Moroccan Argan Oil - What It Is, Benefits and How to Use

Although still relatively unknown in Brazil, Moroccan oil Argan Moroccanoil has been used for hundreds of years in Morocco as a major ally of health and beauty.

Its name is derived from the tree Argânia (scientific nameArgania spinosa), a type of medicinal plant that produces a natural oil rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

More recently, the oil came to be known in Brazil as an almost miraculous product for hair health. Check out this and other benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil just below.

What is Argan Oil Exactly?

Argan oil is a natural extract used for centuries by the people of Morocco to invigorate the body and strengthen the hair and skin.

Producers get the kernel oil from the fruits of the Argrania. Once the soft pulp is removed, the lumps are sun-dried and subsequently broken to form a paste. It is from this blend that we will extract the Argan Moroccanoil oil that we find for sale in the Brazilian market.

The termMoroccanoilis the English version for "Moroccan oil which is still the main producer of the compound.

What is it for?

It is possible to use Argan Moroccanoil oil to care for hair, skin, lips and nails. Unlike many other vegetable oils, Argan oil is less oily and does not leave a "heavy" aspect in capillary wires.

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Benefits for the beauty of hair, skin and others

Check out the main advantages of using Argan Moroccanoil oil:

- Hair

Argan oil promotes a deep hydration in the wires, giving a healthier appearance to dry and dull hair. The product also has anti-frizz action and is capable of restoring brittle wires.

Other Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair:

  • Double tips: the properties of Argan oil make the yarns more resistant to breaking and forming double ends. This is because the product closes the scales of the hair, forming a kind of film that maintains hydration;
  • Growth: the compounds found in the oil also promote a deep nourishment of the hair, favoring the formation of new hair and the growth of the existing ones;
  • Protection: By leaving the oil in the wires, you are helping to protect them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays and other aggressive agents, such as pollution and dryness caused by staying in conditioning;
  • Brightness: This is one of the biggest benefits of Argan oil. More nourished, the yarns that are regularly treated with the oil exhibit a luster and softness that are not easily reached even with the use of chemicals;
  • Dye: Despite the great advance made by dye manufacturers in recent years, the truth is that dyed hair ends up losing much of its hydration and shine. Although it does not work miracles, Argan oil can help give life to the wires that have gone through some kind of chemical treatment. And, besides everything, the oil contributes to the maintenance of the new coloration;
  • Natural Treatment: Moroccanoil's vitamins and antioxidants improve the elasticity of the yarn without making it excessively oily. Hair that often goes through a brush can also benefit from the use of Argan oil;
  • Scalp: Massage with Argan oil directly on the scalp increases blood circulation at the site and stimulates yarn growth. In addition, the oil also prevents and treats inflammation of the scalp, improves dandruff and reduces irritations caused by dry skin.


As it is highly nutritious, and also because it is not as dense as other vegetable oils, Argan Moroccanoil oil is a good natural skin care alternative.

Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, carotene, fenois and other antioxidants, Moroccanoil deeply nourishes the skin, smoothing wrinkles and expression marks. The oil is also a source of squalene, an organic compound that has emollient and moisturizing action (which translates into a more moisturized and soft skin).

By its antioxidant action - that is, destroying free radicals - and anti-inflammatory, the oil also prevents the loss of collagen and the premature aging of the skin. As a result, there may be a "before and after" effect of oil use, ie you may actually notice a skin rejuvenation treated regularly with Moroccanoil.

Summary of the main benefits of Moroccan Argan oil for the skin:

  • Excellent natural moisturizer for dry skin;
  • Tones the skin, reducing expression marks and the appearance of aged skin;
  • It is an exfoliant that can be used to prevent and treat blackheads and pimples;
  • Improves the appearance of scars;
  • Treats inflammation and irritation of the skin;
  • Can be used instead of shaving cream.

Other uses

Argan oil is also used for:

  • Protect the lips against sun or cold damage;
  • Strengthen the nails;
  • Soften the cuticles;
  • Moisturize dry hands and feet;
  • Prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to use

For best results with Argan Moroccanoil oil, follow the tips below:

- For the hair:

You can use the pure oil or add a few drops of the product to your shampoo, conditioner or creamleave in(without rinsing). There is no exact amount, as each type of hair will have its specific requirements.

It is possible to use Argan oil on wet hair (already washed and rinsed) or on dried threads, to control frizz.

  • Reducing Frizz:to reduce frizz, simply rub one or two drops of the oil in the palm of your hands and then go through the length of the wires. But do not overdo it in quantity, so as not to leave oily-looking hair;
  • Double tips:the procedure is the same as mentioned above, but as it comes to the tips, you can apply a slightly higher concentration of the product, especially if the yarns are extremely dry;
  • Deep Treatment:For dry or chemically treated hair, one option is to apply the oil carefully through all clean and moist hair and let it act for a few hours or else throughout the night. This treatment can be repeated every 7-10 days;
  • In the hair mask:mix four to five drops with a teaspoon of hair mask and apply to clean and damp hair (avoid passing the combination over the scalp). Use a thermal cap for 15-20 minutes and then thoroughly rinse the wires;
  • To protect against dyeing:apply 3 or 4 drops of the oil in the dye paste that will be used in the hair.

- For the skin

Here too you can choose to use pure Argan Moroccanoil oil or else diluted in facial or body moisturizer.

If you choose pure oil, simply apply two or three drops on a cotton and then massage on the previously washed face. You can repeat the treatment with Argan oil on the skin two or at most three times a week.

Oil mixed with moisturizing or antiaging cream can be used daily.

For a very practical and efficient exfoliant, mix a few drops of Argan Moroccanoil oil with brown sugar and apply with gentle movements on the skin. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse.

Finally, apply oil directly to dry hands and feet. Two or three drops of the product applied twice a week are sufficient to help reduce the dry appearance of the tissue.

- For the nails

Remove nail polish and apply a few drops of Argan oil, taking care to gently massage to facilitate absorption of the product.


Pure Argan oil should not be used daily on the skin, under the risk of clogging the pores and favoring the formation of acne. Anyone who has ever made topical use of the product should start with a small concentration in order to check for possible allergies.

There are no contraindications to Moroccan argan oil for capillary use, except that the product should be applied sparingly on the wires in order not to excessively increase their oiliness.

People with naturally oily hair should use the oil only on the tips of their hair, and yet with enough moderation.



One of the main care with Argan oil that you should take is with the origin of the product. Because it is a fairly rare oil, it is important to be aware of brands that may use less "noble" vegetable oils to increase Moroccanoil's performance.

The price of Argan oil is still the best way to get a quality product, because guaranteed oil will always cost a little more.

But of course it is not enough to choose the most expensive oil: read the labels and look for indications of who has already tested Argan Moroccanoil oil.

Another caution: If you have applied pure Argan oil to the wires, avoid using a flat iron or dryer (after all, you will not want to "toast" your wires).


Do you know anyone who uses Argan Moroccanoil oil and it seems to have plenty of benefits from it? Feel like experiencing it for any of these? Comment below!

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