Couple Training Together, Stay Together

We know that maintaining a regular exercise routine is not the easiest task, much to the rush and the various commitments that day to day imposes. If the person is doing this activity solitary, it can be more complicated still be always motivated and not kill a class or another in the gym.

That is precisely why having a company for the workout helps a lot. Especially if the company is your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. It is that in addition to the physical benefits and well-being that physical activities naturally already provide, training together with the loved one can do the relationship very well.

Find out below some reasons why couples who sweat together remain united:

1. They feel happier about the relationship

Whoever determined this was a scientific study. According to the survey, couples who participated in some form of physically challenging activity reported being more satisfied with their relationship and even more passionate about their partners.

One of the reasons given for this is that the excitement coming from physical exercise can lead to physical and romantic attraction. That being so, it means that having a dance class next to a loved one, walking or running together or attending the same classes at the gym helps improve the quality of the relationship.

2. Improves performance at the gym

One long-established concept in Social Psychology is that the presence of a person affects one's ability to perform a particular activity. So a tip is to take the partner to accompany or participate in an exercise that the person already has some ease to do. In addition to being able to improve performance, it can offer a further incentive.

However, it is good to point out that those who are still learning to practice a certain activity and not feeling completely comfortable with it may end up getting a little insecure with the presence of other. Therefore, it is advisable to invite him when you are safer with exercise.

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3. Couples help each other achieve the goals

As we mentioned earlier, one of the great advantages of having a company when it comes to practicing is the incentive that the other can offer. When it comes to couples who, in addition to being motivated, recognize the partner's advancement, the advantages can be even greater.

A study done among heterosexual couples identified that husbands of average weight were more determined to exercise when their wives gave them motivational comments regarding health their.

That's why opening up with your partner and reporting on the difficulties and victories gained in training is a great way to motivate yourself and get advice for getting on with your physical activities.

However, it is important not to create in the partner a relationship of dependence on your comments and positive opinions as a way to continue with the exercises. It is advisable to have them as a form of encouragement and not be discouraged when receiving constructive criticism, but to accept them as a way to improve performance.

4. Intensify the bond

Something that certainly helps to create a healthy relationship is the establishment of a strong bond. Practicing activities such as weight lifting, swimming, walking or jogging together with the person you love is a way of to get to know the partner better, to know how he is in his day-to-day activities and to connect more he.

It can also help couples to feel more intimate and connected and to create even non-verbal communication, in which they are understood only by the look.

5. Spend more time together

When two people are in love, they want to spend as much time as possible in the company of the other. But with today's rush of life, where people need to be divided between studies, work, friends and family, this is not always possible. Enrolling in the same gym or practicing the same sport is one more way to be closer to the person you love and make your workout more enjoyable.


Do you usually do physical activity with your partner or partner? Is it a different feeling of doing it alone, more enjoyable to be together? Comment below!

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