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Two Women Who Lost 43 Kg Together Share Your Tips

Diets are difficult, and experiencing a new workout can seem intimidating. Sometimes joining a community or weight loss challenge can provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

It worked for Traci Claycomb, 39, and Brittney Campbell, 32, who lost 43kg together for the challenge ofLive & Stronger- and feel better than ever!

They both saw an ad for the magazine's annual challenge - and they were thrilled to be chosen. Eight months ago, they began an eating and exercise plan designed by Joy Bauer and the Mayo Clinic to help participants lose weight and improve heart health.

Traci lost 25 kg in 8 months

To Traci Claycomb, it was just the motivation she needed. She had tried fad diets, but she kept gaining weight. Nothing worked, so she simply ignored that her weight - almost 100 kg at 7 m tall - was a problem.

But then the headaches and heart palpitations began. A visit to the doctor revealed that her blood pressure was dangerously high and she had to lower it.

"I was so terrified. I really cried all the way back home, "Traci said.

The 38-year-old was especially worried that her father had seven heart attacks - the first when he was only 40 years old.

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"I've seen him for more than 20 years dealing with heart problems and a poor quality of life. I do not want to live like this, "she said. "I do not want to follow in your footsteps."

Claycomb knew it was time to improve his health and the challenge came just in time. In addition, it worked and was easy to follow.

"It's low in sodium, low in sugars unless they're natural, lean proteins and lots of vegetables Claycomb said.

Since the program began in late June, Claycomb has lost 25 kg and now weighs 7, kg. It has also transformed your cardiovascular health. Your blood pressure and cholesterol are at healthy levels without medications. She plans to lose more, kg, but plans to continue with her healthy habits even after reaching her goal weight.

"This is now my lifestyle she said. "The way it has affected my health is extremely positive."

While she drastically changed her eating habits, she also added more physical activity. Each day, it traverses 1, 00 steps, well above its previous average of , 00. Even though the salon in Vero Beach, Florida, provides a job where she stands, she was not moving enough. To take more steps, she walks around her living room or during household chores while washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom, for example. "I'm stronger than I thought, mentally and physically she said.

Brittney Campbell lost 18 kg in eight months

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Brittney Campbell, 32, also gained weight after normal life changes. "I had a baby. I was married. I just got lost, "she said. "I was not paying enough attention to my life."

When Brittney, who lives in Atlanta, USA, requested the challenge, she weighed 119 kg in her, 0 m in height. When she learned that she was accepted into the program, she saw it as a sign.

"It was time for me to make a change she said. "This was an opportunity for me to do what I needed to do."

Like Claycomb, Campbell incorporated more walks into his day-to-day life. Her 8-year-old son, Varion, plays football and baseball, and during her practice she walked the runway instead of sitting on the bleachers. Soon other mothers came together and a whole group walked together. That keeps Campbell motivated.

She lost 18 kg and plans to continue with the eating and physical habits she developed. She hopes to improve her muscle mass and set the body, but is proud of her progress.

"I knew I could do something if I stayed consistent she said. "I started to believe in myself."

1. "Do this for yourself"

In the past, Campbell thought of losing weight as something he needed to do to fit into a mold. This time she realized that she needed to lose weight to improve her quality of life.

"Do it for yourself. Make the choice to be the best you can be, "she said.

2. Make a plan

Claycomb plans all your meals during the week, so it's easy to eat healthy foods. Campbell plans her exercise weekends a lot because she knows she has extra free time.

"The organization saved me Claycomb said.

3. Do not wait

Claycomb ignored his weight because he thought it was impossible to lose weight. "The longer you wait, the worse it will be. Ask for help, "she said.

4. Do not cling to scale

Campbell was losing weight slowly and felt frustrated. She continued weighing herself and watching the numbers standing still. That was when she decided to take her measurements and realized that she was losing inches from her waist, arms and legs.

"The structure of my body allowed me to lose those inches, but I was not necessarily losing weight."

5. Find support

Claycomb said the program's support kept her motivated when she felt suffocated. Campbell trusted her best friend and other friends to keep her on the way.

"I found support to help me and make me responsible said Campbell.


Do you know anyone who has a history of weight loss like those 2 women? Have you ever had an experience like that? Comment below!

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