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Fattening Lavitam? What It Is and How It's Taken

Even when a person eats every three hours, consumes the number of calories needed for their body and is in a weight inside Ideally, your body may be deficient in nutrients it needs to function possible. This is because it is not enough to simply eat any type of food, first of all it is necessary to have a balanced diet to to obtain all the vitamins, minerals and other substances present in foods that perform important functions in our body.

And from the moment that diet is not able to meet these nutrient needs, something needs to be done, health problems such as lack of energy and disposition do not happen or aggravate

The first solution may be a change in food. However, when that does not work, the doctor's recommendation may be to use medications like vitamin supplements.

In the pharmaceutical market, one of these remedies found is Lavitan. And it is precisely from him that we will speak, explaining what it is for, how to take and clarifying whether or not Lavitam grows fat.

What is it for?

Lavitam is a multivitamin supplement, which is also made up of minerals. It serves precisely to replenish the necessary amounts of these vitamins and minerals in the body of people suffering from the deficiency of these substances.

Lavitam fattening?

Because it is a substance that fills the lack of nutrients in the body, which should normally be obtained through normal eating, a question may arise: does Lavitam fatten? This is exactly why it is necessary to clarify here that there is no evidence that Lavitan grows fat, which it is known that it acts specifically in the replacement of vitamins and in the supply of greater energy to the body.

In addition, since each tablet of the medicine - which corresponds to 8 g - has no significant amount of caloric value, carbohydrates, proteins, total fat, trans fats, saturated fats, dietary fiber and sodium, it is clear that its measured use has no fattening potential for its users.

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On the contrary, users of the product have already stated that its use has caused some appetite reduction, which can result in weight loss. However, it is important to remember that this is not the goal of the remedy and that this can occur due to the fact that the body receives the nutrients it needs through a single capsule. So, those who want to lose weight should resort to a healthy diet and exercise.

In any case, anyone who has an interest in using the product and wants to be sure that it will not gain weight in any way with its use, should receive the follow-up of a doctor or nutritionist who will confirm if there is a real need to take more vitamins and minerals and indicate the quantity and frequency of the medication taken.

In addition, monitoring a nutritionist is important to evaluate how the food is. Thus, if weight gain occurs, it can determine whether, even if unlikely, it may have had something to do with the use of the supplement or it happened due to dietary habits.

The types of Lavantic

There are a variety of versions of the drug, which are divided into aspects such as age, gender and specific needs of each patient. They are: Lavitan A-Z, Lavanti Women, Lavitam Kids, Lavitam Omega-3, Lavanti Calcium + D, Lavitam Hair and Lavitam Senior. So, to know more about the remedy, let's talk about each one of its versions in the sequence:

Lavan A-Z

Composed of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and D and iron, manganese and zinc minerals, Lavitan A-Z replaces the lack of these nutrients in the body and in this way collaborates with the functioning of the immune system, maintains the health of hair, skin and nails, combats stress and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

For men, a special advantage of this vitamin supplement is that it also contributes to fertility. The use of Lavitan A-Z is indicated specifically for adults, and there is a version of the supplement for children.

The drug with 60 drugs can be found for about $ 22, but the price may vary according to the establishment that sells it.

Women Laval

As its name already indicates, this version of the supplement is appropriate for the use of women. To meet the specific needs of the female organism, in addition to the vitamins and minerals already present in the Lavitan A-Z, contains folic acid - or vitamin B9 - in its composition, a they.

It is that this vitamin helps the woman to have a healthy pregnancy, preventing malformations of the fetus as cleft lip and anencephaly - malformation of the brain that causes the absence of the encephalon and the chest cranial

In addition, the drug also helps prevent the development of heart disease, reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and helps with the treatment of anemia.

The package with 60 capsules of Lavitan Woman ranges from $ 20 to $ 40, depending on where you purchased it.

Lavatory Kids

For children who have difficulty maintaining a balanced diet and suffer from vitamin deficiency, there is the Lavitam Kids. Composed of several vitamins, such as complex B, A, C and D, the promise is that the product provides a healthy growth for the small.

Among the benefits provided by the supplement are protection against free radicals, strengthening of the immune system and contribution to bone formation.

One bottle with 200 ml of Lavitan Kids is sold for approximately R $ 23. The price may vary according to the merchant.

Unlike the adult version, the drug is not sold in the form of drugs, but in liquid form. However, as with the older adults' supplement, the 2 ml or 5 ml doses of Lavitan Kids do not calories, carbohydrates, proteins, total fats, trans fats, saturated fats, sodium. Therefore, as we have seen above, it is not correct to think that Lavitam fattens and acquires it for this purpose.

Lavitam Omega-3

Found in fish and fruits, omega-3 fatty acid is not produced naturally by the body and therefore needs to be acquired through diet. This nutrient is important for the regulation of blood circulation, blood pressure control, osteoporosis, prevention of autoimmune diseases, improvement of brain functioning and control of the level of triglycerides in the blood.

When it is not obtained in sufficient quantity, one way out is to opt for vitamin supplements that provide the nutrient, as is the case with Lavitam Omega-3. The product is found for sale for about 20 reais, in a pack containing 60 capsules.

Calcium + D Lav.

For those suffering specifically with bone-related problems such as demineralization and osteoporosis, the option offered by Lavitan is its version that reinforces the amounts of calcium and vitamin D in the body, two nutrients that act precisely in the strengthening of bones.

The box with 60 tablets of Lavitan Calcium + D ranges from 18 to 40 reais, according to the store that resells it.

Lavitam Hair

Loaded with vitamins like B6 and B7 and minerals like chromium, selenium and zinc, Lavitan Hair is a supplement that is especially suited for nourishing, growing and strengthening hair.

Vitamin B6 acts on the proper functioning of the nervous system and on maintaining the brain's functional integrity by fighting stress, which can be a risk factor for hair loss. In turn, B7 is important for capillary health because when it is lacking in the body it can cause hair loss.

Lavitan Hair can be purchased for around $ 20. The price may change depending on where the supplement is purchased.

Lavitan Senior

Particularly suitable for older people, who are older than 50, the Lavitan Senior is composed of about 15 vitamins and minerals, among them selenium, vitamin E and lycopene. Among its advantages are the antioxidant action, the strengthening of immunity, the control of stress and aging.

The supplement is sold for approximately R $ 23, a price that may be different depending on the store that sells it.

How to take Lavitan

The general recommendation for adults is that a Lavitamin capsule is consumed every day, in the morning or after lunch.

For children using the Lavitan Kids, the size of the dose can be from 2 ml to 5 ml. The specific amount should be recommended by the pediatrician who follows the child.

Precautions and effects

Children up to three years of age and women who are pregnant should only use the supplement with the advice of a nutritionist or physician.

People with hypersensitivity to any of the components of the product formula that have hypervitaminosis A and D or another type of severe specific hypervitaminosis - excess vitamins renal insufficiency, hypercalcemia - amount of calcium in the blood greater than normal - or being treated with retinoids should not product.

So get the idea out that Lavitan gets fat. The expected effects after using this supplement are increased energy and vitality and improvement over physical and mental fatigue. It is possible that gastrointestinal disturbances may be experienced with the use of the product. If this happens, do not delay to look for your reliable doctor.


Do you know anyone or do you believe that Lavitam gets fat? Had he ever thought of getting a version of it for this purpose? Comment below.

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