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Gerilon Fattening? For What It Is and Side Effects

Gerilon - dry extract of Panax ginseng - is a medicine of the order of polyvitamins and poliminerals, which is produced by Cifarma. Its use is oral and adult and it is found in packs containing 30 or 60 soft gelatin capsules. The information is from the package leaflet provided by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

What is Gerilon for?

The package leaflet also states that the medicinal product is indicated as a supplement for vitamins and minerals for the body and can be treatment of symptoms associated with physical and / or mental fatigue as a feeling of weariness, irritability and difficulty concentrating, for example.

Does Gerilon get fat?

In the insert leaflet provided by Anvisa, we did not find information about effects side effects of the drug that lead us to understand that Gerilon is fattening, at least not in a direct.

In addition, it can not be true that Gerilon is fattening because it is a supplement composed of vitamins and minerals, which are nutrients that do not have calories.

However, some people may experience increased appetite when taking vitamins, and if this happens, weight gain may be observed.

Therefore, if you gain weight during your treatment with Gerilon, seek the help of your doctor to know if weight gain is associated with medication, or if it arises from other factors such as diet, lifestyle or any illness or example.

It is worth remembering that the increase of energy in taking the product can lead the person to improve his performance during the practice of physical activity. As a result, there may be an increase in appetite. If you start eating more than you spend on physical activity, your body weight will rise.

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Is Gerilon good?

Whether or not a drug is good depends on a number of factors. For example, we can only require its efficiency in cases where it is used for the purposes for which it is indicated.

Another key point is to make sure that the product is really right for you. You see, a person may believe that he needs to supplement his supply of vitamins or minerals to the body when in fact this is not his case.

So to make sure you really have nutrient deficiency and you need to take a multivitamin and poliminerals, it is important to consult with your doctor first.

In addition, it is worth remembering that different people have different organisms with different characteristics and different needs. Therefore, while some supplements may be good for some patients, they may not be as appropriate for others.

That is, the fact that Gerilon benefits one person does not necessarily mean that it will be good for another. Ultimately, it is the doctor who can tell you whether it is Gerilon or another supplement that is most appropriate for treating each condition of nutritional deficiencies.

Gerilon side effects

The medication can cause the following side effects: skin irritation, itching and redness, according to the information in its package insert. The document also directs the user of Gerilon to seek the assistance of the physician if he experiences any kind of undesirable reaction when using the supplement.

This is necessary to know the best way how to proceed if the treatment should be stopped and how this should be done so that it does not harm health.

Contraindications and care with Gerilon

The medicinal product should not be used by people who have a history of hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients of its formula, which use levopoda or salicylates and / or routine use of substances that alter cognitive functions such as barbiturates, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics, alcohol and drugs illicit

It also can not be used in the treatment of specific hypovitaminoses (vitamin deficiency) patients with progressive gastroduodenal ulcer and who salt.

Gerilon should not be used by women who are pregnant without the doctor's determination. In addition, it is necessary to inform the doctor if you are breastfeeding and if pregnancy occurs during or after the end of the treatment with the supplement.

The use of the medication by chronic kidney patients needs to be evaluated by the physician. It is also important to tell the doctor about any medicine or supplement that is taken to determine whether there are risks of interactions between Gerilon and the substance in question. question.

To purchase the medicine, there is no need to present the prescription. However, to be assured that you really need to take Gerilon and that supplement will not hurt your health, for example hypervitaminosis (overeating / poisoning by vitamins), for example, consult your doctor before acquiring the product.

The information is from the insert leaflet provided by Anvisa.

Price for Gerilon

You can find Gerilon on sale for the prices of $ 0, 0 to $ 4, 0. However, you may find the supplement for different values ​​depending on the establishment and the city in which the product is purchased.


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