, but what many people do not know that there are some precautions that should be taken to reduce the likelihood of complications. The balloon in the stomach for weight loss is one of the procedures that are being sought most, and it is indispensable that people who think about undergoing this procedure, look for information on care and scratchs.

What is?

The balloon in the stomach for weight loss aims to reduce hunger and provides you feel satiated for a longer period after small meals. It can also be known as an intragastric balloon and is being used by many people because it does not require invasive surgery.

The balloon in the stomach for weight loss is a temporary solution as it can be removed after six months. It can also be used to aid in the process of preparing for other surgeries that require weight loss within a certain time frame.

How it works?

The procedure consists of inserting a soft balloon into your stomach through an endoscope that is put in the mouth. The balloon is filled with saline to partially fill the stomach, thus leaving less space for large quantities of food and / or beverages.

People undergo sedation and the process can last for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is considered a simple procedure, but can cause discomfort until the body becomes accustomed to the volume. Usually people can return home the same day, or at most one day after the insertion of the balloon.

There are cases of rejection and there are also people who do not get used to the balloon during the six months. When this occurs, the gastric balloon is removed before the given period. Removal may also occur within the first few days after placement, especially if there are side effects, mainly involving vomiting and nausea.

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As with many surgeries, the insertion of the balloon into the stomach for weight loss can cause some side effects and complications, so it is It is important for you to become familiar with what may occur, as this knowledge can ensure that if something unusual happens, you can deal safe.

You should recognize that after these procedures, even of minor proportions, you respect the recovery period. In this procedure there is less chance of complications related to general anesthesia, since it is not used.

Pain in the stomach and sensations of nausea and vomiting may occur. People are guided about what is allowed and what is not allowed to eat in the first few days, thus reducing the likelihood of these discomforts occurring.

Some people feel bloated, which may make them feel like they've really lost weight.

After inserting the balloon into the stomach, you will just be able to take small sips of drinks and eat small portions. After the initial period, the ingestion will return to normal, but it is difficult to adapt to this method at the beginning. The follow-up of a nutritionist is fundamental to help in the elaboration of a food plan.

According to the adaptation of the balloon in your stomach, fewer complications occur, which leads to better recognition of the benefits of weight loss.

The use of the endoscope may result in minor lesions of the esophagus or into the stomach, which sometimes cause bleeding and discomfort, as well as a small possibility of formation of ulcers. If this happens, an emergency surgery is required. That's why it's critical that you do a search and choose a location that provides you with security and efficient support to avoid those risks.

Infections are also not ruled out. The growth of bacteria can occur inside the balloon, and infections can appear as soon as the balloon is emptied and removed. Leaks also are not discarded, so antibiotics are prescribed to fight these infections. The signs are usually cramps, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

Intestinal obstruction can occur due to leakage and emptying of the balloon. This can reduce the efficiency of the balloon in the stomach to slim down and food can pass normally through the intestines. This obstruction may require surgery for removal.

How to reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring?

We must recognize that not all risks can be avoided, if you follow the instructions or not, however, the best attitude is to follow the guidelines given by health professionals.

Among the key recommendations, it is critical that you follow the recommended eating plans for your case. Eating only recommended foods can significantly reduce the possibility of complications. Respecting the recovery period may also help in better adaptation to the volume of the balloon in the stomach. If you respect the limits of your body, the chances of something wrong are reduced.

How much?

Because it is currently one of the favorite procedures of people who wish to lose weight, the balloon in the stomach to lose weight has also been highlighted by the price. Many people wonder about how much the procedure costs but it is important to remember that because it is a simple method and it can be very effective for a weight loss without too many complications.

The required amount may be higher than most expectations. Safe environments that provide support for possible risks will cost prices ranging from $ , 00 to $ 1, 00. Choosing the right place is crucial for you to feel comfortable and secure not only during the procedure, but especially for the six months following the procedure. insertion of the gastric balloon, meaning you are not only paying for the quality of the product, but also for the quality safety.



  • Before choosing the place to insert the balloon, seek recommendations and mainly question the reliability of the professionals, as it is fundamental to know the training and preparation of them.
  • Do not choose the location through the values ​​charged, often low cost services may offer risks that will have unthinkable consequences for your body; therefore, avoid exposing Your health.
  • After the recovery period, seek to practice healthy habits and especially physical exercises, they will assist in weight loss and are indispensable for weight maintenance after removal of the balloon.
  • Recognize that putting the balloon in the stomach to lose weight should not be the only attitude for your weight loss. Body changes require the adoption of new attitudes, so take a new posture not only for the six months of using the gastric balloon, but for the rest of your life.
  • If you recognize any of the risk symptoms, do not delay contact with health professionals, this delay can lead to complications. So clear up your doubts and lose weight with less discomfort.
  • Make evaluations periodically, note the benefits that weight loss gives you. Creating parameters to recognize evolution can be stimulating and will further contribute to your self esteem if you keep rising.
  • Stay away from fatty foods, fried foods and sweets, they can reduce the effects offered by the balloon in the stomach, and will still have consequences for your body.

Do you think about putting a balloon in the stomach to lose weight? What are your needs and motives? Do you believe this is the only way out? Comment below.

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