Aerobic Before or After Bodybuilding Training?

Aerobic exercises are those that cause the body to use oxygen to perform them, since it helps in the production of energy for this type of training. They also require a lot of the heart and lungs and promote the burning of body fat.

In addition, the activity further contributes to strengthening the heart and respiratory system, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases and contributes to the fight against the accumulation of plaques in the arteries, reducing bad cholesterol - LDL - and raising good cholesterol - HDL.

In the list of aerobic exercises, enter practices such as walking, running, cycling, treadmill, elliptical machine and swimming.

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Is it better to do aerobic before or after bodybuilding?

It is also possible to include aerobic exercises on the days when you train weightlifting. But what is the best time to include the activity in the exercise sessions? Is it better to practice aerobic before or after bodybuilding?

According to what the fitness model, writer, nutrition expert and presenter of a health program, Obi Obadike, explained in a Body Building website, it is most appropriate to let aerobic exercises be performed after Weight.

The explanation is that when training aerobic before working with the weights, the practitioner suffers loss of energy and strength, factors that are necessary for a good bodybuilding workout. On the other hand, by leaving aerobic after bodybuilding, the tendency is for the person to end the training day feeling more energetic.

In addition, to get a body healed it is necessary that the fat be used as fuel for the exercises. However, for this to happen, it is necessary that glycogen reserves - an essential substance for the production of metabolized energy which is found in the muscles and liver and is the main source of energy during physical burned.

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And how does that happen? Precisely in bodybuilding training, it is able to expend the majority of stored glycogen from the body. So, after lifting weights and expending glycogen, the body will be ready to eliminate the fats in an aerobic exercise session.

There is also the factor of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), characterized by the fact that the body continues to burn extra calories within 48 hours after training. This happens because after the muscles are worked in the workout, the body needs energy to repair them.

COPD occurs at a much higher rate after intense bodybuilding than after a continuous, low-intensity aerobic exercise session. Hence the importance of putting enough energy into weight lifting, something that may be impossible if you have had a long aerobic workout before.

According to Obi Obadike, less productive weight training can influence COPD, making post-workout calorie burning lower.

Another problem brought about by the practice of aerobics before bodybuilding is that during high intensity aerobic exercises there is a drop in protein synthesis. The result of this is that upon starting for weightlifting training, the practitioner will have the ability of his body to build impaired muscles.

Evidence in favor of the expert's opinion regarding the questioning whether we should do aerobic before or after bodybuilding training is a survey conducted by the University of Tokyo, in Japan.

The study which was published in theMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, free translation) identified that the training with aerobic exercises performed after the training of bodybuilding resulted in a higher amount of fat burned in the first 15 minutes than when the aerobic session took place prior to lifting of weight.


So does that mean you should never do aerobic exercise before bodybuilding? Not necessarily. For example, for people who do not want to gain a lot of muscle mass and do weight training at low intensity, performing aerobics before bodybuilding is an alternative.

In addition, there are cases where you can train aerobic before bodybuilding, even if the goal is good muscle building. One is when the person does the aerobic and gives a large break until the weight-lifting session, allowing for time to recover and replenish the glycogen reservoirs.

However, during this interval it is necessary that the practitioner also feed properly, so that he can stop protein breakdown and increase muscle synthesis. As even doing all of this there is still a chance that aerobics will affect bodybuilding performance if you choose to do the aerobic session before working with the weights, it is recommended that this be the first thing done in the day, to ensure that the recovery takes place in time.

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Another situation in which aerobic exercise is allowed before bodybuilding is when the session aerobic exercise is short and of very low intensity, such as doing a brief warm-up for the training that is for coming.


And you, do you usually like to do aerobic before or after bodybuilding? Do you believe that one can really affect the other? Comment below!

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