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The Atlantic Diet - How It Works, Menu and Tips

The so-called Atlantic Diet is a common diet to be followed by the Portuguese, who are close to the Atlantic Ocean.

The method is considered similar to the Mediterranean Diet, known for preaching the use of olive oil as healthy fat, fruit and vegetable intake, frequent water intake and regular exercise physicists.

How does the Atlantic Diet work?

In addition to sharing the same teachings as the Mediterranean Diet mentioned above, the Atlantic Diet prioritizes certain types of foods and advocates the ingestion of a greater amount of protein, which can come from meat, eggs, dairy products and vegetables.

The food plan preaches consumption of fresh fish and shellfish, as well as cereals and potatoes as something of great importance for food. The Atlantic diet is considered adequate as part of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by being rich in healthy fats and antioxidants.

This statement was defended by the nutrologist Daniela Gomes, who said that health experts have identified regions of southern Europe, such as Portugal and Galicia, there was a very low heart.

In addition, a survey conducted by the University of Porto, in Portugal, revealed that people who follow the The Atlantic Diet are 33% less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who do not the scheme.

In short, these are some of the guidelines of the Atlantic Diet:

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  • Consume high amounts of fish and shellfish;
  • Eat fruits and vegetables, with special emphasis on apples and citrus fruits;
  • Use olive oil as a healthy fat;
  • Take milk daily;
  • Eat red meat in moderation and give priority to lean meats, accompanied by vegetables and potatoes;
  • Drink plenty of liquids, and the drink should be water. However, it is allowed to take a dose of wine, however, accompanied by a meal;
  • Foods such as processed / processed foods, sugars (especially refined ones) and fried foods are not allowed within the food program. All these are detrimental to the heart;
  • Consume little saturated fat;
  • Eat plenty of fiber during meals.

Menu of the Atlantic Diet

The following is an example of a food program menu:

  1. Breakfast:1 slice of seed bread with cheese, 1 glass of unsweetened milk and 1 apple;
  2. Lunch:vegetable soup, made with potato and ingredients such as cabbage, carrot and cauliflower, seasoned with olive oil, and 1 piece of fruit as dessert;
  3. Snack:1 slice of whole grain bread or rye bread with turkey ham and 1 cup unsweetened milk;
  4. Dinner:vegetable soup, 1 chicken steak with rice and vegetables, seasoned with olive oil and 1 piece of fruit as dessert.

Now, let's get to know another menu model for the food program, this time presented by the nutritionist Fúlvia Gomes Hazarabedian:

  • Breakfast:seed bread or whole grain bread with white or lean cheese, unsweetened skim milk and fruit;
  • Morning snack:fruit and oilseeds such as macadamia, nuts or nuts;
  • Lunch:cross or cooked vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, cooked or roasted or grilled fish, cooked potatoes, brown rice and fruit for dessert;
  • Afternoon snack:skimmed yogurt and oil seeds such as macadamia, nuts or nuts;
  • Dinner:vegetable soup and lean red meat seasoned with herbs or natural seasonings and extra virgin olive oil;
  • Supper:Avocado without sugar.

See now the third menu option we bring. Just take a look at it:

  • Breakfast:1 slice of seed bread with white cheese, 1 glass of unsweetened milk and 1 fruit;
  • Lunch:1 plate of vegetable soup, cooked hake dish with boiled potatoes and mix vegetables like cabbage, cabbage or pea seasoned with olive oil, 1 glass of red wine and 1 dessert fruit;
  • Snack:1 cereal bread with turkey ham and 1 cup unsweetened milk;
  • Dinner:1 plate of vegetable soup, 1 steak with rice and vegetables seasoned with olive oil and 1 fruit as dessert.

Caring for diets

Before following any type of food program, including the Atlantic Diet, although it is associated with health benefits, it is make an appointment with a nutritionist and state your goals to him so that the practitioner can determine if the method is actually appropriate for your case.

This is important not only to know if the plan really can help you achieve your goals, but also to make sure that it is safe for health and allows you to supply the energy and nutrients your body needs to function correctly.

We must always remember that each person has a different organism and what works for some people is not necessarily a guarantee of success, safety and health for others.


Have you ever heard of the Atlantic diet? What did you think of your menu and how does the food plan work? Would you try it? Comment below!

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