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How to Treat Hair Loss NATURALLY in 7 Days


How to Treat Hair Loss NATURALLY in 7 Days, In additionLoss of hairis a common problem that affects millions of people around the world. First, it is essential that a distinction be made betweenLoss of hairand baldness. Men, in general, are most affected by baldness or androgenetic alopecia, although many women also suffer from this problem. Baldness is the lack of hair on the head and numerous factors can cause hair loss. Depending on the cause, there are different ways of dealing with the problem.

Male pattern baldness, the most common type, for example, has several types of treatment, but many people choose not to perform any type of treatment and "take" their own baldness. Hair loss can be progressive in the case of male pattern baldness, but it can also happen suddenly in the case of alopecia areata. It can affect only the scalp, but it can also affect the whole body. Some types of alopecia are only temporary, others are permanent. On the other hand,Loss of hairis a common complaint among women and, when pathological, has several causes, such as thyroid diseases, iron deficiency, breastfeeding, infectious and autoimmune diseases, among others.

The exact cause of hair loss will determine the amount of hair lost, the speed at which it will occur and which parts of the body will suffer most from the loss of hair, on the other hand,Loss of hairis a common complaint among women and, when pathological, has several causes, such as thyroid diseases, iron deficiency, breastfeeding, infectious and autoimmune diseases, among others. The exact cause of hair loss will determine the amount of hair lost, the speed with which it will occur and what parts of the body will suffer most from the loss of hair.



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Causes of Hair Loss:

  • Weight loss:THELoss of hairassociated with a large weight loss may have several explanations. One is that weight loss may have been caused by a very radical diet, as we have just seen, or by a picture of hyperthyroidism. It may also be a case of tallow effluvium, a type ofLoss of hairtemporary that can happen when the body undergoes any major change or impact. In this case, the tendency is for the hair to stop falling as soon as the body stabilizes with the new weight.
  • Lack of Iron:Many people who haveLoss of hairalso have low levels of iron. Science has not yet been able to establish clearly the relationship between occurrences, but many experts noteLoss of hairof patients when iron levels are improved (and several doctors believe that it is not necessary to be anemic to benefit from this type of measure).
  • Excess vitamin A:Vitamin A is very important to our vision, to skin health, immune system and a host of other functions. But hypervitaminosis A (excess of the vitamin in the body) can end up causing Hair Loss (in addition to of other symptoms such as decreased appetite, dry skin, dizziness, headache and liver). It is extremely difficult to have too much vitamin A with normal food. Most current cases of hypervitaminosis A are associated with excessive consumption of vitamin supplements and some medications (such as retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A).
  • Smoothing and Thermal Modeling:It can often appear that your hair is falling, when in fact it is breaking. Applying excessive heat (with dryers, planks, babyliss and hair stylers) can damage the structure of the wires, making them more fragile and susceptible to breakage. The risk of damage is even greater when the hair is wet.
  • Tight Hairstyles:Very tight ponytails, cokes like those of dancers and hairstyles with braids very close to the scalp cause a lot of strain on the wires, which can cause them to be pulled out of the follicles. In the long run, traction alopecia may develop. Attention also to the accessories used to fasten the hair, such as elastics, clips and buckles.
  • Very Aggressive Chemistry:Bleaches, dyes and chemical smoothing work on the structure of the threads, opening the hair cuticle and giving access to the cortex (click here to see how they work). During these procedures the hair becomes extremely exposed and fragile, and if they are not done correctly the yarn may become opaque, porous, dry and brittle. To avoid this risk, always look for a reliable professional and test on a small strand before applying the product to the entire hair. It is worth mentioning aside the smoothing that use formaldehyde or glutaral. None of them are authorized by Anvisa, as they can cause serious damage to health.
  • Menstrual period:Some women tend to haveLoss of hairduring the menstrual period. This may have to do with both the hormonal fluctuation of the period and the loss of blood (especially if the flow is very iron deficiency syndrome (a mineral that is also essential for hair). If the case is mild, a boost in feed may increase iron levels and reduce the drop in wires.
  • Contraceptives:Contraceptive pills have different combinations of hormones that inhibit ovulation, and mayLoss of hairfor many reasons. In some people this happens as a reaction to the drug (just as it is observed with other remedies), in other cases it is the hormonal profile of the pill that affects the hair. It is believed that progesterone-predominant formulas may stimulate the manifestation of androgenetic alopecia if the person has a tendency. Already the pills with greater proportion of estrogen can have the opposite effect: to protect the hair of the fall and to encourage its growth. In this case, there may beLoss of hairwhen the pill is stopped.
  • Menopause:It is believed that women manifest androgenetic alopecia later than men because female hormones protect the follicles from the action of DHT (the hormone that causes baldness). As the production of these hormones is reduced from menopause, the yarns may become more vulnerable to fall. Hormone replacement therapy may help prevent this effect, but it is an option that should be considered with your doctor weighing all the factors related to your health (and not just theLoss of hair).
  • Hypertension:Hypertension can triggerLoss of hairfor a number of reasons. In addition to the impact that the disease itself generates in the body, several hypertension pictures are associated with low levels of zinc in the body, and some antihypertensive drugs (such as beta-blockers) may also be the guilty The first step in such cases is to ensure that hypertension is treated. If hair loss persists even with normalized blood pressure, talk to your check for zinc deficiency, or whether the exchange of medications (or decreased dosage) can be fulfilled.

