Does Postpartum Tape Work? Effects and Tips

The postpartum period, also called the puerperium, is a fundamental and delicate period for the health of women, requiring specific care, especially after caesarean section. It starts after the birth of the baby, and often encompasses a total of six to eight weeks after giving birth.

In this period, many changes occur in both the anatomy of the female body and in the physiology of the organism, especially in the reproductive system.

In this period, the woman's uterus gets smaller and looser in the abdomen, causing discomfort. The main benefit of postpartum care is to let the woman feel safer about being able to do her day-to-day activities, especially after a cesarean section. Usually, in these cases, the postoperative is very painful, causing difficulties in simple activities like sitting, lifting, walking, among others.

Many women believe that the postpartum brace has only an aesthetic function, helping to reduce the size and sagging. However, the brace has several benefits and can greatly help a woman's recovery.

Let's check if the postpartum band really works, know the effects of this product on the female body and know some tips on how to use it to have better results.

What is postpartum delivery?

The woman's body changes considerably after pregnancy, often becoming flaccid, and with more volume in the region of the abdomen. This problem can affect some women who lose their self-esteem and are discouraged because they can not solve the problem.

The postpartum brace, also known as a modeling brace, is highly recommended by some professionals because of its ability to aid in these changes in the female body.

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This brace has the ability to help in the organization of the woman's internal organs, stimulating the reduction of swelling, pain and flaccidity in the place, being great to aid in the displacement. The compression performed by the brace will accelerate healing, helping the woman recover faster.

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This brace is also critical to help strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and restore shape, helping to reduce back strain and keeping the body steady while the woman holds her baby during the period post childbirth. The correct use of the postpartum band can greatly strengthen the female body so that it has the strength and endurance to perform the necessary activities.

Some doctors do not recommend the constant use of the postpartum brace, however, since this can disrupt the blood flow in the abdomen region due to the difficulty of performing the movements. Another issue is that the use of the band for long periods can cause the formation of a seroma, which is characterized by the accumulation of liquids at the site of cesarean.

Therefore, it is always recommended to have a professional evaluation before starting to use the band, following the guidelines with the doctor. For cesarean sections, the use of the bandage is recommended for up to three months after delivery. For normal delivery, it is recommended to use the postpartum strap only after the first month, which is the period when the uterus is already in the correct place.

How to choose the postpartum brace?

The postpartum girdle should provide comfort and safety at the same time, leaving the back supported and performing a slight compression in the region of the abdomen to push the uterus and also help to place the stomach and intestines in the correct place, returning to the format before the pregnancy.

The choice of the strap is important so that it is used comfortably and can, at the same time, aid in the recovery of the woman. The size of the strap will vary according to the physical structure, but it should be firm, but not too tight. Ideally, try the strap before purchasing to see if it really allows for comfort.

Another issue is related to the type of tissue most indicated and the model that is most effective for each case. The postpartum bandage can be made of lycra or seated, in addition to containing several different models, many of which of them are focused only on the abdomen region and others also help to act in the upper region and in the limbs lower.

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It is always important to point out that the choice of the brace must be made in conjunction with the gynecologist and obstetrician of each women, so that this choice is made in the best possible way and that the results in the recovery are positive.

In general, the use of the strap has no side effects, however, in the event of misuse of the strap, problems may arise. In the case of caesarean section, for example, the braces can press the operative wound and cause damage to the healing site. It is also not recommended to use the strap in the first 48 hours after delivery, as this may disrupt the proper functioning of the intestine.

Although there are some opinions contrary to the use of the postpartum band, there are many benefits to its use, among them:

  • Supports the abdomen region;
  • Keeps the spine in the correct place to carry the baby;
  • Compression helps to put the internal organs in place;
  • Helps in the accomplishment of the daily tasks;
  • Helps in comfort to move and reduce pain.

Postpartum belt models

There are different strap models, each of them can have a different effect. Ideally, different models should be used throughout the months after delivery. At first, it is possible that the brace is tightened, because the woman's body is still quite swollen postoperatively, but it should not disturb the blood circulation. Over time, the strap will be more comfortable.

Also choose models that can make everyday life easier, facilitating the placement and removal of the brace without help and also aiding in breastfeeding. The brace should be chosen with the aim of improving the woman's health and not only helping in the esthetic question. Here are some models of straps to choose from:

  • Bermuda knee length- This bracelet has the shape of shorts, and can reach down from the breasts to the top of the knee, not having any openings on the side or between the legs. It is usually made of microfiber and elastane. This model is harder to dress, but is highly recommended for the first few weeks postpartum.
  • Bermuda modelbelow the knee- This bracelet also has the shape of shorts, but this one has a longer length, reaching below the knees. This model is more difficult to wear, and is also highly recommended for the first few weeks.
  • Model with lateral opening- This strap compresses the region of the abdomen, but it is a short model, without legs, reaching only to the crotch. It has the advantage of being made with a side opening with brackets to facilitate the removal and placement of the tape. It is a more practical model and can be used after a few weeks of labor.
  • Velcro model- This strap compresses the region of the abdomen, being a model without legs, reaching only to the groin. The great advantage of this model compared to the previous one is that it contains velcro, facilitating much the placement of the strap and also helping to adjust the correct compression in the region of the abdomen. It is a more practical model and can be used after a few weeks of labor.
  • Higher pant with soft compression- This strap is a model of higher panties, also compressing the region of the abdomen, but in a softer way. This model is more comfortable for the day to day, but should only be used after a few months of recovery.
  • Model with bra- This brace is in body shape, coming out of the groin and completely covering the breasts. It has an opening between the legs and also a bra with opening for breastfeeding, being easy to be placed in the day to day.


Although there are many different opinions regarding the use of the postpartum band, it is still widely used for many women and can bring benefits both to recovery from good form and to improved health feminine Enjoy these benefits and have a better life.


Do you believe you need to wear a postpartum brace? Are you curious to try it? Do you know anyone who has used that type? Comment below!

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