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Unable to Buy Clothes, She Changed Her Habits and Lost 90 kg

Jessica Whitehead, now 41, has never been the best company for friends who cared about health and fitness, especially if it involved getting her out for dinner or snacking. For years she found friends every night for dinner, ordering the largest and extra cheese extra on their pizza, extra mayonnaise on their super stuffed sandwiches, and fries as accompaniment to their meal.

"Eating a lot and experiencing everything was the symbol of living my life intensely for me. And I really lived in that direction, "she says. But if someone called her to play volleyball or go for a walk, Jessica, who was 1.65m tall, always avoided because she feared that her weight - which reached 156kg at age 36 - prevented her from participating. "I was embarrassed. I felt like I could not do those things. "

The change

In July 2005, Jessica's luggage was lost on a trip to France. For two days, she had to buy clothes to wear on her vacation, but it quickly became clear that none of the stores there were the size.

"An entire country does not even recognize people like me; They do not even believe that people my size exist, "she remembers thinking. Finally, understanding her unhealthy condition, Jessica decided to lose weight when she returned to the United States.

The lifestyle

At home Jessica shifted her excessive eating habits to a high-protein diet and began reading food labels and learning portion control. She eventually enrolled in a gym and hired a trainer, who created a program that combined aerobic and circuit training.

Six days a week, she walked or ran, miles from her home to the gym, did her workout, and then walked back. In just two weeks she lost over 11 pounds! Motivated by her results, Jessica began perfecting her workout routine every six weeks to beat the plateaus, and also began to distribute their calories consumed in six small meals per day.

With the balance scoring 86 kg in February 2007, Jessica began to venture further into the kitchen, discovering new ways to add vegetables to her favorite chicken and fish dishes. She even kept the TV off so she could not watch anything that would hinder her while she ate. "I wanted to sit down and really appreciate what I was eating she says. As of May 2008, she already had a body set at 65 kg.

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The reward

Today, "living intensely" for Jessica means practicing hiking, climbing and marathons. "I'm making up for my lost time, I will not waste a minute of my new life now she says.

And now, 90 pounds lighter, nothing seems impossible. "I got the one thing I thought I could never do - lose weight, be active and truly healthy - so now I know I can do anything."

Jessica's Tips to Lose Weight

  • Open the game."Tell everyone about your decision to lose weight so they can help you stay responsible."
  • Enjoy the best."When I give a break from the diet, I eat something really delicious and homemade, by someone who loves what they do, instead of processed and packaged foods that may contain chemicals."
  • Eat lots of vegetables!"Fill your salad bowl with a little of every vegetable you have in your kitchen. You'll have a range of low-calorie flavors. "

Today, Jessica is a much more confident and happy new person.


Do you know of any other similar history of such a great weight loss? Have you experienced something like that yourself? Comment below!

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