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Oolong Tea Lose or Fatten? How to Consume, Benefits!


OOolong teaDo you lose weight or gain weight? What are the benefits ofOolong teaand how to useOolong teato lose weight? OOolong teais widely consumed in Brazil and there is this great doubt if theOolong teaEfficient or Fattening. Thinking about it, we did a complete analysis!

The fact that theOolong teaslimming can be another of the many benefits of this aromatic and healthy tea. With celebrities such as Oprah, Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray arguing thatOolong teait is not surprising that it is a commented matter, as more and more of us seek a healthy and natural way to control our weight and lose those extra pounds.


  • Benefits Of Oolong Tea For Health:
  • After all, Oolong Tea Lose or Fatten:
  • How to Use Oolong Tea To Lose Weight:
  • Recommended Use:
  • Contraindications of Cha Oolong:

Benefits of Oolong TeaFor health:

Benefits Of Oolong Tea To Lose Weight:The polyphenol compounds derived fromOolong teahave antiobesity effects. Its properties increase metabolism and help the body to burn fat.



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Benefits of Cha Oolong to Prevent Heart Disease:Among the most visible benefits ofOolong teafor health is its remarkable cardiovascular protection.

This is even more valuable if we consider that this type of disease is among the leading causes of mortality in the world.


Benefit of Oolong Tea for Skin:You can have more beautiful skin if you consume theOolong tearegularly. This is in part due to its anti-eczema fighting properties, and its anti-inflammatory properties. People who consume about 2 cups ofOolong teain the day they can have one by the most beautiful, uniform and luminous.

Benefits of Oolong Tea for Improving Digestion:This powerfulOolong teastill aids in digestion. If you tend to have indigestion or other disorders such as constipation, flatulence and so on, drink at least a cup ofOolong teaper day will alleviate these symptoms and make your digestive system function properly.

Benefits of Oolong Tea to Prevent Cancer:Both green tea andOolong tea, have cancer prevention properties that are scientifically proven.


These anti-tumor properties are related to their large amounts of antioxidants, and by helping to boost the immune system.

Comparing green tea withOolong tea, OOolong teahas been shown to be slightly more effective than its green counterpart in fighting cancer. In addition to the above benefits, watch the video below and check out othersBenefits of Oolong TeaFor health!

Other benefitsof Cha OolongPara Health:

  • OOolong teaassists in the control of cholesterol and the reduction of triglycerides in the blood;
  • Drink theOolong tearegularly helps maintain a balanced acidity level in your mouth;
  • OOolong teaacts on the fatty liver;
  • OOolong teahas high antioxidant power;
  • OOolong teaimproves blood circulation;
  • OOolong teahelps speed up metabolism and help burn fats;
  • OOolong teaeffective in preventing cavities, problems in the mouth;
  • OOolong teaprevents the formation of some types of cancer;
  • OOolong teahelps prevent premature aging;
  • OOolong teaincreases the body's defenses.

Now that we know all the Benefits ofOolong tea, see if theOolong teaDo you lose weight or gain weight?

After all, Oolong Tea Lose or Fatten:

OOolong teahelps to lose weight because it speeds up the metabolism, causing the body to burn more fat naturally. Just like green tea, theOolong teahas catechin polyphenols, substances capable of increasing the energy consumption of the body and also the burning of body fat.

In addition, theOolong teahas diuretic properties that fight the swelling caused by the retention of liquids, aiding in the reduction of measures and potentializing the slimming.


How to Use Oolong TeaTo lose weight:


  • 1 teaspoon of oolong;
  • 1 cup of water.

Method of preparation:



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  • The preparation is very simple, but some tips will make it even more efficient.
  • Instead of using ordinary tap water, it is better to use mineral water.
  • It should not be boiled in metal containers to avoid contamination.
  • In fact, water should not be fully boiled.
  • If you have a culinary thermometer, light the fire when the water reaches 90 °.
  • If the equipment is missing, switch off when the first bubbles form at the bottom of the container.
  • Put the herb in the hot water and let stuffy for 3 minutes (no more than that).
  • Then co and take it then.
  • To enjoy the benefits, you need to take two cups ofOolong teadaily.
  • It is suggested to take a cup an hour before or after main meals.

Recommended Use:

The most suitable form of consumption forOolong teais to have a cup after the main meals. Its use in fasting is not advised as it is potentially irritating to the gastric mucosa.


It is also not advised to use it before bed so as not to potentiate some insomnia resulting from the caffeine it contains.

Contraindications of Cha Oolong:

Its use is advised against pregnant women, young children and people who have severe hypertension.

However, as I have said here a few times, any adverse effect will depend on the dose and concentration of theOolong teathat you take then, in case you want to try theOolong tea, opt for a more diluted concentration until you know more about your personal sensitivity to this drink.



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The old belief that theOolong teaslimming recently resurfaced with some natural food stores selling it as a diet helper. Although it has not been shown to be a miracle product, some evidence suggests that it can help your body use more calories in a short amount of time. OOolong teacan offer you a variety of other benefits, too.