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Water Mint and Mint To Keep Health On Day


The Water of Mint and Mint To Maintain Health in Dayis a great ally in weight loss. In additionapple and mint watereliminates toxins, combats swelling and even improves bowel function. By linking these benefits to superpower foods, you boost the weight loss plan and see the results in the balance. THEWaterplays a key role in the human body, helping to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells, hydrates air in the lungs, regulates metabolism, protects vital organs, controls body temperature, detoxifies the body, and protects and moisturizes articulations.What water is not enough to quench thirst, everyone knows. In addition, thirst is already a warning from our body that 'something' is wrong. Therefore, we must moisturize the body even before it feels lacking. Although essential, not always drinking about two liters of water a day is easy.

So combine the liquid with ingredients that you love, such as fruits, vegetables (including flowers edible), spices and herbs, is a good alternative for those who have great difficulty drinking water pure. In addition to increasing water consumption, you ingest good nutrients and, by breaking, contributes to the diet. In addition to not gaining weight, they help eliminate toxins and cleanse the body, providing more flavor and refreshment when moisturizing the body.


Benefitsof Water Detox:The human body needs fluid for its correct functioning. Know some benefits of water detox:



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  • Responsible for transporting nutrients (minerals and vitamins) and waste;
  • It acts as a solvent in the body, so it is essential to metabolic functions;
  • Maintains the balance of body fluids;
  • Regulates body temperature;
  • Energizes the muscles;
  • It acts in the physiological processes of digestion, absorption and excretion, guaranteeing the proper functioning of the kidneys and the intestine;
  • Maintains blood volume, which directly influences blood pressure;
  • It plays an important role in the functioning of the circulatory system;
  • It diminishes that false sense of hunger every moment;
  • Helps keep calories under control;
  • Leaves skin looking younger.

Benefits of Apple Water + Mint:Apples have flavonoids and polyphenols that slow the aging of cells and protect the body from various diseases, including cancer. They help fight cardiovascular disease and lower blood sugar levels. In the stomach, its healing power combats heartburn, gastritis and ulcer. They protect brain cells and fight inflammation. Now, check out theWater of Mint and Mint To Maintain Health in Day.


  • 1 liter of filtered water
  • 1 Apple cut into slices
  • 2 branches of mint


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  • Simply add the ingredients to the filtered water of good quality and let stand for a few hours in the refrigerator.
  • For even better results, give preference to organic products and the season.
  • The containers should preferably be glass with lid, and should also be sterilized with boiling water before each use.