Symptoms of Hair Loss:The scalp contains about 10, 00 strands of hair. Over 90% of them are growing. This phase, called anagênica, is accompanied by another cycle, catagenic, that lasts two weeks. The telogenic resting phase, which lasts for three months, follows: the hair then falls naturally, so it is common to lose up to 100 per day. When theLoss of hairis abundant, it is always noticed, because of its accumulation in the clothes, the comb or the brush. Several medical conditions are manifested through this symptom, and, with some signi fi cant change, the physician appointed to assess the problem is the dermatologist.


How to Avoid Hair Loss:THELoss of haircan have numerous causes and here are 5 easy tips to prevent hair loss, they are:

  • Wash your hair at least 2 times a week. It is not necessary to wash every day, unless you have very oily hair, it is best to wash whenever the hair is dirty, and this time can vary from person to person.
  • Invest in a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals as this will help strengthen the hair root, restricting its fall.
  • Rinse hair very well by removing all shampoo and conditioner. This care avoids root oiliness, avoidingLoss of hair.
  • Disembark the hair still in the bath when passing the cream or conditioner, beginning the process by the tips, leaving the root last.
  • Just hold the hair when they are very dry, because when fixing the hair still wet or damp, the root can suffer damage, favoring the fall.

In addition, it is important to have the habit of not stressing and practicing so the blood circulation improves and consequently the hair becomes stronger and more resistant to which gives. It is also important to clarify thatLoss of hairis common in the first months of breastfeeding, after surgery and in case of hormonal disorders and in the latter case, it is best to treat this lack of control, as this is the cause of hair loss.

How to Treat Hair Loss:Each pathology has a number of unique characteristics that help in research to arrive at diagnosis. So, once the cause is identified, proper treatment should be done. Currently the treatments forLoss of hairavailable are:

  • Correct the cause of hair loss.
  • Use of topical medications to stimulate growth.
  • Use of laser also to stimulate the growth of the wires.
  • Hair transplant.

If you notice that the natural daily drop in wires is increasing or rising sharply, it is best to look for a dermatologist to start the process of investigating the cause and then to do the right treatment for the cause ofLoss of hair.

Home Remedy for Hair Loss with Slug:An excellent home remedy forLoss of hairis to apply a solution made with aloe, a plant also known as Aloe vera, because it has great moisturizing power that strengthens the yarns, preventing them from falling and promoting growth. So, now check outHow to Treat Hair Loss NATURALLY in 7 Days.



  • 1 leaf slug.
  • 1/2 cup of water.

Method of preparation:

  • Beat the ingredients in the blender and then apply a little bit all over the scalp with the help of a piece of cotton and let it work for 24 hours and then wash your hair normally.
    This remedy forLoss of haircan be repeated every 15 days. It is not necessary to wear a cap, rub or warm as it may cause irritation to the skin.


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Note:Do not forget to go to the dermatologist before starting these home treatments, it may be that the solution for yourLoss of hairis much easier or much more complicated to treat.