Does Yaz Anticonceptor get fat or lose weight?

The contraceptive Yaz appeared in Brazil in 2007, and since then it has been used by many women due to its low which was even approved by one of the largest health institutions in the world, the Food and Drug Administration Administration.

It is an oral pill with antimineralocorticoid and antiandrogenic effects that help women who have hormonal retention problems. For this reason, many may ask: does the contraceptive Yaz thin? However, other factors must be taken into account before responding, since the reduction of fluid retention and consequently reduction of swelling and weight may only have result in women with hormonal genetic problems, rather than women who are simply overweight for other reasons (such as unbalanced).

Follow below more details and ask your questions. Does the contraceptive Yaz get fat or lose weight?

Or is Yaz old-fashioned fattening?

Because it is a contraceptive of low hormonal dosage, it is known that it does not interfere neither in gain nor in weight loss. What happens is that some women can lose weight, actually liquid, during the menstrual period because contraceptive aids in reducing and eliminating fluid retention. But this only occurs in women who already have this problem of retention of hormonal origin, and not in women overweight for other reasons.

Among the other contraceptive options available in the market, this may be one of the best options, since low dosage reduces the symptoms of PMS and there is less risk of weight changes, as with most pills oral.

Benefits of Yaz

In addition to combating pregnancy, it also helps reduce PMS symptoms that can interfere with the routine of many women, as well as be indicated for the treatment of acne, reducing the oiliness of the skin. It also helps prevent polycystic ovary syndrome. Among the benefits indicated in the formula, it is spoken of the decrease of the corporal swelling and retention of liquid, due to its low hormonal dosage, that does not interfere in the health of the woman. The difference is that the carton comes with 24 tablets and not 21 as usual, which allows greater control of the ovary without changing the hormones linked to PMS.

Among the mentioned benefits, the most indicated one reported by the users is the reduction of the symptoms of the pre-menstrual tension. The pill helps improve those problems in 48% of the 450 women who used the pill on a test. All of them had strong symptoms of PMS such as fatigue, headaches, swelling of the breasts, feet and hands, pain in the chest, cramps, increased or decreased appetite and sleep, pain and discomfort in the muscles and articulations.

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The problems presented may be psychic as well as depression, nervousness, anxiety, tension, sudden sadness, crying crises, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, low self-esteem, and disinterest. Fluid retention usually generates a lot of headache and, as Yaz acts accordingly, this symptom is also automatically discarded in the TPM.

How to take?

The contraceptive Yaz has 3 mg of drospirenone and 2 mg of ethinylestradiol as betadex-clathrate. The carton comes with 24 tablets and should be taken every day at the same time until the end of it.

The first tablet should be swallowed on the first day of menstruation. When the card is over you should pause for 4 days and start a new card. The carton comes with a calendar in the form of adhesive coupled, with 7 strips showing the days of the week. You should remove the sticker corresponding to the day of the week that you started using it and put in the indicated space number 1 of the pill and follow the direction of the arrow until completing and finishing the card.

Side effects and contraindications

Even containing low dose of hormones in its composition, which makes it not correct to believe that contraceptive Yaz fattening, the drug may bring some unwanted effects such as unregulated bleeding, especially in the first few months of use, since the body is not yet adapted to the components of the formula, mood swings, irritability, headache and sleep out of normal.

Some reports of users also indicated the appearance of cellulites, but this has not been proven. It is contraindicated for pregnant or suspected lactating women with or without history of thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, stroke, migraine, diabetes mellitus with vascular alterations, pancreatitis associated with severe hypertriglyceridemia, severe liver disease, severe renal insufficiency or renal failure acute

Before starting a new contraceptive, always consult a gynecologist for an appropriate, case-by-case orientation.


Does any known person use it and say that the contraceptive Yaz grows fat? Has your doctor prescribed this contraceptive? Comment below!

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